What To Do When Your Flight Is Canceled Or Delayed?

What to do when your flight is canceled or delayed?

There are several cases in which you are eligible to get a compensation, according to European regulations, for flights coming to Europe, passing through Europe, or leaving Europe: in case of  flight delayed ‌  more than 3 hours, of  flight canceled ‌  for any reason, or of  denied boarding ‌  for some specific reasons, as long as you are not at fault.

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Cancelled flight compensation

Canceled flight

You just had trouble with your flight: it got canceled. You do not really know what to do: you booked a hotel at your destination and you will lose a lot of money because of this last-minute cancelation. Do not worry, there are actions you can do to get some of this money back.

Flight delay compensation: First of all, you can get back very easily between two hundred fifty and six hundred euros. Some websites, like CompensAir, flightright or flyhelp can help you with the demarch. You just have to follow their instructions: enter your flight data, in order that they check if you really got flight canceled, and their team of experts will offer you their services.

Of course, they will keep a part of the money since they did the demarch (around twenty-seven percent for flight right). If you want to do it on your own, you can.

Ask for a replacement flight!

If you already paid for a very expensive hotel at your destination, you may not want to only have your flight refunded. You can ask for a replacement flight. They will most likely accept to give you one, but your schedule might not fit it. Make sure to negotiate properly with your company, they are humans, and they can make a commercial gesture to ensure that you will come back.

Delayed flight

We now enter the second case: your flight is delayed. What should you do?

First, do not panic! Eighty percent of the delayed flights last less than one hour. Just sit down and wait a little more. If the plane is late, it is for good reasons.

Your rights: On the other hand, if your flight is delayed by more than two hours, you will find the information on the airline website. Some airlines will offer you Travel Credit, others will offer you money or services on your next flight.

Never forget that if you do not ask for anything, they will not give you anything. Make sure to engage demarchs as early as you can.

When the flight is delayed for more than two hours (for short-haul flights), more than three hours for middle-haul flights, and more than four hours for long-haul flights, the transporter must give free care to its passengers while waiting for its departure or offering you flight delay compensation.

So if you have to spend the night at the airport because of the fligth is delayed, you are allowed to ask for a free hotel. Make sure to keep the documents they give you at this point, you may need them later.

If the flight is delayed by more than five hours, and if you renounce to take this plane, you are allowed to get your ticket full-refunded.

Getting flight delayed or cancelled compensation

Finally, you can get compensation up to six hundred euros for long-haul flights if you arrived at your destination with at least three hours of delay.

Note that this may change from an airline to another.

Additional information

For every step talked about above, make sure to always keep every document related to the flight! You will need them at one point or another to claim your flight delay compensation, your  flight canceled ‌  compensation or your  denied boarding ‌  compensation, providing that you are eligible to get it.

Also, whenever your flight is canceled, do not forget to get your  baggage ‌  back!

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