Is Hotel Elite Status Worth The Effort?

Not all elite status are the same

Having being platinum, diamond, or other highest hotel status for years at different chains at the same time over more than 1000 stays, they're not all similar.

The most important to take in consideration when selecting a hotel membership reward, and deciding to stay enough nights, usually 60 or more a year, to earn and keep the highest hotel elite status, is to consider what matters to you, on top of the standard free services such as luggage storage.

There are 3 kinds of perks that are important, and aren't applied the same way in different hotel chains: room upgrades, free perks, and free night at hotel, the later one usually depending on the hotel points value.

The room upgrades can get you complimentary coffee or water bottles, which are convenient on regular stays. However, they are not guaranteed, and you are most likely to get them over regular stays, when the staff gets to know you.

The free perks can be welcome drink, free breakfast or regular discount at the hotel bar and restaurant, which may be useful on business trips. You'll have to request it most of the time, as the staff aren't used to see highest level of membership in many locations.

The complimentary  free night at hotel ‌  are calculated differently at every membership program: either a fixed monetary points value, different points cost, or different points earning per dollar spent.

In any case, when staying regularly in hotels, it is important to register to a membership program, choose the one that works best for you, and use the program perks at your advantage by collecting as many points with highest  hotel points value ‌  as possible.

One tip to make the most of them: read them carefully, and be ready to tell the staff what is owned to you, as you will usually know it better than them.

Marriott Platinum Elite status

With an average  hotel points value ‌  of $0.55 cent per point, and on average one  free night at hotel ‌  for every 11 paying nights, the Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite status is a good choice of an Elite program, especially due to the fact that the hotel chain is available in many locations.

Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite benefits

Hilton Honors elite gold status

The Hilton Honors elite gold status is already a very good level of membership at Hilton hotels, and already gives you great benefits such as 5th night  free night at hotel ‌  during a 4 nights stay, and complimentary breakfast, which makes it one of the best possible hotel elite status.

With an average  hotel points value ‌  of $0.38 cent per point, and one  free night at hotel ‌  every 4 consecutive nights, or every 18 paying nights, the program is one of the best at the moment.

Hilton Honors elite gold status member benefits

IHG platinum status

The IHG platinum status is one of the less useful hotel membership status of all hotel chains, with no real benefit to stay longer and often at their hotels, except having a disappointing welcome drink, which cannot even be chosen in the whole bar menu.

With a  hotel points value ‌  of $0.43 cent per point and average  free night at hotel ‌  every 11 paying nights, the points reward and complimentary nights with points are the only reason to join the IHG Platinum status.

IHG platinum status

Radisson Rewards status

With welcome gifts and free breakfast at the highest membership level, the Radisson Rewards status is one of the best hotel membership programs available.

Offering on average one  free night at hotel ‌  for every eight paying nights, the highest rate observed, their program is one of the most generous of all.

And with a  hotel points value ‌  of about $0.30 cent per point, their poins have a great value compared to other ones.

Radisson Rewards status

Accor Platinum status free

The Accor Platinum hotel elite status free benefits are now even better with their new membership program Accor Live Limitless, as the newly introduced highest status gets you complimentary breakfast on weekends, which wasn't the case before.

The  hotel points value ‌  is also one of the simplest to understand, with a value of €0.02 per point that can directly be used at hotel by bunch of 2000 points for 40€ discount.

Staying at standard Accord brands, which includes but are not limited to Novotel, Sofitel, Mercure and more, you can expect to get one  free night at hotel ‌  every 11 paying nights, and, staying at their budget hotels such as Ibis, you can expect one  free night at hotel ‌  every 23 paying nights.

Accor Platinum status free

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