What are the best places to eat in Rotorua?

The best places to eat in Rotorua

Finding affordable and good food in Rotorua is actually possible, as some of the best places to eat in Rotorua aren't so expensive, and one is even known to be the best in the best in the country for fish and chips...

What is sure, is that despite the lack of traditional or local option, there are plenty of ways to eat well in Rotorua without having to sell your wallet!

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Top restaurants in Rotorua

The top restaurants in Rotorua are the following, as recommended by both locals and tourists:

Best place to eat in Rotorua

Rotorua: Find local activitiesRotorua: Find local activities  

The best place to eat in whole Rotorua, as recommended by locals and tested and approved by tourists, is the very famou Oppies Fish N Chips.

The place has half Chinese options, and half British specialties.

Most famous for their cheap fish and chips, as low as NZ$7.5, they also have great other options, from the Asian menu with fried rice or fried noodles for example, or from the more continental options which include burger and other commong meals.

Best restaurant in Rotorua

The best restaurant in Rotorua is the very old Pig&Whistle pub in Rotorua city center.

It is the oldest restaurant in the city, and has an amazing atmosphere.

It is a location of choice to have a drink after coming back from one of the tours organized around the city, such as white water rafting, or for any friends gathering.

They even organize some great acitivities like Thursday night quiz, free to participate and full of fun.

Plus, on top of that, the restaurant has one of the longest and best option for happy hours, lasting from 2.30pm to 6pm, and actually really offering a half price beer - don't forget to drink some of the chilled water to stay hydrated!

Eat street restaurants Rotorua

The eat street restaurants in Rotorua is another good option for food, with most places offering menu at around NZ$20, which doesn't makes them the cheapest options in the city, but are still honest.

Rotorua cheap street food

If you happen to be in town on a Thursday, then there is no question... the best place to eat in Rotorua is the night market on Thursdays!

The place offers all kind of street food freshly prepared, which could please all kind of tastes.

The food can be eating while sitting on some of the benches and chairs available around, but most of the food can also simply be eaten while walking and checking the offers of the local sellers.

It is even possible to find amazing local desserts, therefore don't forget to keep some free space in your stomach to try some of them after your dinner...

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