What are the Auckland public transport options?

Auckland public transport for tourists options

The choice of public transport options in Auckland, both for tourists and for locals, is pretty limited, with basically only buses as part of a city public tansportation system, and some trains and ferries to get around the country, but not so much inside the city of Auckland itself.

However, private companies are offering more options such as buses, ferries, electric scooters, or trains.

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Get around in Auckland with bus

The easiest wya to get around Auckland is with buses, using the public transporation system. You can pay cash when boarding the bus, simply have the correct amount ready.

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It is only possible to pay for bus with credit card when using a contactless card.

The other option is to buy a prepaid public transports card called AT HOP card.

Using a prepaid is about twice cheaper as buying the tickets cash when boarding the bus, therefore try to get a prepaid AT HOP card if you plan on using the public transports in Auckland several times.

Depending on the number of zones you will cross, it can cost from a dollar to NZ$10.

Public transport - Auckland Transport
Auckland bus map and Journey planner - Auckland Transport

Auckland lime scooter electric bikes

What about renting a lime scooter, a pedestrian electric bike, to visit the city?

The service is proposed by a private company, and it seems like they managed to put their electric bikes everywhere in the city... it is difficult not to see some of them at every street!

Simply download the bike sharing application on your smartphone, and pay online to rent one of the bikes.

The price starts at NZ$1 to start the rent, and then NZ$0.15 per minute.

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Day trips from Auckland with bus

Once you'll have seen everything in the city, you might ask yourself how to get around the islands of New Zealand easily, either for day trips or for a change of scenery.

The cheapest way to get around is to use some of the buses, with two main services available: InterCity and Skip.

Compare the prices before buying your ticket, and get ready to pay a little extra for booking online. The bus stops are the same for both companies, and are generally conveniently located in city centers.

The buses are both comfortable, and make regular breaks, every 2h, during which you can get a snack or go to toilets.

Both services are advertising free WiFi in the bus... but it rarely works well, especially not when the buses are getting full.

InterCity® | New Zealand's #1 National Bus Network
New Zealand's Express Bus Service | Cheaper, Faster, Funner | SKIP™

Train system in New Zealand

New Zealand also has a train system, some of which is partially deservice Auckland city.

A subway system is currently being built, but, at the moment, it is pretty limited.

However, generally, taking the train between two cities is more expensive than using some of the buses.

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