Thailand holiday : part four, Khao Sok and Trang

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Khao Sok + Trang.

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Khao Sok: Find local activities

I hardly slept at night, it's hard. I take a taxi to the airport and notice that in fact they are all without exception Toyota (A partnership with the city?). The steering wheel is on the right and you drive on the left.

Arriving at the Surat Thani international airport, surat thani airport code URT, I smoke a cigarette outside and reassures two young people who were worried about being able to smoke there or not. We discuss a little, one comes from Kuwait and the other from the United Arab Emirates. I ask them their program: Pattaya and Phuket ... and it makes me think of a friend directly;). Plenty of things to do in Surat Thani, but there for example the sunset village Pattaya, or else at the beach avoid the crocodile Phuket;)

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I travel with Nok Air from Bangkok to Surat Thani Airport and I find this company very cool because the flight attendants are dressed as in Kill Bill ahhaha.

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We arrive in Surat Thani Thailand, I am side porthole and I can not believe there are trees and trees as far as the eye can see. I see the jungle, Thailand rainforest and palm plantations and various other trees with small houses lost between the fields. Many places to visit in Surat Thani. There is a big road that crosses the whole thing, otherwise they are only dirt roads or mini roads.

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I just got my bag back, a man comes up to me and asks where I'm going. He directs me to a colleague, it's a taxi service. A couple of brazilians also goes to Khao Sok for Khao Sok National Park, and also Khao Sok Lake, so the three of us negotiate the trip, it left for 1h30-2h of road. I planned to take a bus but either, it will be more fun. There are many tourist places near Surat Thani. I do not regret it because it's a great meeting that I do. I understand their English perfectly and it allows us, in addition to talking about our travels, to have a pretty deep discussion about life. She is a teacher and a lawyer. They do not travel that much because wages are low in Brazil. They strongly advise me to go to Chiang Mai Thailand where they did the sidecar and to Pai, a hippie village next door if the occasion arises.

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We are already arriving, we have not seen the time pass! On the road there is a sign attention to elephants, it is questioned but actually a little further it is true, there is one who walks alone to calm. We are not in the same hotel, they chose to sleep in the bamboo huts, I hesitated too but frankly I prefer a well closed room to avoid a maximum of insects: p

We arrive at the village, it's great!

There are lots of small buildings everywhere, bar huts, vegetation and there reigns a really friendly and simple atmosphere.

I see man-yards far and away working hard. They are much bigger and sturdy than in Bangkok.

My khao sok rainforest resort hotel is outside the village, it is accessed by a footbridge. By the way the whole hotel and upstairs. The welcome is great and my room is quite exceptional with the view of the jungle. Where to stay in Khao Sok? I highly recommend the Khao Sok Good View Resort, see below.

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Khao Sok Good View Resort

The humidity is 90%, I take a shower with my new friend the salamander in my khao sok jungle resort. I call her Lucette. I'm told it's innocuous but I'm afraid, it moves very quickly these things. I do not see her where is she? In my bag, in my bed? I prefer to tell myself that she went for a walk. I eat a Phet chicken pad, I told the cook that I loved eating spicy, she put the dose I enjoy. I look at the proposed excursions, I wonder there are plenty of possibilities but I have only one full day here. Mr. Bao the manager tells me that for the rafting there is not enough water and that the ride to see the Rafflesia the largest flower in the world, it can reach a meter in diameter and weigh up to 10 kg!, But it is not advisable because at this time of the year they are still tiny, too bad.

Recipe Pad Phet (a spicy Thai stir fry) - Kelly the Kitchen Kop
Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world

There are two French women in my fifties behind me. I ask them for advice, the feeling goes well, I repatriate illico to their table. It's been four years since they both leave to explore all of Thailand. Blandine is a policewoman from Marseilles, she worked for the stups, the financial brigade etc .. she was even one of the first women group leader of the BAC in Paris. The other is Patricia, she is very empathetic and a little more discreet. We chat, we take a beer is super nice. They tell me their anecdotes and I give them tips for good tips, applications, how I found my island (after hours of research). They are not from the internet generation and are impressed, they write down everything.

I sit on my terrace in one of the relax chairs of my Khao Lak bungalow and after checking my phone, I stay in the dark to listen to the sounds of the jungle. Nothing usual is very pleasant. In the bathroom Lucette is back on the glass but outside. And yes it's the game my poor Lucette, I closed the window! The time to take a toothbrush, I look up and the magic, it is exactly in the same place but inside. Did she comment? I decide to go slowly. I feel like she's looking at me. I take my courage with both hands and approach a finger. I do not move anymore. Suddenly she runs at the speed of light, I even go in the opposite direction while shouting. I was afraid!

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The next day I get up at 7:30. 7:30 on vacation it's not human frankly. But it's worth it because I go on an expedition for the day with a more than enjoyable program, namely a Thailand jungle trek. I chat with Mr. Bao. He works 7 days out of 7 but gets to take vacations in the off season in September. He accompanies me to the mini van. There is his friend who will guide us all day, he said ahh sexy man is arrived. It really is not sexy, I think it must be a joke between them. There are two couples of haughty Italians with their children, a German family and a couple of Austrians. On the way the German mother speaks to me in French, it's been 15 years since she did not say a word I think she is happy to be able to practice a little. She tells me that in their hut last night he realized that there was a huge spider on the ceiling! She and her husband kept their self-control in front of their three little girls, but they were really in a panic. She also tells me that Germans find that French people sing when they speak. I tell her that for us the German language is hard and is used to train animals, she gets tired.

We arrive and we settle on the fishing boat. The ride on the Ratchaprapa Dam Dam - Rajjaprabha Dam or Cheow Lan Dam - lasts a while, it's very beautiful, we see around the khao sok floating raft houses, the weather is perfect and we feel a little wind with the speed of the boat. This is the Khao Sok paradise !

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Arrived at the floating village the best place in Surat and we install among dozens of other groups. Ah. I did not think there would be anyone here. I eat fried and spicy lake fish because the rest is not so good. At table no one speaks to me, they all talk to each other in their respective languages.

The moment of Thailand trekking has arrived! Finally all families will stay to swim in the lake because 4 hours of walking for children is too much. So we leave the couple of Austrians, me and the guide but we stop quickly in front of a map.

He explains that there is a short path and a long path. I indicate that I took this excursion specially to do the trek so the long version. The Austrian is not a party at all, but I can convince her that she will surely do this only once in her life. And then I paid quite a lot, I would like to be able to do what is planned ... We walk and I see butterflies, bamboos, creepers, we cross, we jump, we cross rivers, we climbed at a hellish pace. The guide does not slow down but we follow.

After 40 minutes he stops us and asks us to drop our bags here. I do not understand, Mr. Bao lent me an immersible waterproof bag this morning so that I could take my things to the cave. I have trouble understanding the guide with his Thai accent, fortunately the Austrian is there to repeat exactly the same thing but without accent. He tells me that we can do the short version but we will visit the cave anyway. They look at me all three, I understand that I have no choice. Well.

We put our headlamps and go, we enter the cave! It's absolutely great I'm having a blast. We see stalactites, stalagmites, a toad, fish, a crab, a little snake, bats.

Sometimes we walk on wet pebbles, often in the water. Towards a moment we do not have feet anymore we have to swim! It's too cool. It's about 20 minutes and we meet a group on the return. The Austrians return with them but I continue alone with the guide. Towards a moment he takes my hand like a couple. I think it must be his way of being considerate. But no, he asks me if I have a friend. Uhhhh oké. I understand better the nickname of sexy man. Yes he is very tall and he is waiting for me in France! That does not prevent him from getting my hand back a little later. Well where are the spiders? He shows me huge spiders on the walls and pretends to throw me a top. I scream ! And I dare not put my hands on the walls anymore. At the end of the same 10 minutes he says we must turn around because afterwards we can not go back to the cave. And if we continue it will take the long way with another 2:30 of walking and our bags are outside so it's not possible. Seriously? What a desappointment. . . . I am angry with the Austrian who explained to me only what suited him ...

We come back to the lake. I take a beer as I drink my feet in the water. At least there is a beautiful sun is nice. Then it's time to go home, the boat rocks me I really want to close my eyes but fight and enjoy the scenery one last time.

The return in mini-van seems very long. The German tells me that they went to see the elephants the week before. I jump! She explains that they have done extensive research to select a center that takes care of animals. They went for a ride on an elephant and then washed and fed it. Then the elephant does what he wants the rest of the day. I am thoughtful. I would have liked to see elephants but I refused any participation in animal tourism. I have a debate with my conscience. After all, we ride horses well. And we use police dogs. And in circuses and zoos there are animals locked up. Should we boycott all this? Even if people take great care and give lots of love to animals? I do not know what to think anymore. Anyway it is not the program for me (but your opinions interest me).

On the return the driver honks dogs. They explain to me that in case of an accident with a dog the fine to pay is huge so they are very careful.

I go back to the hotel and feel half mango and half pineapple. In addition Lucette did not come back to see me. Mr. Bao takes me in his pick up in the village to find the Marseillaises. He asks me if all is well and I tell him how it happened, that it was a long time that I was waiting for this trekking in the jungle, I had expectations, I enjoyed many things to do in Khao Sok . Those who know me well know that it is impossible for me to hide my disappointment, when I am really disappointed it shows on my face.

Khao sok national park hotels

In the village we eat all three and they describe their day. They had a canoe ride and then had a cup of coffee that they drank in bamboo cups on the edge of the jungle of Thailand rainforest. We tell our lives and it changes my ideas, it gives me a little balm to the heart.

We return to the hotel but before going to bed I have a surprise for Mr. Bao. I explain to him that considering the comments of the customers on him and his wife on the internet, they seemed to be quite exceptional people to take so much care to take care of the people who come to see them. So I wanted to bring them a little something from France to please them. I bring a half bottle of gewurtzraminer that is 10,000 km so that it has this perhaps unique opportunity to taste! He exclaims oh my buddah !! His wife is very touched and I am filled with happiness to see their joy and emotion. We drink and drink so all of a sudden together. Mr. and Mrs. Bao tells us a little bit about their story. Mr. Bao before the hotel was working barefoot in the jungle. He was in charge of carrying bottles of water for miles and miles, it was a very hard life. Now with its family hotel there are 6 employees in total for 8 rooms. The money earned is used primarily to improve and maintain the hotel. For example in 2016 there was not yet the pool. When he learns that Blandine is police commander he tells us that in Thailand the police have big bellies because they do not have much to do except eat ahahah. The day ends on this good moment.

This Tuesday morning I get up to go enjoy the pool with massage jets. I have it for myself alone is the foot. My friends from the South come to say goodbye to me, we promise to give each other news from time to time. Then it's also time to leave for me. Mr. Bao arranged everything so that I did not have any trouble getting on the way. In addition it makes me pay less the excursion is a pearl. We make a long detour because it is a mini-van that recovers and deposits people as and when. I see the landscape scrolling. Everything is similar but at the same time everything is different according to the cities or villages in which we pass, it is difficult to explain. I want to stop everywhere to go explore. I see the mountains of Phang Nga, pretty stone sculptures near Khao Kop, lean cows ... in Krabi I have to take a bus. It's quite folkloric, the whole interior is decorated in Thai style and there is a TV that broadcasts quite a lot of empty music videos. I am very sad and can not help but cry. Not because of the clips but today I miss a funeral in France, I can not tell him goodbye .. an old man is worried but I just tell him that I'm tired, I do not want to talk. .

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Good. I'm coming to Trang. The bus does not drop me at my hotel I have to walk. I do not think it's crazy!

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I walk on a street where there are stray dogs (or not?). I know that dogs feel scared so I try to pretend I'm fighting coconut palms. I pass quietly. Thin it's a dead end! I see the hotel but I must make a detour and especially I must go back to the dogs. This time they abbot me and follow me I'm super afraid they attack me. I see a rat pass but I finally arrive at the hotel which is no longer a guest house. The woman greets me with cut mangoes and calls me by my name is nice! She shows me my room which is super cute with elephant-towels on the bed. There is plenty of gecko in the house but thanks to Lucette I fear them a little less now. Besides, I make myself to their presence. She takes me to a night market for me to go eat.

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She explains that there are almost no tourists in Trang and I will pay the same price as the Thais. Indeed on the market people look at me when I go it's funny I smile at everyone. The children watch me closely. And me the same because I have hardly seen since I arrived in Thailand (under 10 years). They are really chewable! I eat pork pork (and not porcupine han the joke null) and wouhaouuu it's a whole new level of pepper! I pay just 40 baths or 1 €.

Returning I feel the flowers in front of the hotel on the advice of the lady. It feels extremely good I ask him what it is: woman's fingers (well it's the translation of Thai).

Above all, do not wait until tragic events occur to enjoy life. Be happy, when you find something good in someone, say it to him :) And give you the means to realize your dreams. Tomorrow, one of them will come true for me, I'm going for the first time, and I hope not the last, on an island paradise! To be continued in the next episode...

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How long is the train from Bangkok to Surat Thani? The train from Bangkok to Surat Thani takes at least 8h40min, and it can go up to more than 12 hours, depending on which exact train you are taking.

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How to travel from Krabi to Koh Phangan? Simply arrange the travel from any travel booth in Krabi – it will most likely be cheaper than to fly, and you can easily bargain and compare prices by going from one agency to another one.

Is there a floating hotel Khao Sok? There is no floating hotel in Khao Sok – but the floating hotel is in Khao Wong, and is called 500 Rai Floating Resort.

Floating hotel Khao Sok 500 Rai actually is located in Khao Wong.

How to get from Trang to Surat Thani? The best way to get from Trang to Surat Thani is to take the train, which takes around 3 hours depending on the exact train, and costs 39$US if booked in advance, or 64$US last minute.

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What unique experiences do Khao Sok and Trang offer to visitors in Thailand, and how do they differ from more popular tourist destinations?
Khao Sok and Trang offer a blend of spectacular natural scenery with dense rainforests, limestone mountains, and serene beaches. They stand out for their less-crowded, unspoiled environments compared to more popular destinations, providing opportunities for eco-tourism and authentic cultural experiences.

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