What Is The Cheapest Airline?

If you are confident about trading less comfort for lower prices, you have definitely already thought about buying tickets from low-cost airlines.

What is the cheapest airline?

If you are confident about trading less comfort for lower prices, you have definitely already thought about buying tickets from low-cost airlines.

But what are exactly the cheapest airlines in the world? Let's check this out - you might get surprised, as one of them will even help you with  how to get Star Alliance gold   and none of them are as bad as needing to  book flights   included travel insurance.

Airlines are organizations that carry out passenger and cargo air transportation and aerial work. Millions of people travel by air every year around the world.

And of course, the obvious question arises - whats the cheapest airlines. We will try to find the answer together with you!

“An investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” – Matthew Carsten

The roots of cheap airlines

The story of low-cost started in the seventies when Southwest, an American airline. Southwest did everything they could to offer cheap airfares to customers. They stopped serving meals onboard, they reduced space for legs, they did not push for any insurance, and so on...

With these decisions, they were able to offer the cheapest airfares in thea world. Some skeptics airlines tried to copy some of the choices Southwest made, but it did not work so well, creating middle-cost prices that no one wanted to afford.

Top 3 cheapest airlines in the world

  • Ryanair: Ryanair is only the third-cheapest airline in the world, but definitely one of the airlines who transport the most passengers. There are around eleven million passengers flying every month from the entire world. They transport a lot of international passengers, which shows that their strategy is not to stay local.
  • Eurowings: Owned by the Lufthansa group, Eurowings is the low-cost subsidiary of it. They cover short medium and long-haul flights. They offer great prevision plans to check the prices during the month. This helps you to book the cheapest flights of the month. It works very well if you have a flexible schedule, but not that as well if you do not. Flying with Eurowings will get points that count for  Star Alliance Gold members   program, which will get you many benefits.
  • Scoot: Here it is, the cheapest airline in the world. Based in Singapore, Scoot has won several awards for its prices, like the Best Low-cost Carrier for instance. Since its beginning in 2012, they have only increased their number of flights, and they plan to continue in this way.
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How to choose between these cheap airlines

First of all, these three airlines do not cover the entire world. You may have trouble finding a Ryanair flight in Asia, and you may also have trouble finding a Scoot flight in South America. So please, before looking desperately for cheap tickets, make sure to inform yourself on the area these airlines cover.

Then, you can have concerns about safety. On this point, you do not have to worry that much, airplane crashes are very rare nowadays and these societies do their best on the safety levels.

Now, about comfort. Okay, you may not be looking for comfort on the first hand if you want to travel with cheap airlines. But still, you may find that some of the low-cost offer advantages that others do not. For instance, Scoot proposes a ten kilograms cabin bag, which is not that little! Eurowings also promotes its comfort. For long-haul flights to Greece or Croatia, Eurowings ensures that you will get the maximum comfort at the best rate.


Never forget that cheap airlines are not cheap because of a lack of safety, but most likely because of a lack of comfort, but still make sure to travel with an  international insurance   cover. Also, the prices lower that much because they are battling together to offer cheaper than the opponent.

For instance, if you find a cheaper flight than a Ryanair one in fifteen minutes, Ryanair will pay you twice the difference as Travel Credit.

Also, if you decide to fly often with Eurowings, you might get extra benefits such as  how to get Star Alliance gold   and be invited to business lounges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can travelers identify the cheapest airlines for their routes, and what factors should they consider when booking with low-cost carriers?
Travelers can identify the cheapest airlines by comparing prices online and considering budget airlines for their routes. Factors to consider include additional fees for baggage, seat selection, and onboard services, as well as the airline's safety record and customer reviews.

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