Thailand holidays part five : arrival in Koh Mook resort on Trang islands

Koh Mook Trang island hopping tour

Wednesday, short version: Paradise!

Long version, how to get to trang islands

This morning while waking up in Trang city I already felt very hot, it is 31°C and it is only 9 o'clock in the morning. I will withdraw money because on the island there is no cash dispenser. In the mini van on the way to the port I see something weird. On one square there are two long parallel clothes lines stretched with birdcages hung all the way. On each side there is a row of people well aligned. I do not know what they do it intrigues me! A whistle sounded and a person from each line advanced ... And I'll never know the rest because we start moving again. I do not know if it's a game, bartering birds ...? Thai people in the van do not speak English nobody can explain me.

Trang to Koh Muk

We arrive at the port, I embark on the boat. Men are busy loading crates filled with ice and food. That's it we start. A lady sitting next to me offers me to eat. I do not know what it is, it looks like a sheet of paper cut in the shape of fish. I eat hum it's good it's crispy and it smells like fish. She monitors me out of the corner of my eye and as soon as I finish she directly offers another one. People are kind! The boat is old and pollutes a lot. I think in Thailand we do not really seem to care about ecology. As we do not care about the rules of the road. Their safety standards are clearly not the same as in Europe. We never wear the belt, we always cross the white line, there are few pedestrian crossings and they are often more than two on the scooters. I have seen many times a driving dad, the mother just behind and the baby or the child on the shoulder. Unthinkable in France :)

Arriving on the island of Koh Mook I see the beach, the coconut trees, the mountain. Can we climb everything up there?

Trang Thailand: Find local activities

That's it I'm at Ko Muk Island, it's an overwhelming heat. But I'm so happy to be here, I'm not paying attention. The time to go up the pier I'm soaked. I do not know how to access the Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort, I decide to walk along the beach.

Big mistake, the sand is hot, I'm surprised even that there are not some flames coming out. With my big backpack I have troubles, it's not easy to walk on the sand. On the right I see a real path. After a few meters a security guy surrounded by tuktuk asks me to wait here. Oh, but why? He insists wait, wait. I'm waiting. And a little guy with his golf cart arrives. He takes me to the reception of Ko Mook Sivalai Beach Resort.

I feel a little silly on the spot but I have never been in a hotel of this standard, I did not know! I am so relieved. The reception is beautiful, tastefully decorated. I have the right to a welcome drink (the tropical oasis version a thousand times better) and a refreshing towel. I feel very privileged! The receptionist come to me and start to explain everything to me. She ends up taking me to my room. I can not believe it.

Koh Mook beach resort incredible arrival

The view of the sea is striking. And to say that I will wake up with this view tomorrow morning: D

I go on the beach and order an aperitif to enjoy on my terrace, I'm happy, this is the birthday present of my trip. I live a dream, it's too good.

A little later I go around the hotel which is splendid.

Koh Muk hotels

I meet a newly wed couple and arrived at the restaurant I see the decoration prepared for the ceremony. Everything is pretty amazing actually.

It is 17h I finally decide to go to bathe, the heat being less heavy. The white sand is so soft under my feet, I feel like walking on cotton. I go in the water .. but it's hotter than the baths I take! Seriously! It is paradise.

Later I will take a little tour of the island on foot. There are some shops not very stuffed, small restaurants that do not appeal to me, one or two massage parlors. The streets are not lit up here, I hope the scooters and sidecars will see me. There are a lot of locals but it's pretty dirty overall. It is not the tourists who throw their waste but the Thai people in front of and behind their houses. Often it does not smell good, it smells like garbage cans and fish. I understand that there are only private parts of hotels that are maintained. I wonder how is organized waste treatment on the island, outside the hotels.

What to do in Koh Mook at night

Sometimes children come out of their homes to say hello to me! I wonder, what future do we have when we live on an island? Do young people plan to leave one day? Many locals work for hotels, have their small shop / restaurant or live with fishing. But what else do they do to live? There is a school here, I would like to know more. The inhabitants are Mokens, former nomads of the sea today sedentary and being essentially of Muslim religion there are no temples.

No tourist wanders at this time, I feel that everyone stays in his hotel. There are some in the restaurants, nothing more.

Searching for Koh Mook restaurants at night

I finally fall on the restaurant of a hotel that looks friendly. I take a pizza, I admit I'm a little tired of eating Thai every day. There is a Dutch couple next to me who make a yams. There is a skinny kitten who meows to crack my heart. I give her almost all the ham in my pizza and end up asking a waitress if the cat is part of the place. Yes yes, they feed him every day. Oh, I am too weak against pfff cats. All the better, he will have feasted tonight. I planned a flashlight but the restaurant manager asked one of his staff to take me back to my Koh Mook resort Trang.

It's 21:30, I decide to walk to the end, on the tip of the island, where is the restaurant of Trang Island Hotel, Sivalai Resort Koh Mook. I do not meet any customer, only employees who wish me a good night. Ok, I understand that from 21h there is nothing more to do, everyone goes home. No problem for me I brought back something to take care of. I still meet a cat, I'm lucky, he keeps me company a quarter of an hour. In my room someone came to install the mosquito net and anti mosquito lamps in the bathroom.

Midnight swim in the sea on a Thailand beach

I wonder if I should... just go, it is totally dark but I want to swim! I go to the waist, I dare not venture too far from my bungalow Sivalai Beach Resort Koh Mook, you never know I'm all alone. The water is still very good! I'm walking along the sea I'm totally alone. It's a unique moment. I then sit on the deck chairs and face the immensity of the sea, dark. I listen to the sound of the waves. A beautiful day ends, can’t wait for tomorrow!

Thanks for reading my Koh Muk blog. Next day : checking Koh Muk things to do, it’s adventuretime !

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