Aegean airlines check in

The process to check in online with Aegean airlines, the main Greek airline, and a StarAlliance member, is pretty straightforward.

Aegean airlines check in online

The process to check in online with Aegean airlines, the main Greek airline, and a StarAlliance member, is pretty straightforward.

It is the occasion to give the Aegean Miles and Bonus frequent traveler number, or another membership number at a Star Alliance partner, to select the seat free of charge, or to select a seat with extra leg room for an extra price, to add a passenger in order to be able to seat next to each other, or also to enter the passport information when necessary, for example when traveling from the Schengen space to a non Schengen area.

The first step of the online check in with Aegean, is to enter the booking code that was given with the flight ticket, and the passenger last name, which are the only information necessary to start the online check in.

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Language selection

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The following languages are available for the check in with Aegeanair:

  • Greek,
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Russian,
  • Portuguese.

After the language selection, the first step is to give more information about the traveling passengers, either by providing frequent flyer details, or by adding passengers to the reservation in order to check them all in together.

Aegean Miles and Bonus

Aegean airlines Miles and Bonus

For example, it is possible to add an Aegean Miles Bonus membership number, but also any other StarAlliance partner member card number.

This will allow to collect miles for that Star Alliance flight on the given card, and eventually to get corresponding benefits, such as lounge access, priority boarding, or complimentary luggage check, as the Aegean airlines  baggage   allowance offers an extra luggage for the Aegean Miles and Bonus Gold members flying on their airlines.

Aegean Miles and Bonus

Once the Aegean airlines Miles and Bonus, or any other flight network card number, has been added to the booking, the card number and membership level will be displayed, such as Aegean Miles and Bonus Gold in that example.

This will automatically update the Aegean airlines  baggage   allowance on the booking, as for some membership levels an extra piece of luggage can be checked in free of charge, without the need with Aegean to add  baggage   manually.

When it is not included in the booking, it is possible to add it to the reservation on these manage booking screens, even before the check in time is open.

Aegean manage booking
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Aegean Miles and Bonus

It is then possible to add passengers to the reservation, in case of multiple passengers traveling together but not registered on the same booking code.

Aegeanair check in

How to select seats on Aegean airlines?

The seat selection can be changed from the online check in screen, but a random seat is assigned by default. The lower the number, the closer the seat is from the front of the plane, and the higher the number, the closer the seat is from the back of the plane.

The letter A always means left window seat, and seats F or K always means right window seat. However, the later and the other letters epends on the type of plane, as different planes have different seat maps.

before reaching the airplane seat map, the detail of the available icons is displayed for reference.

On the seat map, it is pretty clear which seats corresponds to what place in the plane. The seats with an XL icon are extra leg room seats, and will trigger a 12€ charge to be paid online.

Aegean airlines boarding pass confirmation

Once the full check in has been performed online, an email will be sent to the given contact.

It will again display the flight information, such as boarding time, planned arrival time, and route.

The Aegean mobile boarding pass will be attached to the email, a printable boarding pass that can be either printed directly, displayed on mobile phone, or that can be used to request a printed boarding pass at the airport.

Use it for your flight, and simply be on time at airport, as written in the email, and all should go well.

Have a safe trip with Aegean airlines!

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Aegean airlines Miles And Bonus program

The Aegean airlines Miles And Bonus gold card is the best frequent traveller Gold member card of the whole Star Alliance network.

Whenever flying for the first time with Aegean Airlines, do not forget to register to their Miles And Bonus program in order to start collecting Miles by simply giving your card number every time you check in on any StarAlliance flight.

Using them, you will reach StarAlliance Gold status faster as you will earn more miles per flight within their program, that got some of the lowest requirements in terms of flights flown to reach the highest status.

Aegean airlines Miles And Bonus
Aegean airlines Miles And Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start mobile boarding pass Aegean registration?
The first step of online check-in with Aegean is to enter the booking code that was provided with the ticket and the passenger's last name, which is the only information required to start online check-in.
What options does Aegean Airlines offer for check-in, and what are the advantages of each method?
Aegean Airlines offers multiple check-in options, including online, mobile, and airport check-in. Online and mobile check-ins provide convenience and time-saving benefits, allowing passengers to check in before arriving at the airport, while airport check-in caters to those who prefer personal assistance or have special requests.

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