Odessa, Ukraine nightlife – what is the best pool party Odessa?

Situated in the South West of Ukraine, the city of Odessa is the third biggest in Ukraine, with about one million inhabitants. It is also the most popular Ukrainian summer destination, with plenty of sand beaches, beach clubs, pool party, and more.

Where is Odessa ?

Situated in the South West of Ukraine, the city of Odessa is the third biggest in Ukraine, with about one million inhabitants. It is also the most popular Ukrainian summer destination, with plenty of sand beaches, beach clubs, pool party, and more.

Odessa sea is the black sea, the time in Odessa Ukraine is GMT+2.

Odessa airport has recently finished a new terminal, which handles most of the international flights, some internal flights still being carried by the old terminal.

Odessa Ukraine: Find local activities

The odessa nightlife in one of the many odessa club is famous in whole Ukraine and beyond. City is also well known for the best ukraine beaches, one of the greatest ukraine nightlife, and that in odessa ukraine women are amazing, go to see for yourself !

Below our selection of odessa beach club and odessa best beaches :

  • 1 – Bono beach club,
  • 2 – Ibiza beach club,
  • 3 – Mantra beach club,
  • 4 – Itaka odessa,
  • 5 – Park Residence Odessa,
  • 6 – Caleton odessa,

1 – Bono beach club

Bono beach club odessa was our favorite day beach club in Odessa for 2019. The day party in bono odessa is one of the best, with gogo dancers for most of the afternoon, making it some of the best Odessa pool party and has awesome ukraine beach girls.

With three swimming pool, one pool for real Odessa pool party, one relax pool, and one pool for kids, it is a very complete beach club.

There are plenty of space in bono beach odessa with sunbeds, the large ones being a bit expensive compared to competition.

At night, it transforms into bono club odessa as one of the best night club in Odessa.

It also has its own hotel.

Bono beach club opening hours 9 am to 11.30pm everyday.

bono beach club ukraine prices for a deck chair at the pool 200 on weedays, 250 on weekends. For a tent, it costs 1000 plus 1000 deposit on weekdays, or 1500 plus 1500 depost on weekends. Towels are included.

bono beach address Пляж Аркадія, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000

2 – Ibiza beach club

Ibiza beach club odessa is probably the most famous club of all Odessa. Ibiza Odessa hosts parties everyday, and on weekend it usually steps up by inviting famous artists, not only from Ukraine, but from all over the world.

During the day, odessa ibiza beach club let you enjoy three swimming pools, or the large and clean beach on the black sea and a kid area. It has plenty of large sunbeds, loungers, and ibiza odessa menu also has a good menu with sushis or continental food.

At night, ibiza club odessa turns into one of the best night club in the city with great pool party Odessa. If you look for odessa ukraine girl then this is the party to be.

To get there to ibiza club arcadia odessa, simply get down arkadia street, odessa ibiza club is right at the bottom by the sea.

ibiza beach club prices for eck chair by the beach on week day 200UAH, weekends 250UAH, double price near the pool. For a mattress it costs 1200 on weekdays and 1500UAH on weekend, with 1000UAH deposit for consumptions. Towel rent costs 100UAH with an additional 800 security deposit, towels are otherwise not included.

ibiza club prices depends on artist, but usually between 350 and 500UAH.

Ibiza club Odessa Ukraine opening hours 24hours theorically - but in reality it is closed between about 6 am to 9 am.

ibiza club odessa address Пляж Аркадія, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000
ibiza beach club odessa instagram
odessa ibiza facebook
Ibiza night club Odessa youtube channel
Ibiza beach club Odessa Ukraine on Vkontakte
ibiza beach odessa website

3 – Mantra beach club

It used to be our favorite pool party in Odessa, but mantra beach club odessa is victim of its success, and it is hard to get a sunbed without prior reservation nowadays.

However, mantra odessa still is a great beach club in Odessa with one swimming pool, mantra beach on the black sea is a great place to relax, and Mantra club at night has some interesting parties and great odessa beach girls.

Mantra beach club opening hours 9 am to 12am everyday, until 6am on Friday and Saturday night.

mantra beach club prices for a mattress for two persons is 1200UAH on weekdays with towels included, every extra entry costs 150UAH.

mantra beach club address Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000
club mantra instagram
club mantra facebook
club mantra website

4 – Itaka odessa

Famous mostly at night for its two scenes of the itaka club odessa ukraine, one with contemporary music, and another one with more traditional music, itaka club odessa is great at night.

During the day the itaka beach club odessa has several swimming pool, and with plenty of sun beds makes itaka beach resort odessa a good place to go on any day even without booking.

Itaka Odessa opening hours 9am to 9pm for beach club, 9pm to 6am for party everyday.

club itaka odessa prices for a deck chair 200 to 350UAH depending on the location, for a mattress 900UAH, and for a bungalow 1000UAH.

club itaka odessa ukraine address Пляж Аркадія, 4, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000
itaka ukraine instagram
itaka ukraine facebook
itaka ukraine Vkontakte
itaka ukraine youtube channel
itaka ukraine website

5 – Park Residence Odessa

Park Residence club Odessa is a beach club during the day, turning into one of the best pool party in Odessa at night. However, the club only consists of deck chairs and one swimming pool, no beach access. Odessa park residence club at night unfortunately has a poor entrance selection at times.

Park Residence Odessa opening hours Sunday to Thursday 10am to 3am, Friday and Saturday 10am to 6am.

address Frantsuz'ky Blvd, 85, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000 https://goo.gl/maps/Rgv16vJzp552

Park Residence Odessa on Facebook
Park Residence Odessa on Instagram
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6 – Caleton odessa

The last of the most famous beach club in Odessa, it is a great black sea beach club with restaurant, however Kaleton has no pool party Odessa.

Caleton beach odessa prices is free for the beach.

Caleton beach odessa address Дельфин, Shampans'ky Ln, Odesa, Odessa Oblast, 65000

Odessa hotels

Hotels in odessa ukraine are not that many, and mostly expensive. It is more advisable to rent a flat there, which is more common. The arcadia area is great to be close to the beaches and the pool parties, see below our selection of odessa beach hotel.

Nemo beach club odessa in Resort and spa hotel nemo with dolphins
M1 club hotel, M1 Odessa
Panorama de luxe Odessa

Travel to odessa ukraine

How to get to odessa ukraine? Odessa airport code ODS with a new terminal is a great way to get there. From kiev to odessa there are also plenty of options, by car about 5h drive, by bus about 6h, or by train about 7h. Great connections are offered by  LOT Polish Airlines   from Warsaw to Odessa.

Car sharing to Odessa in Ukraine
Odessa bus Ukraine
Ukraine trains to Odessa
Odessa warszawa flights

What to see in odessa ukraine

The best beaches in ukraine are in Odessa, but that is not all ! If you are looking for ukraine points of interest, then it is one of them. Places to visit in odessa ukraine and things to do in odessa ukraine are numerous, starting by the center, and the famous opera.

There are plenty of parks and gardens in the city, most of them easily accessible by a short walk.

Great museums can be visited like the Western and Easter Arts Museum, or also the underground catacombs.

It hosts the most famour ukrainian film festival in summer, or the Humorina festival for April Fools' Day.

Odessa tourism is a thing whole year, not only in summer with the best beaches in the country.

However, if it is your first time there in summer, do not pass on odessa arkadia, which is the walking street leading to the black sea sand beaches and beach clubs. The street is full of bars, restaurants, shops, and street entertainment like some small roller coasters, bumper cars, shooting range and more.

Is it safe to travel to odessa now ? For sure, Odessa has no big security issue at the moment.

Odessa International Film Festival
Humorina website
Odessa Western and Eastern Arts Museum
Odessa catacombs visit

To get a good idea on how great parties are, check the ibiza beach club odessa instagram and the park residence odessa instagram, both of which have ton of amazing Odessa pool party pictures, and also perfectly show how is the nightlife in Ukraine !

ibiza beach club odessa instagram
park residence odessa instagram

Odessa ibiza beach club prices are probably the most expensive in the city, but the pool parties are definitely worth it – maybe the best Ukrainian nightlife ? For sure some of the best Odessa beach party.

Ibiza club odessa price for entry is about 400 UAH (or 15€, 20$) on interesting nights.

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odessa beach hotel – our choice is Otrada boutique hotel, with private beach

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors make a pool party in Odessa stand out in the city's nightlife scene, and what features should party-goers look for?
Odessa's best pool parties stand out with their vibrant atmospheres, featuring live DJs, stylish venues, and a mix of locals and tourists. Party-goers should look for well-organized events with good security, amenities, and a reputable lineup of entertainment.

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