What are the best options for cheap Rotorua accommodation?

Cheap accommodation Rotorua selection

As the prices in New Zealand can be quite expensive, even in smaller cities like Rotorua, it is a good idea to consider private rentals like AirBNB and hostels, which offer affordable solutions for accommodation in Rotorua New Zealand.

As the city of Rotorua is relatively small, it is generally possible to walk anywhere in the city to the center within about 20 to 30 minutes, therefore do not hesitate to get a bit far from the city center.

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Best accomodation in Rotorua review

For my stay in Rotorua, I've booked an AirBNB located in the South part of the city, for abotu US$35 a night, which is expensive in general for a room in an AIrBNB, but correct for New Zealand - plus it was including a nice breakfast.

Rotorua: Find local activities

After my arrival at the bus stop in Rotorua city center, the host nicely picked me up there, which was offered as I arrived on a Sunday and he was free at that time.

He took me to his place, a lovely home that he owns with his wife, and I could directly see that it wasn't so difficult to walk from the center to that location, as the city is small enough to be walkable.

Arriving in the home, he started by showing me around, and I got a big surprise that I did not expect at all: the bed was actually a heating bed, something that I've never tried before.

As I was there at the begginning of winter, and the place has no heating except for a fireplace, the heating actually quickly proved itself useful, and very comfortable.

After leaving the place, I wondered how I could have lived for so long in winter without one of these heating beds!

The heating bed could simply be activated by using a button on the side of the bed, which had 3 different types of heating, which are three different heating level.

After this nice discovery, I got to see the kitchen, which is the other place of their nice house that I would use a lot, as I would have breakfast there and also use some of my free time to work from the kitchen counter.

Every evening, when the hosts would be back from work, they would fire up the fireplace with a very nice woodfire, more than welcome at the begginning of winter, when the nights can be a little fresh.

Every morning, before leaving for work, they would let me a more than appreciated breakfast on the kitchen, which consisted of toasts, jam, hazelnut spread, and fresh fruits.

The whole stay was very comfortable, and AirBNB definitely is a great option for Rotorua.

Hotels in Rotorua new zealand

Rotorua actually has a lot of hotels options for a city of that size, and most of them are featuring a natural steam jacuzzi in the garden, as the volcanic area has plenty of them.

Try some of these hotels from chains to have a guaranteed experience, but do not hesitate to try other options as everything around generally is very nice and comfortable.

Cheap accommodation in Rotorua, New Zealand on Booking.com
Find cheap accommodation in Rotorua, New Zealand
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