How is the super shuttle Auckland from airport to city?

Super shuttle Auckland review

As I arrived late in Auckland, after 10pm, and there was no more public bus, the best way to get to my AirBNB from the airport was to take the super shuttle Auckland bus, a private company of buses that offers door to door transfers from airport to your location, providing that you are stopping on their route.

The price is more expensive than using the public bus or the SKY BUS Auckland, but cheaper than using a taxi or a uber, therefore making it the best way to get from Auckland airport to city center if you want to save some bucks but aren't staying on the route of the airport bus, also called the SKY BUS Auckland. - Super Shuttle Super Easy‎
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Taking the super shuttle Auckland from airport

Taking the super shuttle Auckland from airport is pretty easy, as the super shuttle airport bus are waiting right in front of the airport exit door, on the other side of the road, as the taxis are waiting next to airport.

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In case you haven't booked in advance, no worries - you can just take it from there, but you will have to wait for the first available airport shuttle, as the other passengers that will have booked in advance will have priority over you.

However, with plenty of buses available, and each of them having around 15 passengers seats, plus plenty of space to store the luggages in a trail, you will most likely not have to wait long.

Prepare a screenshot of your booking confirmation, if not the email with the booking confirmation,along with your passport in order to be able to board the super shuttle, if you have booked in advance.

Depending on the time of the day, the fare from airport to city center can be as low as NZ$17.5, but, however, this price will most likely not be accessible as it only concerns a few buses.

It is safere to count about 25 to 30 NZ$, and you can actually check it on their website, by making a simulation and eventually booking your seat on the super shuttle.

How to book the super shuttle Auckland

Booking the super shuttle Auckland airport to city transfer is supposed to be easy, by following the instructions on their website. However, during our trip, their website didn't work, and it was not possible to book a seat online due to an error.

This was not a problem as their was no issue to get a seat once there at the airport at the driver, and by paying cash upon arrival at final destination.

To book a seat on a super shuttle Auckland online, start by going on their website, and select the option to prebook online your super shuttle transfer.

Then, simply enter Auckland international as departure location, in case you are arriving from an international flight - the international and domestic arrival are not at the same location in Auckland airport - and continue after having entered your destination address as well.

The system will show you the existing stops, as well as your departure and destination on a map. The flight details will also be necessary in order for the super shuttle Auckland system to display your possibilities.

Once you'll have entered all the necessary information, including your pickup and drop off location, along with your flight details, click next.

You will then be offered different choices for your route, including a shared ride, the standard option, but also a private ride or a more exclusive platinum ride.

Each of these options come with different prices, the cheapest one being the shared ride, that will cost you around NZ$39 for a ride from airport to Ponsonby for example.

After having selected the type of super shuttle ride that you want to use, enter the passengers information, and continue.

The system will let you know that they will manage themselves the departure based on your flight arrival time.

A last step will show you all the options that you have selected for a last review before payment.

The last step will be to proceed with payment, which will be raised by a card fee payment of about NZ$1.5... this is unfortunately very common in New Zealand, and the only way to avoid it is to pay cash at the counter.

In our case, there was no way to book online, which was actually better as by paying cash at the super shuttle Auckland, we were not charged a card fee of NZ$1.5. - Super Shuttle Super Easy‎
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Auckland airport to city distance

The Auckland airport to city distance is 20km at best with the shorted route, making it necessary to get another transportation than the Auckland standard city center public transport.

The best way to get from Auckland airport to city is to use either the Super Shuttle Auckland, or to use the SKY BUS Auckland. - Super Shuttle Super Easy‎
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