How is the Lufthansa web check in process?

The web check in for Lufthansa flights opens 23h before flights, and can fully be done on the website. At the end of the process, an electronic boarding pass will be sent.

Online check in Lufthansa

The web check in for Lufthansa flights opens 23h before flights, and can fully be done on the website. At the end of the process, an electronic boarding pass will be sent.

Lufthansa check in English

If the email has been properly given to Lufthansa, a check-in reminder will be send about 23h before boarding, when the online check-in is open.

In that email, a direct link to go to check-in online is given, and this link, if working properly, should directly log you in the check-in process.

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Sometimes, however, it is necessary to log in by giving the booking code or ticket number along with the name on the reservation in order to check-in.

The online check-in should however load properly in most cases, both on desktop and on mobile versions of their website.

Check in Lufthansa

Lufthansa seat assignment

The Lufthansa seat select is available from the online check-in main screen.

Some seats will be assigned by default, and they can be changed – however, the closer to the departure time, the more the seats will already be taken. If a Lufthansa seat reservation has been done when booking the flight, the Lufthansa pick seats system should have already assigned them to the passenger.

It is also from this screen that you can – and should – enter your frequent flyer card, and, if you are traveling with somebody on another reservation code, add the additional passengers.

Adding the passengers on the reservation will allow to pick a seat together, and will also let the system know that in case of seat re-assignment, or rebooking for delay or other reason, the passengers should be kept together.

Lufthansa mobile check in

Lufthansa choose seats

By clicking on the Lufthansa change seats option, flight after flight, it is possible to select the flight on the plane.

An overview of the aircraft configuration will be given, with the available seats in blue, and the seats taken in gray with a large cross.

Both the main traveler and the fellow travelers can be placed in the plane, and the seats without window or at the emergency exit are properly marked.

What are the best seats to choose in a plane? Well it all depends. If you have a short connection, you might want to be closer to the door, at the front of the plane, or also at the back for large planes. If you want to have more leg space and don't mind leaving your hand bag as it has to be stored above the seats, take the emergency exit seats. If you want to take good pictures, try to seat between front or back of the plane and the wings, as the wings will take the whole picture space if you are next to them, but you might want to see a bit of them in the pictures.

Lufthansa flight check in

Lufthansa passport requirements

After having selected seats, fellow passengers, and entered the frequent flyer, the next stop for international flights will be to enter the passport requirements.

This step will not happen for flights within Schengen space, as there is no passport control inside the borders.

The passport information must be entered, to allow Lufthansa to check that the passport is valid and that the passenger won't have to be disembarked from the plane.

Travel document type, country of issue, expiry date, gender, date of birth, nationality and purpose of travel are necessary at this step.

Lufthansa early check in

Lufthansa advance passenger information

The next information required by the system is to confirm the information about the passenger on the passport, with the last name, first names, but also passport number and the type of passport, if biometric or not.

If a visa is necessary for the destination according to the passenger nationality, the visa number will have to be entered at this step.

Lufthansa advance passenger information: online checking by Lufthansa of passenger passport and visa validity for his destination

Entering the required Lufthansa advance passenger information at this step of the online checking Lufthansa will allow you to have a faster airport checking procedure, as the information will already have been verified beforehand.

During the web check in Lufthansa to a destination out of the departure free will movement zone, such as going from USA to European Schengen space, or going from Germany to Japan for example, it is necessary for the airline to check your personal data, which is done in the Lufthansa advance passenger information during web check-in, including passport validity and visa requirements check for the passenger destination.

The Lufthansa advance passenger information step allows the airline to perform this check before boarding, and to speed up the airport desk checkin speed.

Lufthansa advance passenger information entry regulations to the USA
Lufthansa check-in USA

After having entered carefully the advanced passenger information, a pop-up will ask confirmation of the validity of the information.

Double check that all information are correct, as any error might lead to issues are boarding, and in some cases a denied boarding.

The next screen is the information on dangerous and prohibited goods, which will apply to the  luggage   that you are bringing on board.

Dangerous goods are generally not allowed, make sure when packing that you do not put in your checked  luggage   any forbidden item, and that you do not carry with you any of them, or they will be thrown at the security check.

Lufthansa web check in online

Lufthansa print boarding pass

The last step is to get the electronic boarding pass, for which several options are offered: get an email, a link on mobile phone by SMS, or print a PDF export.

Before continuing, a check box must be validated, stating that the passenger agrees with and the liability and insurance information.

A pop-up will be offered, and will most likely be blocked by the popup blocker, in case your computer has one.

After what, the passenger and itinerary receipt will be displayed. Keep it at hand as it might be necessary for your business expense reimbursement, or in case of any contact with an insurance for  luggage   delayed, lost, or flight cancellation for example.

It can also be used when contacting Lufthansa or other connected airlines staff in case of connection missed.

If you have chosen the email delivery, the boarding passes should be directly available in your inbox, as they are sent right away. One email is sent per segment connection, with the specific boarding pass inside.

The boarding passes can be printed, or displayed on mobile phone to access boarding of the corresponding flights.

Keep them for your records until the whole trip is over, as any insurance regarding issues with your journey will ask for a copy of them.

Lufthansa check in UK
Lufthansa web check in India
Lufthansa check in Canada
Lufthansa check in USA

Lufthansa online check in at a glance

In definitive, the Lufthansa e-check in registration process is pretty easy and straightforward. Take these facts in consideration for your next flight with them in order to ensure a smooth flight experience with Lufthansa:

  • Lufthansa online check in time is 24 hours before flights on the Lufthansa website,
  • Lufthansa change seats online process is free, and you can choose online the seat you like in your booking category,
  • Lufthansa online check in and boarding pass is issued at the end of the Lufthansa online web check in procedure, and can be sent by mobile phone or to an email address,
  • Lufthansa  baggage   limits is no  baggage   for the cheapest Schengen economy tickets, therefore make sure that your fare includes a checked  baggage   if you need one, as the Lufthansa  baggage   allowance isn’t as inclusive as it used to be,
  • Lufthansa  baggage   allowance for  Star Alliance Gold members   is no extra checked luggage,
  • Lufthansa  baggage   weight limit is 23kg per piece of checked baggage.

In definitive, the Lufthansa online registration process is great, and you should use it whenever possible – simply do not forget to verify that your ticket includes the baggages you need!

Lufthansa checked baggage allowance

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Lufthansa web checkin open?
Online check-in for Lufthansa flights opens 23 hours before departure and can be completed entirely on the website. At the end of the process, an electronic boarding pass will be sent.
What steps are involved in Lufthansa’s web check-in process, and what are the benefits of using this service?
Lufthansa’s web check-in process involves entering booking details on their website or app, selecting seats, and obtaining boarding passes. Benefits include saving time at the airport, the convenience of checking in from anywhere, and the ability to manage travel details easily.

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