LOT Polish airlines online check in: should you use it?

The LOT Polish airlines check in can be done online, using below web site, starting 36 hours before departure.

LOT Polish airlines online check in

The  LOT Polish Airlines   check in can be done online, using below web site, starting 36 hours before departure.

The check in process allows to select the airplane seats, enter the frequent traveller information, and also to enter the visa requirement information, which will facilitate and speed up the physical check in process at the airport, necessary if there is a  luggage   to check in or if boarding pass could not be generated for some reason.

LOT Polish airlines check in

Starting 36 hours before departure, it is possible to enter the online check in for  LOT Polish Airlines   flights on their website, using the passenger name and the booking code which has been provided by the travel agency that issued the flight ticket.

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First step will be to acknowledge, after having carefully checked your belongings, that no prohibited items will be brought aboard the aircraft by the passenger.

LOT airlines check in

Once in the check in process, several options can be accessed from the main screen, which are : update frequent flyer details, add passenger in order to be seated together, or change seats to accommodate your preferences.

The frequent flyer code has to be entered in a separate screen, starting by selecting the partner frequent traveller program in the StarAlliance network, and of course entering the corresponding frequent flyer card number.

LOT Polish airlines seat selection

It is then possible to select the seat, process during which the screen will be different depending on the aircraft that will be used by the airline for the flight.

The free seats are shown in blue and can be selected, while the occupied seats are greyed out and crossed over.

It it possible here to find a seat depending on the distance to the wings, with or without window, and also near or far from the emergency exits, which usually have more seating space for the legs, but do not allow you to keep your hand bag with you during the flight.

LOT airlines baggage

After that, the  baggage   allowance will be displayed. Remember that on  LOT Polish Airlines   flights, the Star Alliance frequent travellers get free checked bags.

Otherwise, if bag allowance is not enough for what you will check in at the counter, it is possible to buy more bags allowance, for 25€ or 30$ per bag.

LOT airlines checked baggage policy

Once the basic flight information have been given, the visa requirements screen will show up, depending on the kind of flight – for example, it won’t happen on a Schengen flight, as it is not necessary.

If necessary for the flight, it will be required to enter passenger visa information such as passport number and expiration date.

Once all information about passenger have been entered, which are the personal details, the nationality, and the passport information, it is possible to confirm the details in order to proceed with the boarding pass generation.

Boarding pass LOT Polish airlines

Several options are offered for the boarding pass generation:

  • receive boarding pass by email,
  • print boarding pass,
  • receive boarding pass by SMS,
  • receive boarding pass to your phone.

In any case, it is always possible to print the boarding passes for free at the airport, either at the automated check in counter, also called self-service kiosk, or at the check in desk.

LOT mobile boarding pass

An easy solution is to receive the boarding pass by email, in order to have them stored somewhere, which will be very useful in case of issue with the flight, and definitely necessary when contacting any travel insurance.

Instantaneously created, the boarding passes will be delivered to you according to the choosen method.

It is then possible to exit the check-in process, a last screen showing you the details of the flight once again, to make sure that you do not forget them!

In case of any issue, it is possible to come back to the screen, and to either get the boarding pass again, change the check-in, or cancel the check-in.

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LOT web check-in online at a glance

In definitive, the  LOT Polish Airlines   online registration process is pretty easy and straightforward. Take these facts in consideration for your next flight with them in order to ensure a smooth flight experience with LOT Polish Airlines:

  • LOT check in online open 24 hours before flights on the  LOT Polish Airlines   website,
  • LOT Polish Airlines seat selection is free, and you can choose online the seat you like in your booking category,
  • LOT Polish Airlines boarding pass is issued at the end of the online LOT flight check in, and can be sent by mobile phone or to an email address,
  • LOT airlines  baggage   limits is no  baggage   for the cheapest Schengen economy tickets, therefore make sure that your fare includes a checked  baggage   if you need one, as the LOT Polish  baggage   allowance isn’t as inclusive as it used to be,
  • LOT  baggage   allowance for  Star Alliance Gold members   is one extra checked luggage,
  • LOT Polish Airlines  baggage   weight limit is 23kg per piece of checked baggage.

In definitive, the  LOT Polish Airlines   online registration process is great, and you should use it whenever possible – simply do not forget to verify that your ticket includes the baggages you need!

LOT Polish Airlines checked baggage allowance

The LOT polish  baggage   allowance also is generous for frequent travellers and  Star Alliance Gold members   as they get complimentary checked luggage, according to their status and the type of flight.

You cannot buy Star Alliance Gold status, but after having found out  how to get Star Alliance gold   status with the loyalty programs, you will be able to get this free  baggage   during the check in online LOT airlines process on their website, by simply adding your  Star Alliance Gold members   number on the corresponding form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using LOT Polish Airlines’ online check-in service, and what should passengers know before using it?
Advantages include saving time at the airport, choosing seats in advance, and the convenience of checking in from home or a mobile device. Passengers should be aware of check-in deadlines and have their travel documents ready.

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