Kiev beach club and Kiev nightlife in summer

Outdoor swim in Kiev ? Yes, with many pools and beaches in Kiev Ukraine, mostly around hidropark island. Ukraine beaches, and especially ukraine kiev beach might not be famous, but in summer it is a thing. Both relax Kiev and Kiev by night is possible in hydropark kiev ukraine, an island in the center of Kiev which hosts some of the best beach in kiev and where you will find lof of kiev girls. There are also many great out-of-town complex of Kiev to spend summer days.

What are the best Kiev beach clubs

Outdoor swim in Kiev ? Yes, with many pools and beaches in Kiev Ukraine, mostly around hidropark island. Ukraine beaches, and especially ukraine kiev beach might not be famous, but in summer it is a thing. Both relax Kiev and Kiev by night is possible in hydropark kiev ukraine, an island in the center of Kiev which hosts some of the best beach in kiev and where you will find lof of kiev girls. There are also many great out-of-town complex of Kiev to spend summer days.

Interactive map of the best beach clubs in Kiev

Our ranking is the following :

  • 1 - Bora Bora beach club Kiev,
  • 2 - City beach club Kiev,
  • 3 - Olmeca beach club Kiev,
  • 4 - Swimming pool Pirs 39,
  • 5 - La Provincia / Ля Провинция restaurant beach club,
  • 6 - Home Countryside complex Sobi club Соби клуб.

1 - Bora Bora beach club Kiev

The best. With two swimming pool in kiev, located in hidropark kiev on the Dniper, it also has a nice bar with cocktails and music all day long. It is partnering in 2019 with sky bar kiev, at the moment closed for renovation. It now has during the day bora bora beach party, and, at night, transforms in what is best in kiev nightlife, as it turns in an outdoor kiev night club.

Kiev: Find local activities

Bora bora beach club kiev, located in hydropark in kiev, also has access to one of the best kiev ukraine beach on the Dnipro. It is the best choice in town !

Plus, the place is easily reachable from the metro hydro-park, which is a metro station next to the boat station hydro-park. Hidropark kiev is an island entertainment area.

kiev bora bora beach club entrance fee is the rent of a deck chair or bungalow, 250UAH on weekday and 300UAH on weekends,

Bora bora beach kiev hydropark address : г. Киев, Гидропарк, пляж Молодежный

kiev bora bora deck chair price Monday to Friday 250UAH / Saturday and Sunday 300UAH,

bora bora beach club ukraine bungalow price Monday to Friday 1000UAH / Saturday and Sunday 1200UAH plus deposit.

bora bora kiev club website
Bora bora beach club facebook
Beach club bora bora instagram

Bora bora beach opening hours Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm

Bora bora by Skybar nightclub open hours Thursday to Saturday 11pm to 6am

Bora bora beach club telephone +380 97 223 8888.

2 - City beach club Kiev

Kiev City Beach Club is probably the fanciest beach city club, with two outdoor pools, plenty of deck chairs, but also a large comfortable restaurant area with normal seats.

During most of the day, there is animation ongoing, which is usually pretty loud, and might not be at the taste of people that want to relax in Kiev. Otherwise, it is a great pleace for meeting girl in kiev, or going on a date in this great ukrainian club.

However, it has great parties and is part of the kiev ukraine nightlife, have a look at their website for more details on the kiev events in city beach club kiev ocean plaza.

The city beach club kiev is located on the rooftop of the ocean plaza kiev, a recent mall in the center of the city Kiev. It is the ocean plaza kiev swimming pool, a mall with swimming pools on top of its parking !

Ocean beach club is incredible and especially great for party people.

City beach kiev address : Antonovicha, 176, Kiev, Ukraine

Ocean plaza beach club kiev price entrance Monday to Friday 400UAH, Saturday and Sunday 500UAH,

Oity beach club ocean plaza kiev sunbed rental price Monday to Friday 900UAH, Saturday and Sunday 1200UAH,

Ocean plaza kiev opening hours city beach club from 9am to midnight everyday,

City beach club kiev website
City beach club kiev Facebook
City beach club kiev Instagram
City beach club kiev Youtube

City beach club Kiev telephone +380 66 629 5555.

3 - Olmeca beach club Kiev

A very famous kiev beach, because of its sand beach on the Dnipro riverside, plenty of deck chairs, and what must be the largest outdoor swimming pool in Kiev.

Olmeca beach club kiev is situated on hydropark kiev, an island entertainment area in the heart of the city. Olmeca kiev also has a gourmet restaurant, and a playground for kids.

If you like playing beach volleyball, olmeca beach kiev has got professional volleyball courts.

Olmeca plage has everything of a great city beach club and is one of the best choices in Kiev.

It is a great place to either go with your ukraine girlfriend, or to go with a family, the place usually being crowded with kids, which might seem a bit noisy.

If you are looking for the best kiev hydropark beach then it is the one, olmeca plage kiev has a very large sand beach, and olmeca beach club is great to spend time.

It is also easily reachable via metro hydro-park, the metro station of the boat station hydro-park.

Olmeca plage address : Броварський проспект, 5-м, Київ, 02000

Olmeca plage price entrance Monday to Friday 200UAH, Saturday and Sunday 300UAH,

Olmeca plage opening hours from 9am to 3am everyday,

Olmeca plage website
Olmeca plage Facebook
Olmeca plage Instagram

Olmeca plage telephone +380 67 445 6352.

4 - Swimming pool Pirs 39

Probably the most kids friendly of all beach clubs in Kiev, Pirs 39 beach club features a large outdoor pool, a great bar - try their aperol spritz - and also a beach volleyball court.

The ambiance is very unique, as this beach club in Kiev is not situated close to the river, but in the exposition center of Ukraine, that is right ! One of the best swimming pool kiev.

Swimming pool piers 39 is also a quiet place, very good for a date or meeting with ukrainian girl.

Pirs 39 Kiev address : Akademika Hlushkova Ave, Kyiv, 02000

Baseyn Pirs 39 price per hour children Monday to Friday 30UAH / Saturday and Sunday 65UAH,

Pirs 39 Kiev price per hour adult Monday to Friday 60UAH / Saturday and Sunday 130UAH,

Piers 39 Kiev price towel rental 30UAH, pavilion rental 600UAH,

Pirs 39 Kiev opening hours Monday to Friday 7am to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 9pm,

Baseyn pirs 39 website
Baseyn piers 39 Facebook
Pirs 39 Instagram
Pirs 39 Vkontakte

Pirs 39 Kiev telephone +380 68 352 6455.

5 - La Provincia / Ля Провинция restaurant beach club

For a swimming pool kiev, if you are not afraid to take the car and go a bit out of the city, La Provincia restaurant and beach club is actually one of the best places to bring a lady kiev for a date.

This quiet place is not crowded and not very known, which makes it great for discrete meeting and relaxing time.

The two swimming pools are great, and the place also features a very good outdoor playground for kids.

One of the best out-of-town complex of Kiev, not to see the Kiev nightlife or to meet ukrainian girls as it is a chillout beach club, situated next to Kiev reservoir.

La provincia Kiev address : Киев, ул. Богатырская, 26 А (9.75 km)04209 Kyiv, Ukraine

La provincia Kiev price entrance 100UAH,

La provincia Kiev opening hours everyday 10am to 11pm,

La provincia Kiev Facebook

La provincia Kiev telephone +380 67 402 8455.

6 - Home Countryside complex Sobi club Соби клуб

The beach club resort sobi club, also an out-of-town complex of Kiev situated next to the Kiev reservoir, is probably one of the largest beach club complex of Kiev.

In winter sobi club spa only is a hotel restaurant and spa, but in summer it totally transforms, with its outdoor pool, indoor swimming pool and many saunas, and outdoor area.

Sobi club kiev offers all possible outdoor activities, of course swimming, but also a playground for basketball and football, or barbecue places.

This great beach club is usually popular and crowded, make sure to arrive in saby club before lunch, especially on weekend.

Home Country Complex Club Sobi Club Соби клуб is an incredible place, and is also a great choice for wedding events for example.

Entrance payment includes sunbed, mattress and towel.

Sobi club address : 1000 meters from the Kiev HPP in the direction of. Хотяновка, Київська обл.

Sobi club prices children entrance 250UAH,

Sobi club prices adult entrance Monday to Thursday 400UAH, Friday to Sunday 450UAH,

Sobi club prices bungalow Monday to Thursday 1200UAH, Friday to Sunday 1500UAH for 2 persons, charge for extra guest,

Sobi club opening hours from 9am to 9pm everyday.

Sobi club website
Sobi club Facebook
Sobi club booking

Sobi club telephone +380 67 223 0111.

But that is not all

Ukraine beach resorts are a thing, yes ! Plenty of kiev beach ukraine around the Dnieper river with most beach kiev ukraine. Some kiev pool are located on its banks, mostly near hydropark.

Travel planner Kiev

Public beaches of Kiev

Obolon beach kiev with its naturist beach
Southern Coast of Kiev (UBK beach)

Out-of-town complex of Kiev

Biruza beach club
Lobster beach club kiev
Boutique hotel spa
Grand Admiral Resort & SPA

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Kiev nightlife tips

After your flights to kiev, you might want to see what a real kiev night is about.

kiev hotel deals

Kiev nightlife is pretty good, with plenty of clubs all around the city. There is not really a district where clubs are next to each other at walkable distance.

Best Kiev night clubs

After an afternoon at a kiev beach club, start the evening with our selection of restaurants kiev, before check the kiev night life 2024.

restaurants kiev

For this year, our summer choice is Hangover club, and our winter choice is the newly renovated D-Fleur.

Best is to go out early, around 11pm. The party only really starts at 1am, but if you are only visiting, you might not get in as the clubs will be crowded.

Girls in Kiev

There are many beautiful girls in Kiev, however, politeness is a thing there - and romantism as well !

Do come at a date with flowers, and whatever the meeting is, expect to pay the bill.

Girls should appreciate these gestures, and compliments are always welcome.

Beach clubs kiev

During summer days, the best activity around is to visit one of the many Kiev beach clubs.

Mostly located on hidropark island, these swim club offers beaches and swimming pool, with clubbing during the evening.

City beach club kyiv is probably the most animated one at the moment.

There are also some resorts, mostly out of town in the countryside, which are worth visiting in winter as well, as they usually have great spas.

Best hotels in Kiev – where to stay in Kiev for nightlife?

We recommand you the following best hotels in Kiev Ukraine to enjoy at best the Kiev nightlife:

There are plenty of hotels in Kiev that will allow you to enjoy fully both the best beach in Kiev, and the top of the Ukraine nightlife!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kiev's beach clubs and nightlife scene unique in the summer, and what can visitors expect from these experiences?
Kiev's summer nightlife is vibrant, with beach clubs along the Dnipro River offering a distinctive mix of outdoor relaxation and energetic party scenes. Visitors can expect diverse music, lively atmospheres, and the chance to experience Kiev's modern, youthful vibe.

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