5 reasons and 6 ideas on planning a staycation

Why planning a staycation?

What comes into your mind when you hear staycation? planning a staycation ahead of time is both pleasure and practical. How can it be you may ask? Stick until the end of this topic and you will learn the importance and how easy it is to plan your next staycation. Staycation is a pleasure like you are on a vacation but without leaving you broke.

5 Reasons why choose staycation


Staycation usually is within the city or neighboring city you're at. If your super practical, it can be close to your home. The expenses you will be using for the transportation is reduced to a minimal to almost none if you happen to find a walking distance.


Having to book in an early manner can give you time to choose the best option possible. This will give you great value for what you pay for in terms of services and accommodation availability.


Early birds not just catches the worms, it definitely bags it. So, having that said an early booking gives you more discounts compared to late bookings. It also gives you the freedom to choose more open dates, competitive prices and even complementary breakfast.

5 reasons and 6 ideas on planning a staycation : Staycation in New York by the river
Staycation in New York by the river  


Staying outside your home can sometimes make you buy things which you don't actually need. Preparing ahead will equip you with what you actually need, picturing the activities that you will do makes you realize the things to pack up.


Allocating your staycation budget will be achievable through right planning. And the preparation will result into smart decision because it is already discussed and decided. Whether it is at home or nearby accomodations, planning your staycation can bring it's success up to it.

5 reasons and 6 ideas on planning a staycation : Staycation in the nearby countryside
Staycation in the nearby countryside  

These ideas are best to take into considerations when planning a staycation:


When planning, you must set your eyes on the goals you are trying to achieve, whether it is for new experiences, relaxation or just family bonding. Setting this up first, will make you more organize when you are in the phase of planning.


Activities can be binge watching movies, biking, cooking, karaoke, indoor jacuzzi, spa and many more.


The excitement captures the theme you have in mind. The more unusual the better, it can be a summer get away, Paris inspired, kingdom feels and many more. Use your creative visions to unleash the fun.


These are simple effort that you will treasure forever. Because little milestones together with your loved ones intensify the bond and love you have for each other. Whenever you are feeling stressed or restless, you can always reminisce and find inspiration from the photos and souvenirs to plan your next staycation.


During staycation, it is best to avoid work-related activities such as checking your email. It can wait! Be sure to close notifications and distractions. You may include this note when you're planning to avoid ruining the moment when you're there.


Sometimes, the usual is boring! You can make the most out of it when you got an original idea you want to try. It's unique and therefore, definitely worth to try. Be it glamping or other unique way to staycation. You can even come up with backyard or home staycation if you are that creative.

Final thoughts on planning a staycation

When you plan a staycation every bit and piece of it when synchronized together according to your needs can be very satisfying. The feeling you could create by providing the environment a place to recreate, refresh and rejuvenate can improve the sadness and isolation you suppressed. This will not just make new memories but will bring joy and a better outlook in life.

5 reasons and 6 ideas on planning a staycation : Having a better outlook on life from a countryside staycation
Having a better outlook on life from a countryside staycation  
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