Holiday Week In Thailand : First Day, Bangkok [Travel Guide]

Well arrived, yum yum, hot. Very long version, romanticized and personal for those who love I'm on the plane to Bangkok. Wedged between two danish I do not have much space. This flight is endless, I fall asleep several times the time does not pass, the time is like stopped. After 10 hours of flight I finally arrive! I get my bag and go to the BTS (skytrain). Here, as in Greece, we select the station of arrival and we pay the tariff in function.

Short version

Well arrived, yum yum, hot.

Very long version, romanticized and personal for those who love

I'm on the plane to Bangkok. Wedged between two danish I do not have much space. This flight is endless, I fall asleep several times the time does not pass, the time is like stopped. After 10 hours of flight I finally arrive! I get my bag and go to the BTS (skytrain). Here, as in Greece, we select the station of arrival and we pay the tariff in function.

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Of course I am surrounded by tourists. As and when stops, local clusters. We are far from the Paris metro where we feel bad but there are people. Due to rush hour? It is around 11am. Schoolgirls (college, high school?) Revise their standing classes. They are dressed in a long navy blue pleated skirt and a white blouse with short sleeves. They are not wearing make up, do not have jewels but carry a brooch representing their establishment. Nobody smiles. Oh yes, I still see the laughing eyes of a man straight out of rush hour with his white hair pulled back and his dragon shirt open on the collar. He seems to have fun to see me completely lost.

Line change is pretty well explained and I do not need to ask for help. I arrive at destination, I leave the subway and there the shock. A wave of heat invades me. I'm choking because I'm not used to it, I feel like I'm in a steam room but all dressed up. I'm sweating big drops. I hope I'm going to be acclimatized because it's difficult. I walk and suddenly feel a familiar food smell. All my senses are awake (in fact just my nose and my stomach), that I know and it makes me want! I almost forget the heat until I get to the smell of garbage that cool me quickly.

Phew the hotel is closeby metro station (thank you Michel!), A guy opens the door and invites me to settle in the living room. I have two halos of perspiration under the breasts, I feel so fine and at ease ...;)

He brings me an unknown drink and I am very grateful because it is refreshing, stack what I needed. Three Indians are also patient. They watch me insistently. Despite the fatigue I end up smiling to them from afar.

The receptionist is charming and gives me a broad smile. It's her job, of course, but I feel she has pleasure in welcoming me. Small disappointment for the hotel, between the photos and the reality there is a world but it satisfies me! The bed is huge and the bathroom clean. I take the opportunity to take a nap, I'm tired ...

Pity it is 19:00. I slept all afternoon, I feel bad to have lost half a day but remember the words of my mother who told me not to put pressure on me. Right now it's a lot better :)

Official website Park Plaza Sukhumvit

Now at least I'm in great shape and headed to the rooftop pool overlooking the buildings and the city. There is wind, I breathe! A little drink and reflection on the rest of the evening. Finally I do not think and let myself be random.

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I come across a busy street, it looks like it's the corner of the cowboys. There are people, strangers and locals. In almost all bars (all open on the street) there are beautiful Thai barely dressed, more than a dozen per bar. My bad where did I go?

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They appale potential customers who pass but do not care about me (Bizarre ahahah;)). I arrive in a 7 eleven, it's very convenient, there are some on every street corner and you can find anything and everything.

A little further away, a restaurant catches my eye. Hum it smells good !!! I stop here. I am at Baan Kanya restaurant. There are as many locals as tourists, I decide to take a Gang khiew wan kan beef (a green curry soup coconut milk and ... chicken finally!) And a Kao kra pow nuer kai down (beef fried with rice and a fried egg).

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The restaurant is completely open on the street and it's a permanent show for me. I see many foreign men alone. Some are accompanied by Thai people who make the face. Woman, girlfriends, hostesses ?? There are mass scooters parked in the street, I see pink and yellow taxis, ambulances with curtains, street vendors with their bike-trailers selling stools, toys and so on ..

Kang khiew wan gai - Thai chicken green curry recipe

My dishes arrive, it smells good I throw myself on it. My mouth is on fire, but not that, the top of my lip is burning. No kidding it really burns, I think seriously about biafine. It stings me, I have tears in my eyes and my nose almost runs but it's too good, I do not care I devour my dish. I'm hot but I'm thrilled, it's a delight! I attack the green curry soup that seems so sweet next to it (but it also tears). I am not disappointed!

A cat arrives and stops next to me. I caress him obviously and he seems to adopt me. It reminds me of my brother's cat and my beautiful sister, a red but 3 times smaller ...: p

White wine is good! Nice surprise, I order a 2nd glass it is party time and I do not drive. The restaurant is full, almost locals, the atmosphere is good. My lips are less on fire, it begins to calm down, especially since there is a pleasant wind. Oh no, it's not the wind. There is a huge AC and a fan running at full speed next door. LOGIC for a restaurant open on the outside. I call the waitress and ask her in Thai to show me the toilet. She enjoys my accent and I see that it makes me happy that I try to speak their language. The paper is outside, I think it should not be thrown in the toilet, as in Bulgaria. I come back to the table. To my left is a Thai table with huge coconuts topped with a straw. They seem to feast, I'll have to test. To my right is a son and his mother, tourists. Maybe I should have suggested to my mother to accompany me? ...

Behind me a large table of locals, they smoke, they eat, they laugh loudly. I feel good, time flies, already 2 hours that I'm at the table! I decide to go explore the neighborhood.

There are no other busy streets, only buildings, I am in the business district. I'm trying to take a selfie. A stranger is beyond me and makes fun of me. I laugh with him, I actually feel ridiculous ... not used to it! After walking for a while, I stop in front of a showcase that makes me an eye, banana massage. : D

Ok I'll come back we'll see! It's all quiet, people whisper, it smells like incense and lights are dimmed. A gentleman invites me to take off my shoes and gives me flip flops. It's gone for a foot massage of one hour. I am the only tourist, the customers around me seem in the cosmos. I'm not used to being massaged, what does this lady think of me? Sometimes it's nice sometimes it hurts me pretty much! She does her job conscientiously, she massages me, manipulates me, that's it I begin to relax and enjoy. A big American / European settles in the chair next door. I see that the masseur with the pressure, is this someone important? He puts the newspaper tv on his as he poses on his belly. Other customers do that too. From time to time the masseurs exchange a few words discreetly.

Facebook page of the Banana Club massage parlor

I want to stay there forever it's too good actually. I think it would be good in France, for us grumblers we would be much more relaxed :)

The massage is coming to an end. The lady invites me to sit down, she finishes with a massage of the shoulders and the neck of 5 minutes. Exactly everything I needed! BUT!!! She cracks me the neck ! To the left to the right ! And what !! She is beating me up now !! ... Finally it's perfect. Miracle, I would like to thank this lady who massages people all day long. But how to do so ? It cost me 250 thb (6,50 €), I decided to make it a 100 more for her.. she seems delighted, awesome. I go back to my hotel and I feel like walking on a cloud. Maybe I'm on a cloud, I feel my legs so light!

There are always so many cars and scooters circulating, it is still not far from midnight on a Thursday. While walking I sometimes feel the heat from street barbecues, sometimes the smell of garbage just next to improvised sanctuaries, and still smells of food.

I decide to go back to the cowboys to see if the situation has changed. This time women dressed lightly are busy with men looking vicious. I can see that they are trying to please them. Yet it does not look creepy. I sit in a bar that seems normal and am very well received. Police are all right in front of the bar, one of them is watching a movie on his tablet, the other is eating and the third is talking. They seem to have been there for hours but I have not noticed them before.

I observe the coming and going of the street, the Thai accompanied by old foreigners seems grumpy, and those with young strangers are all smiles and seem touched by the romantic attentions of their roméos. They breathe happiness. A man in a tie suit seems to be coming out of work. He looks exhausted. Asian tourists drink beer while walking, there is everything ...!

It is midnight 30, that's it I'm no longer moist!

You always feel the heat and smell of street food but the weather is really nice. A table of 3 locals next to me watch me in the bar. I can see that they are intrigued because I'm taking notes. The guy in the back in his hut in Jamaica eatz love at first dick looks at me too and when I say hello to him he disappears and hides (literally) behind his counter. He is shy apparently!

In the distance I observe the carousel of girls ... a man is approaching, a good looking girl nice top makes her show for him. She puts his cap on his head and makes a small hipster. Lack of luck, it does not work and 5 other girls try the shot at the same time. The guy pays glasses to everyone and leaves while boasting to his friends about his success. I do not think about it.

The 3 people on my left are not local at all. In fact, they are Japanese. They are there for work and completely hallucinate when I tell them that I am here for 15 days of vacation. They do not seem to know what it is. One of them is called Yoshi. The poor man can not imagine that at this moment I think of a little green dinosaur, here are the references ...

He wants to add me by QR code. Well sorry I insta, Fb, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat but that I do not know !! They go away. The waitress comes back to chat with me, I ask her about the girls, she says ohhhhhh mostly lady boys! Not for fun just for money.

Oh yes, looking closer at these girls with beautiful bodies suddenly seem pretty masculine! What !! I did not see it coming. Now it seems obvious. It's almost 2am, the bars will close, I decide to return home. The smell of food is still present everywhere and tickles my nostrils, I'm not hungry but I want to eat! I resist. We must go back to sleep, tomorrow a busy day is coming.

And as the masseuse told me, you will have a good night ..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-visit places and activities for a traveler's first day in Bangkok, and how can they immerse themselves in the city's culture?
On the first day in Bangkok, must-visit places include the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and exploring the Chao Phraya River. Immersing in the city’s culture can be done through street food tasting, visiting local markets, and interacting with locals.

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