A walk in Western Park Auckland in Ponsonby

Western Park Auckland Ponsonby

One of the great things to do in Auckland is to visit one of the many parks in the city, which usually are offering amazings views on the city, due to the fact that they contain steep hills.

The Western Park Auckland Ponsonby, in the trendy district of Auckland, is one of these great places, where it is good to wander for several hours, and take the time to relax on the grass.

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Art in the park

The first surprise that is seen in the park, is the presence of funny looking pieces of buildings corners, which are great pieces of art that are used by kids as a playground.

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One of them, with the inscription birds used to sit here and watch people far below, reminds us that we are actually high in the city, and can watch people below from the same location, by turning the head in direction of the city.

View on the city

Having a look on the side, the park is a huge steep hill, and by staying on the top, it is possible to have a great view on Auckland CBD and the trees inside the park.

Also, this is when I noticed something: from the park, we could barely hear any noise from the city. The calm in the park is stunning, and the beautiful trees around are actually helping for that.

Beautiful trees in the park

By walking a bit around, it is possible to admire many different trees, some of them that are not native from NeW Zealand, but having been given or imported.

This diversity makes the park an amazing place to relax, and an ever changing scenery as the many trees are always evolving.

Animals in the park

There aren't that many wild animals roaming in the Western Park Auckland, but there are a few magnificient birds that might come closer to you, especially if you are having some kind of food with you.

All in all, walking in the Western Park Auckland is a great break when visiting Ponsonby, between a shopping session and a bar crawl for example, which are some of the best activities in that trendy district.

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