Fun things to do in Auckland at night: the Auckland's Frenzi Barcrawl

Things to do in Auckland at night

One of the best fun things to do in Auckland at night, especially to meet new people and discover new places, is to join an even such as the Auckland's Frenzi Barcrawl, in which most of the participants are visitors staying at one of the nearby central hostels.

For only NZ$10, or about 6€/6.5$US, there are 4 drinks included, and the possibility to win some prizes such as a white water rafting trip for example, by participating in some of the games.

Just like other events in town such as the Free walking tour, I've never seen this kind of event attended by so many - at the night's height, we were about 50 pub crawlers, a huge number for this kind of party!

Auckland's Frenzi Barcrawl
Frenzi Bar Crawl - Auckland, New Zealand - Local Business | Facebook
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Frenzi bar crawl Auckland

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Starting at 8pm in a fixed location, actually the Racket Bar, and only on Thursdays, it is possible to register online at the bar crawl Auckland, but not necessary, as it if fine to simply show up there and buy a ticket at the bar.

During my visit, the pub crawl Auckland started at the 1885britomart bar, situated right next to the central trainstation. I had some troubles to find the entrance at night, as it is actually a very small door in the back of a building, and the sign showing the entrance was very small.

1885 Britomart

As it was the first bar and I was one of the first to get there, the place remained pretty empty for a while. A DJ was playing loud music, which definitely wasn't ideal to be able to talk with other people.

With the voucher that I've been given at the entrance, I ordered a vodka-Sprite drink, and was very pleased to have such a nice long drink included in the small NZ$10 pub crawl entrance fee - the pub crawl price was already covered only by this first drink!

After a while, people started coming in, and I met another French traveler that just moved to New Zealand, and, shortly after, we befriended a local that was born in the city and joined the pub crawl for the first time.

When most of the crowd was there, the games started to be organized, and some people were lucky enough to win some prizes such as extra drinks, or white water rafting trip.

Second bar, Cassette9

At around 9.30pm, we changed bar to go to Cassette9, a nearby bar with a very nice retro ambiance.

At the entrance we were given a free drink voucher, which let us choose between a vodka long drink or a beer.

Cassette Nine Auckland

Once again, a very nice touch, to be able to get a long drink in a bar crawl free drink.

The bar and club didn't take long to be fully packed with our group only, and other fun games started on the scene to win some prizes.

Arriving at around 9.30pm, we quickly noticed that the drink given wasn't enough... and we decided to order another beer. That's when we started to understand why we stayed abnormaly long in the bars at that pub crawl, as the other pub crawls usually don't spend more than an hour at one place.

The hour and a half spent at one location was too much for a single free drink, and getting a paid refill was more than necessary!

Third place, Habano Joe's nightclub

At around 11pm, it was time to head to the third place, the Habana Joe's nightclub, a great place of the Auckland nightlife, at least for students.

Habana Joes - Auckland, New Zealand - Bar | Facebook

In the street, our joyful group was making a lot of noise, but actually not as much as some other group of people that were partying around!

Getting inside the night club, it was totally empty - our group would be most of the crowd for that evening, a Thursday.

We again got a voucher for a free drink, which consisted one more time of a choice between a long drink with vodka and a beer.

After getting a drink, the whole group had entered the club, and the place was now completely full, only with our big group of party people.

Just like the previous bar, however, one drink wasn't enough for the time spend at the place, and we got other drinks with charge before the last bar change.

Last bar of the pub crawl: Cassette9

The last bar of the pub crawl was the same as the second one, the bar Cassette9. This time, when we got in, we were not the only ones there, as it was now more than midnight and the time for more people to go out enjoy the Auckland nightlife.

Cassette Nine Auckland

With my new friends, after having finished our free drink, we decided to try the local specialty, a teapot filled with a mixture of alcohols, to drink in shots.

We tried to take pictures, but the place was so packed that it was impossible to stand still long enough to take a good one!

After a few drinks, it was time to head home... to be well rested for the following day.

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