What are the 5 best Strasbourg hotels?

Hotel Strasburg

Going to Strasbourg, and wondering how to get free reward nights as fast as possible, which loyalty program to choose, or which hotel is best for your budget to get free nights in Strasbourg ?

Strasbourg hotels

Free night hotel

You will get one free night every 11 paid nights in Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg Centre with IHG highest membership level.

See the table below for details, best choices by budget are the following :

  • Low budget, ~50€ : Ibis Strasbourg Centre Petite France,
  • Budget ~80€ : Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg Centre => also best choice in the city !
  • Standard ~90€ : Mercure Strasbourg Centre,
  • Business ~95€ : Novotel Strasbourg Centre Halles,
  • Comfort ~140€ : Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile,
  • Luxury ~170€ : Cour du Corbeau - MGallery by Sofitel.
Strasbourg hotels

Best hotel rewards program for free nights

Strasbourg: Find local activities

Comparison is considering lower Loyalty program member rate as shown on the program website, for the random night of 10th of April. Rates might change depending on your exact booking of a Strasbourg Hotel.

See also How to get free hotel nights – choose a reward program, and Monetary value of hotel points – how much hotel points are worth in case you only want to maximize your points, and look for the best program to redeem free nights.

Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg

With IHG membership, you can get one free night very 23 nights at Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg with basic membership - it can go up to one free night every 11 paying nights with the highest member level. A night costs around 80€ at the Holiday Inn Strasbourg.

Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg booking
Holiday Inn Express Strasbourg booking

Novotel Strasbourg

At the Novotel Strasbourg, expect to earn one night every 20 paying nights with Le Club Accor basic membership, and one free night every 11 nights with platinum level. A night costs around 95€.

Novotel Strasbourg
Novotel Strasbourg booking

Sofitel Strasbourg

The Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile Hotel is the best choice in town for luxury level stay. At only 135€ per night, you will get a free night every 20 paying nights with LeClub Accor basic member level, and up to one free night every 11 paying nights with Platinum card at the Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile Hotel.

Sofitel Strasbourg
Sofitel Strasbourg booking
Hotel Cour Du Corbeau Strasbourg
Hotel Cour Du Corbeau Strasbourg booking
Hotel Cour Du Corbeau Strasbourg MGallery Collection

Ibis Budget Strasbourg

LeClub Accor Strasbourg has plenty of budget Ibis hotels in Strasbourg.

From the Ibis Budget Strasbourg Centre Gare to the Ibis Strasbourg Centre

Petite France, all these options in an hotel Ibis Strasbourg will lead you to a free night every 40 nights as basic member, and you can go up to one free night every 23 paying nights by staying in one of the many Ibis Strasbourg. One night costs between 50 and 90 euros.

Hotel Mercure Strasbourg

Another good choice for mid budget stays, the Mercure Strasbourg Centre, as well as other Mercure Strasbourg, can lead to one free night every 11 nights as platinum member with LeClub Accor, or one complementary night with points every 20 paid nights as standard member. A night costs around 90€.

Hotel Hilton Strasbourg

A very popular hotel for air travellers coming to Strasburg, the European capital, as it has a direct stop of the Lufthansa bus to Frankfurt. This bus works as a plane connection, meaning any delay will be sorted out by Lufthansa, including possible night stay or flight rebooking.

Look for XER Strasbourg bus stop when booking on our website, while looking for flights departing or arriving to SXB Strasbourg.

However, this hotel costs an awful lot of Hilton HHonors points for free nights, the equivalent of 43 paid nights as basing member, or 29 paid nights to get one free night as diamond customer.

Not recommended to stay for free, a night costs around 85€.

Hotel Hilton Strasbourg
Hotel Hilton Strasbourg booking

Hotels selection out of membership

See also this hotel selection in Strasburg, for which there is no membership available, but that are exceptional for different reasons, and could make your stay comfortable and unforgettable in Strasbourg, the European Capital.

Hotel Beaucour Strasbourg

In a beautiful traditional timbered building, the Hotel Beaucour Strasbourg feels like staying with locals. Its location at a few minutes walk from the cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg makes it a perfect place to stay for a city trip. In summer, a nice terrace can be enjoyed. Average night stay costs about 110€.

Hotel Beaucour Strasbourg
Hotel Beaucour Strasbourg booking

Hotel Hannong Strasbourg

Stylish hotel in the center of the city, at walking distance from Strabourg points of interest, the Hotel Hannong Strasbourg also has a great terrace with glass floor and view on Strasbourg's rooftops. Night stay around 100€.

Hotel Hannong Strasbourg booking
Hotel Hannong Strasbourg
Hotel Hannong Strasbourg

Boma Hotel Nouvelle Generation

Situated on the river's island, the Grande Ile, Boma Hotel Nouvelle Generation, meaning new generation hotel, has nice balconies with city views, and offers live music in its bar/restaurant at times. Upscale hotel at walking distance from main touristic attractions, a night stay costs 150€ and up.

Boma Hotel Nouvelle Generation booking
Boma Hotel Nouvelle Generation

Hotel Okko Strasbourg

The Okko Hotel is a recent French hotel chain. Hotel Okko Strasbourg is situated a bit out of the city center, but still accessible by foot with a bit longer walk than its competitors. A room in one of Hotel Okko Strasbourg contemporary designed room costs around 100€.

Hotel Okko Strasbourg booking
Okko Hotel

Winstub Strasbourg

When in Strasburg, do not forget to visit one the winstub, a traditional bar restaurant specific to Elsass region. They of course serve traditional meals such as tarte flambée (also called flammkuechen), choucroute (sauerkraut), and more !

Winstub Strasbourg - complete list on Gilles Pudlowski's blog

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