Where to go in Auckland at night? An Auckland Viaduct tour

Where to go out in Auckland

The Auckland viaduct waterfront area is a small place on the harbour with many bars, restaurants, and clubs, perfect for a night out or a walk at any time of the day.

I ended up going there many times, as it is the main meeting area for any night out in the city!

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Best bars in Auckland

Over the course of several times, I had many opportunities to go the Auckland Viaduct area, which is the entertainement area of the city, especially at night.

Auckland: Find local activities

For my first night out there, I started with a drink at the Bungalow8 bar, a nice location with an amazing view on the Viaduct harbour area from the height of it's second floor bar. However, arriving there early, it was a bit empty and lacking of ambiance, and we decided to move to another interesting bar with more ambiance.

Bungalow 8 – Auckland's Premier Dance Club, Nightclub & Bar

We headed to the O'Hagan's Irish pub which is generally always busy, day or night - but of course even more at night.

They serve reasonably prices wine and beers, and I finished actually visiting the place several times on my few days in the city.

O'Hagans Irish bar

However, good bars are not only to be found in Viaduct area!

Another amazing place to meet up with friends and have some drinks is the Ponsonby central's area, which is a modern restaurants area in a former factory, and is surrounded by bars.

For example, the busy Hoppers Garden bar is a great place to have a few drinks on its very large terrace.

Hoppers Garden Bar | Ponsonby

Things to do in Auckland at night

At night, one of the best things to do in Auckland is to go for a walk along the Viaduct area, on the harbour, and eventually stop for a nice dinner or a drink with a view on the night lights around.

There are plenty of places to visit around that area, most of them being on ground floor and offering large terraces to enjoy the weather which is generally nice whole year round in New Zealand, except a few rainy exceptions.

Oyster & Chop restaurant

Most of the bars and restaurants in the area have similar prices, which are affordable for New Zealand, with a beer or glass of wine at about NZ$10, which is about 6€.

Romantic things to do in Auckland at night

One of the most romantic things to do in Auckland at night being walking along the Auckland viaduct area, which at night gets illuminated not only by the bordering entertainment areas, but also partially by the boats that have sailed anchored there.

By walking around, it is possible to enjoy a fresh breeze at night, and have a great view at the boats anchored in the harbour, which are illuminated by the surrounding bars and restaurants.

Even the trees are decorated with some night lights, in order to make the walk around the Viaduct area pleasant and romantic, making the area not only the best place around for a friends meetup, but also for a romantic date in Auckland center.

After having walked all around the Viaduct area, another good idea is to take some height by walking towards Ponsonby area, which is on a hill, and have a look back at the city night lights, and especially at the Sky tower, which definitely looks more romantic at night.

Sky Tower - SKYCITY Auckland

Viaduct walk during the day

Even during the day, the Viaduct area is a great place for a walk, should it be a leisure walk enjoying the sun, or a romantic walk having a look at the many beautiful boats and yachts anchored in the harbour.

Some of the boats actually offer some tours, should it be to the nearby islands, to other cities in New Zealand, or to other countries around the South Pacific area.

Whenever visiting Auckland, do not miss a tour of the Viaduct area, not only the most fancy area in town, but also the most romantic one!

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