September beach weekend in Rhodes, Greece

September holiday in Rhodes, Greece

September still is the season to enjoy beaches in  Rhodes, Greece   !

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Starting with a landing on a Friday early afternoon, with a beautiful view on the Aegean sea, it was great to think about taking a seat on the ride side of the plane, best side to enjoy the view when coming from Europe.

A quick check-in at the Astron hotel, led me to discover my underground room (!) with a great view on… well, nothing from floor -1. Hopefully, the very nice staff agreed to move me to a room on 3rd floor, with a single bed but a nice balcony, for no extra charge (63€/night).

Cheap rates for Astron hotel
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After working remote a few hours, we met with friends at the Orexi restaurant, which is located on the beachfront and facing west, perfect to enjoy the sunset while having tasty traditional food on their terrace, mostly gyros – and for cheap, about 15/20€ per person including main meal and drinks.

We then headed out to our favorite bar, J&J, which has comfortable seat and a good choice of cocktails. Not staying too long, as the plan for the next day was….


Waking up early, and going with the rented car to see the awesome view from Anthony Quinn’s bay, and relaxing in the nearby Ladiko beach, which is more comfortable. Sand beach, and less rocks in the shallow waters.

Anthony Quinn’s bay is name after the actor, which felt in love in Greece while filming The Guns of Navarone. He bought a bay in that location… and only by looking at the pictures, we understand why !

Going up in the hills offers an incredible view on the sea and the bays on both side of the hill, Anthony Quinn and Ladiko.

Some short swims later, as the strong wind made the water feel cold, and a few hours of sun tanning on the 5€ per person sunbeds, we headed back to Rhodes town, where we had a quick dinner at a traditional restaurant in the center, Koukos.

Dish of the day was salmon fillet, which was a good surprise, again for about 15/20€ with drinks, house wine being served in an original recipient.

Finally getting a shower after our time at the beach, we hiked up to Naos Athinas, about 30min walk from Pl. Archiepiskopou Chrisanthou, from where we enjoyed a stunning sunset on the Aegean sea. It did feel a bit cold, as the strong wind was felt even stronger on top of the hill.

Evening continued with some drinks at the hotel, before heading to Legends Rock bar, to enjoy some live music from local bands playing mostly cover songs.


After a good night of rest and hotel check out at lunchtime, it was time to head up to the town of Lindos, about an hour drive from Rhodes, where we spent a night.

We stayed in different studios. For my part, at Anatasia Studios Lindos, for 69€ a night. The owner nicely came to meet me at the main square, and took me to the studios. Electricity was not working, and she promised to take care of it in the next hours, which wasn’t a problem, as the plan was the spend the day at the beach. Taking some time to enjoy the stunning panoramic view from the terrace on Lindos town and Lindos acropolis, it was time to head to the meeting point.

As the meeting got a bit delayed, there was enough time to enjoy an ice cream with a great view, under the beautiful sun we had on that day.

After meeting, we headed down to Lindos beach, where we enjoyed an awesome weather, for once without wind, and water just at a right temperature. With again a 5€ per sunbed, the afternoon was properly enjoyed.

At some point, we went to the nearby Panos restaurant, for a quick 10€ snack to hold until the evening.

Leaving the beach end of the afternoon, while the day was still bright, we hiked up to the acropolis, avoiding the 10€ visit, and went off the beaten path, to take some beautiful pictures of a secondary harbor, the sea, and the white painted town of Lindos, until it was slowly getting dark.

Heading back to our respective apartments for a shower, we then met at one of them to appreciate the lights going down on the main harbor, celebrating the end of that weekend with some glasses of champagne.

The night being definitely there, it was time to head to the city, looking for a good place to have dinner – Lindos has so many rooftops with restaurants / bars / clubs, it’s hard to choose. Ending up in the very touristic Lindos restaurant, we definitely appreciated the beautiful and romantic view on the illuminated acropolis. Dinner was unfortunately not up to our expectations, for about 15€ per person. Not terrible, but not awesome either.

In any case, not stopping there, we went to Lindos by night bar, advertised as the “5th best rooftop in the world”. While we are not able to confirm this, we can definitely confirm that it is a nice place. The view of course, but also the nice staff and the great cocktails – waitress recommendation for the pornstar cocktail was awesome.

A few cocktails later, it was unfortunately time to go home, a short night for me, as I had to wake up at 3am to take taxi back to airport, with a 75€ fixed price Lindos – RHO airport.

In short

Rhodes is a great island to spend even a short weekend. Locals all are very nice, it is relatively safe, food is great, and most places are affordable and do not try to take advantage of tourists.

Many beautiful beaches, historical places everywhere, the island is worth exploring by renting a car. Off-season (May and September) are good enough to have some good sun and avoid the crowd.

My budget for the 3 nights weekend in Rhodes :

100€ for taxi, fixed prices of 25€ from  Rhodes airport   to hotel, and 75€ from Lindos to Rhodes airport,

195€ for accommodation, 126€ for two nights in Rhodes town, 69€ for one night in Lindos,

150€ for expenses, with an average of 10€ per meal, 5€ per drink and 5€ per sunbed.

Video of our weekend in Rhodes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Rhodes an ideal destination for a September beach weekend, and what unique experiences does the island offer during this time?
Rhodes in September offers warm weather, fewer crowds, and beautiful beaches. Unique experiences include exploring historical sites like the Palace of the Grand Master, enjoying Greek cuisine, and participating in water sports in the island's crystal-clear waters.

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 2018-11-05 -  Framboise
What an amazing place to be !!! Seems like a road trip on paradise .... So beautiful beaches, views, ... foods and drinks are so appetizing. Looks like the perfect place to take a break.

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