Thailand holidays: 2nd day, stroll through the streets of Bangkok

I open an eye, it is 10 am pity I surely miss breakfast. A storm breaks out, I hear the rain drumming. It's a sign, not wanting to get wet I go back to sleep. I slept so well! I notice bruises on my legs and shoulders .. no the massage was not so violent I just bruise easily! I'm looking for the unicorn café -> metro, skytrain here I am in the Silom district.

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I open an eye, it is 10 am pity I surely miss breakfast. A storm breaks out, I hear the rain drumming. It's a sign, not wanting to get wet I go back to sleep. I slept so well! I notice bruises on my legs and shoulders .. no the massage was not so violent I just bruise easily! I'm looking for the unicorn café -> metro, skytrain here I am in the Silom district.

I walk in the streets, it's nice it's good thanks to the storm this morning. There is still no sun but it's good I will not burn today either :)

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I meet mechanics who smile at me with all their teeth. They pause. We try to communicate but we do not get there so we make signs while laughing. I ask them if I can take a picture of them, yes one of them is making a hahah. A little further on there is an old gentleman who manufactures I do not know what objects on the ground. He's all curled up so much that I feel he wants to disappear. I walk I walk and everyone greets me, from the caretaker to the policeman, to the lady who puts away her fish restaurant. I'm finally heading to this famous cafe. I'm not particularly fond of unicorns but the place is so unlikely, I wanted to take a look. I push the door and there is a good smell of candyfloss. Everything is colorful, kitsch, it's funny. You can even rent a unicorn suit for 100 THB. I have a strong thought for my friend :). I try to count the unicorns on the ceiling, impossible there are too many! I end this delightful break to visit Jim Thompson's house in the Siam neighborhood.

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On the way I see a construction site hidden by iron panels. I sneak around to observe. They have a crane and some helmets to protect themselves but not much more. There are women who work too. It seems pretty dangerous ...

Here I am at Jim !! There is a pretty tropical garden, everything is beautiful. For the record J. Thompson is an American architect who engages in the OSS (CIA). He is sent to Thailand in 1945 and decides to settle there. He struggles to revive Thai hand-woven silk crafts. Being rich he builds his residence in teak wood (pictures were forbidden you will not see it, you have to come!) In the best style of traditional Thai architecture. It consists of six buildings, some of which are over 200 years old and have been dismantled and transported from all over the country. We take off our shoes and the guide starts the visit in impeccable French (but she does not lose her accent, thankfully). Everything is high to avoid floods, indeed the house is on the edge of Khlong (a channel), and also to avoid evil spirits that remain on the ground. Between each room there is a separation of about 50 cm high with a step on each side; we must step over and especially not touch the separation! Otherwise beware of evil spirits! It was also done so that very young children do not escape when they are not supervised by their parents - practical.

The Jim Thompson House

I learn that the Thai people believe a lot in astrology, for example this dear Mr. Thompson suddenly disappeared at 61 years ... the astrology of his sign had predicted it. He also waited before moving in on a spring day of '59 deemed approriate by astrologers. This beautiful home touches me I do not know why.

5:30 pm, time goes by so quickly, I go to the MBK center a huge shopping center with everything and anything. There are classic shops but also everywhere stalls like at the market. I want to buy everything (ahhh shopping pff) but I remember that I have no place in my bag. Too bad I'll manage. I let myself be convinced to buy some souvenirs from a very commercial type, he knows how to do it. Hmm not so fast! I negotiate everything, it works, I pay less than half the price. It's pretty cool actually, like a game. He's happy and me too.

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I walked all afternoon and my stomach growls to remind me that I have not eaten today. Oh yes, but I was busy! But before that return to the hotel for the aperitif, I find the barmaid from yesterday and discuss with her. She does not come from Bangkok but from the Philippines, she is here to have a better salary and comes back as soon as she can see her family. She encourages me to visit, especially if I like the islands. Count on me it's on my dreamlist;)

I grab my brand new banana bag and head to the Suda restaurant (thank you Michel again!). It is crowded with tourists, it looks like a huge canteen where everyone shares his table. The waiter seats me in front of a lady who finishes her meal. I ask him for advice, it will be the Pad Thai. While waiting for my dish we chat. She is Japanese ! She is here for the job of course. She tells me that she taught at the university before but that because of a kind of revolution - there I did not get my English is not enough - she had to change jobs. Now she works for Lego (small bricks yes). She gives me a paper with her YouTube, I have not yet managed to see as it wasn't working for me * you tell me if you get there. She compliments me on my dress and is surprised that I travel alone. She leaves when my Thai pad arrives. At the same time 2 Thai people are sitting next to me. One of them asks me why I am alone and how I know this place. She likes to come with her girlfriend because it's next to their gym, it's convenient. I did not even finish my dish they are already having their third, wow I am impressed. I can not finish I have an extra tense belly. I taste the coconut hoping that it will help me to digest. Oh but !! It tells me something .. it's the unknown drink was offered by the hotel yesterday. Mystery solved. There is a lot of this coconut water. So much that in the end I find it almost disgusting. I realize that the old woman on the other side is surely the boss. She screams louder than everyone else and manages the money. What a grip for this little lady!

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It is 10pm as I head for a rooftop spotted on the internet. It is in another corner of the neighborhood, very lively, there's a crazy world here it's like a Saturday after sales. There are only tourists. There are plenty of stalls in the street, some even sell sex objects. There are trendy bars and restaurants with music on the go and people are well dressed. Ouch I stumble twice in a row. Already yesterday I hit my big toe on a pavement that was broken. It must stop, neither one nor two I develop a technique that is to lift feet very high while walking. Good I look stupid. But I do not stumble anymore and I can keep looking in the air and all around me. Besides, a passer-by misses falling. I can not help but laugh even though it's not nice to make fun of it. Maybe I should show him my method? Too late he has already disappeared into the crowd.

I arrive at the desired place and take a lift whose walls are screens. 32 th floor, the door opens, the place is superb. But there is no place .. so much it will prevent me from paying a cocktail 3 times its price. I enjoy the view 10 minutes by recording a maximum of stuff in my head. It's impressive and worth a visit. I go back to a bar I spotted on the way - the baobab bar, all in wood. Yes, I like wood. Here the music is a little weaker than the previous place and they have a nice menu. They even offer us a cocktail that is not on the menu if we have the recipe. I let myself be tempted by a sweet summer, vanilla rum cinnamon mango juice. Cinnamon I do not like it, it's just sprinkled on top, so much the better. I'm about to leave but a man arrives, he looks completely done. He asks me where I come from and why I'm alone (definitely!). He comes from Qatar. He asks me for a cigarette that I give him. He is satisfied and announces to all the bar that tonight I pay nothing. He then invites me to join him at a table where a Thai awaits. I politely refuse, the situation amuses me and the servers also besides but I do not think that an interesting discussion is possible with a person so alcoholised.

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Once out of this lively corner I meet a Thai lady with a huge soft toy. She walks by hugging him. Men sleep on the floor. Others play dice money. My feet hurt but it is too late for a massage (hey get used to good things). I'm at the hotel soon and see a road check. I laugh internally because these policemen look like playmobiles. One of them calls me, questions me. He wants my number. Uh, quick an excuse .. I'm leaving tomorrow, sir sorry!

I am happy to be here, we are not bored and I feel at home already. But that's enough for today, I do not really want (not on the good time zone besides the rest) but you have to sleep ..

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What unique experiences can travelers find while strolling through Bangkok's streets, and what local customs should they be aware of?
Strolling through Bangkok offers experiences like discovering hidden temples, experiencing vibrant street life, and trying local delicacies. Travelers should be aware of customs like respecting religious sites and dressing modestly in temples.

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