Monetary value of hotel points – how much hotel points are worth

If you ever wonder “is it worth using points for this hotel night ?”, see the chart below, check how much points costs the hotel room, and multiply it by that number. If the result is higher than hotel night cost, then you better use points – if not, you better pay for the stay, as you can use the same or less amount of points for a more expensive night in the same chain.

Also, if you wonder if it worth buying points, either for yourself as you miss points for free nights, or to offer as gift, check first if offered value is worthy.

Loyalty reward program Value

Points worth Club Carlson0.30 $ cent / point

Points worth LeClub Accor2.00 € cent / point

Points worth LeClub Accor budget2.00 € cent / point

Points worth IHG0.43 $ cent / point

Points worth HHonors0.38 $ cent / point

Points worth Wyndham rewards0.62 $ cent / point

Points worth Marriott rewards0.55 $ cent / point

Points worth SPG1.56 $ cent / point

Points worth Best Western0.45 $ cent / point

Points worth Hyatt Gold Passport1.29 $ cent / point

Points worth MyMillenium0.23 $ cent / point

Idea came from Values of Miles & Points article on, where results are pretty similar.

Example points redemption : one night in Club Carlson hotel costs 104$, or 28 000 points. 28000 * 0.3 = 8400 $cent, 84.00$ < 104$ => it is worth using points, you’ll save 24$

Example points redemption : one night in IHG costs 55$, or 15 000 points. 15 000 * 0.43 = 6450 $cent, 64.5$ > 55$ => it is not worth using points, you’d lose 9.5$

Example points purchase : 1000 points at Wyndham costs 11$. 1000 * 0.62 = 620 $cent, 6.20$ < 11$ => it is not worth buying points, you’d lose 4.8$ per 1000 points

See also How to get free hotel nights – choose a reward program to choose where to get and use your points.

Calculation method : average of night cost divided by average of night reward points, for all hotels analyzed in the following articles, values taken on the hotel sites for a same random night and logged in as member.

Athens, Greek capital

Greek building
Greek building
Aegean sea
Aegean sea
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view on Acropolis
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Hadrian's library
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Greek meal with view on Acropolis
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rooftop pool illuminated in blue at night


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