Grand Canyon National Park Tour

Arizona's main excursion site is Grand Canyon National Park, which covers 5,000 square kilometers. It came into being thanks to the waters of the Colorado and Walpai rivers, which have been undermining the sandy and rocky plateau for several million years, and to the wind that has polished the rocky walls. The southern part of the landmark is most popular with travelers on small group tours, as that's where the most famous viewpoints are located.

When you arrive at the Grand Canyon, you'll get a chance to walk one of the hiking trails and admire the breathtaking scenery by visiting the Skywalk lookout. It was created in 2007 and is a horseshoe-shaped bridge. The structure is located above an abyss at a height of 1219 meters and protrudes over the cliff wall to 20 meters. The floor of the platform is covered with clear glass, so it feels like it's floating in the air.

Visit Glen Canyon

You will have the opportunity to visit Glen Canyon, which covers an area of 4 thousand square meters. You can observe the dam, Lake Powell, a natural bridge, the Rainbow bridge, with a height of 200 meters, which you can jump on or stand on to enjoy a breathtaking view; you can also visit an observation deck and take beautiful photos.

You can also choose a suitable option for active leisure, for example, to make a tour by car on specially designed routes, to ride a mountain bike, go hiking with a ranger.

Have Fun at Lake Powell

In 1956, a dam was built on the Colorado River to provide power and water to the local community. It created an artificial body of water that was named after D. W. Powell, who explored the banks of the river in 1869.

Its picturesque shores have promontories, cliffs, and red-orange cliffs. The lake was designated a national treasure in 1972. You will have the opportunity to:

  • walk 3,161 kilometers along the shoreline,
  • take a tour of the dam,
  • swim and sunbathe,
  • go fishing,
  • consider sailing, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, or water skiing.

You can also dive to a depth of 10 to 25 meters. On an underwater trip, you can see the submerged ruins of the village where the workers lived during the construction of the dam.

Spend Time in Encanto Park

Encanto Park is located in central Phoenix and covers 222 acres. It has scenic lagoons and an amphitheater where you can relax and enjoy a picnic. You can also do:

  • golf,
  • tennis,
  • basketball,
  • attend duck watching, go fishing,
  • watch waterfowl,
  • swim in the pool,
  • canoe or kayak.

Leisure Activities in Sedona

Sedona is located 1.5 hours north of Phoenix and is surrounded by red rocks. There are numerous trails in the surrounding area where you can hike, mountain bike, four-wheel drive, or horseback ride. You can also fish or visit ancient Native American homes.

Visit Big Surf Water Park

Big Surf Park was built in 1965 when F. Dexter developed the first machine to create artificial waves. In 1969, the official opening of the aquatic center was attended by world champion surfer F. Hemmings. When you visit it, you can surfboard in a huge wave pool and take advantage of a variety of rides.

Tucson and Phoenix Entertainment Centers

As mentioned before, urban entertainment lovers should visit Tucson or Phoenix - this is where the finest entertainment centers are located. These include escapist quest clubs, bowling centers, and ax throwing games, as well as rock climbing centers, go-karting centers, and skydiving centers. The region offers a wide variety of shooting ranges for all tastes - many of them have Wild West themes.

As for the stadiums that will be of interest to sports fans - the most visited is located in the capital of Arizona. We are talking about the Chase Field baseball stadium. There is also the Talking Sticks Resort Arena, a basketball arena. Glendale boasts excellent sports fields, with Camelback Ranch, State Farm Stadium, and Gila River Arena.

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Why are so many people attracted to Grand Canyon National park tours?
This canyon is truly a unique place and one of a kind. This real miracle of nature attracts tourists with a variety of ancient rocks and caves.

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