Thai holiday part seven : Koh Kradan, Morakot – Emerald cave

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Sunday Monday Tuesday Koh Kradan, Emerald Cave (Morakot Cave).

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Trang Thailand: Find local activities

The next day, Sunday, more cockroach in sight. I go to the beach, I walk exactly 20 seconds to reach it is still too good to have your room in front of the sea!

I'm finally starting to read one of the books I brought with me. Schnitzel finds me at noon and announces that we leave at 14h to do snorkeling and visit the Emerald Cave, also called morakot cave koh mook. I booked my tour with the hotel yesterday but it was canceled because it was way too expensive (1600 thb). Indeed he offers me the same thing for ... 200 thai baht !! Yeah thank you German guy it's cool.

Sea, sun, sand

So we leave with six other people with a long tail boat, the typical Thai boats. Nobody speaks, I think we are just enjoying the ride that lasts a good half hour. The wind is like a caress, sometimes a few refreshing drops splash us and on the horizon we see only the blue of the sea, a small yellow band for the sand, the green of the jungle and again blue, the sky. At that moment I feel so alive! I am very happy, besides, I have a smile all along. I can not help but think for my colleagues right now. That I move from very quickly because the island is getting closer and closer. I can not wait to see what lies ahead!

How long-tail boats keep southern Thailand afloat

Koh kradan snorkeling

We arrive at Koh Kradan. The landscape is amazing, it's so beautiful. We walk along the beach and sit for a while in the water to talk together. Then we take the boat that drops us a little further into the sea. We put the masks and snorkels on and go for snorkelling. This is my first time and I love it. I see lots of different fish, I swim among them, I see corals of all colors. I have never done anything like that, it's really worth it. I lose all sense of time. At some point Schnitzel panic. What? What pasa?

I almost walked on a sea urchin. Where ? Oh yes I did not pay attention actually. I think I am very lucky because he tells me that I will have gone straight to the hospital if I had stepped on it. Oops.

Back on the boat I eat a fresh mango. There is no knife, you have to make a hole with your teeth in the skin and tear it off by going around the fruit several times. I bite in with undisguised pleasure. This is so good! I enjoy it! This moment is perfect.

Emerald cave thailand

Then we arrive at the Emerald cave Koh Mook Thailand, we put the lifejackets on and off we go, jumping from the boat, we go swimming. There is only one access, you have to swim (or go to the emerald cave by  Kayak   is possible too) in the cave about 80 meters before arriving at a lagoon surrounded by jungle and cliff . It is super cool there is a part where we swim in the dark!

Tour of the Emerald Cave

Then at the end of the tunnel the light;) the lagoon is dry but it's still magical. It's hard to describe, it's like a secret beach with vegetation surrounded by cliffs and open skies. Since there is no lagoon I have the impression of being at the bottom of a volcano. We are lucky to meet only two tourists and not the groups of 50 Chinese who are common here. We stay a little, I have time to imagine many stories of pirates that would have occurred in the Morakot cave of Koh Mook Thailand.

The return swim is just as good as the first one, what an afternoon!

hébergement Koh kradan
Thai Pad recipe

Koh Mook

In the evening we find Gerard for dinner and he has a thousand stories to tell, he has lived many things and I enjoy his stories. I take a Thai Pad, which is much better than the one I had eaten in Bangkok.

Then direction Mong bar. He is there with his family and his little girl is laughing loudly.

Mong Bar in Koh Mook on Facebook

Here the toddlers are too cute, they look like they are coming straight out of a recent animated films as they are so adorable. I do not stay long, with the heat, the sun and the afternoon that I had, I go to bed early and I fall asleep.

Monday, my last day on the island. I am awake by the incessant back and forth of the scooters. I wonder if I'm not in town at home ... !! It is very painful and I really hear a lot of noise, so I end up going on my terrace. In fact the staff of the hotel is emptying all the bamboo huts! They cake everythingotmehing, mattresses, fridges, chairs, fans etc. I realize that there is no one left and I am the last customer of the hotel before final closure.

I spend my day between swimming, reading and cocktails, I enjoy it to the fullest. I observe people, butterflies, birds (some are bright yellow), dogs, children, the sea, the sky, trees, I put my feet in the sand, do the board in the hot water of the sea, I still see a fish all striped between my feet and enjoy a last sunset.

End of the trip to Thailand

Today Tuesday I travel all day, I return to Bangkok for one night before flying to France.

Does it really have to stop :(?

Really really ?

Will I come back? I hope! But at the same time there are so many other countries to visit ...!

I hope I have been able to make you travel a little with me, either by photos or stories. Thanks again to all those who participated in my trip and who allowed me to live these unforgettable adventures! :)

Holiday prices in thailand

  • Gasoline 30THB / liter: 0,73 € per liter / 0.85 $ per liter,
  • Taxi from Bangkok to the airport about 30 km, 1h because of the traffic jams: 210THB is 6.50 € / 7.6 $,
  • 1 pack of cigarettes: 150THB is 3,90 € / 4.5 $,
  • Metro ticket: between 10 and 30THB in general is less than 1 € / 1.15 $,
  • A dish at the restaurant: 60-130THB is 1.56-3.40 € / 1.8-4 $,
  • One bottle of water: 8THB is 0.21 € / 0.24 $ or 20THB at the restaurant 0.52 € / 0.60 $,
  • One cocktail: 100-250THB is 2.50-6.50 € / 2.90-7.6 $,
  • Foot massage for one hour: 250THB is 6.50 € / 7.6 $,

Thai massage of one hour 300 - 600THB is 7.80-15,50 € / 9.10-18.10 $.

The prices can obviously vary according to where you are (island, capital, less known city, tourist place) and where you go (type of restaurant, bar, hotel).

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique natural features make Koh Kradan and the Morakot (Emerald) Cave special, and what activities can visitors engage in?
Koh Kradan is known for its crystal-clear waters and serene beaches, while the Morakot Cave offers a unique experience with its hidden lagoon and emerald-colored waters. Activities include snorkeling, exploring the cave, and relaxing on the pristine beaches of Koh Kradan.

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