How Many Swimsuits Do You Need On Holiday?

How many swimsuits do you need on holiday?

How many swimsuits do you need? This question always pops up when packing for a trip, and especially for longer vacation during which anything can happen - and for which there are usually less place to pack up things, as more stuff is necessary.

We asked 12 vacation experts that question, and got several answers. While most of them agree on buying them in advance, and taking at least two with them, one to wear while the other is drying, some go as far taking more than one per day... and buy some more on the spot!

Let us know in comments how many swimsuits you pack for your own beach vacation.

Kathryn Anderson, Coffee and Mascara: always one with me - up to seven for vacation

I pack  a swimsuit   everywhere I go. It doesn't matter if it's a convention for work, or a legitimate vacation, I pack  a swimsuit   every single time. I'm a big fan of pools and hot tubs and I'd hate to miss out because I didn't think ahead. I only pack just one if I'm unsure of whether or not I'm going to be swimming or using a hotel's spa facilities. For any get-away where I know there will be water activities, I pack at least two swimsuits - one to wash and one to wear. Anyone that has ever had to put on a wet  bathing suit   knows the value of having a dry one to put on while the other one dries.

For a weeklong beach vacation, I will pack 4-5 swimsuits. If it's a longer beach vacation, I may pack 6-7. Before you scoff and think this is excessive, I have my reasons. I have visited places with very high humidity and it can take upwards of two days for a bikini to dry in these circumstances. When you plan on wearing your swimsuit all day it becomes more of a necessity to ensure you always have a dry one to put on in the morning. Wearing a bikini top in place of a bra in humid locations is ideal because they are designed to get wet and absorb water, whereas a bra isn't.

It makes no sense to risk ruining your favourite bra when you can simply wear your favourite bikini top instead.

Knowing this travel hack for hot places, it makes sense to bring a half-dozen swimsuits with you. In hot, humid places it is often acceptable to wear your  bathing suit   all day under a caftan or other cover-up. When you start viewing your swimwear as outfits, you realize that you need more than two or three for your next beach vacation. While I have purchased the odd swimsuit while on vacation I always bring enough with me that I would never have to purchase one. I prefer shopping to be fun rather than done out of necessity while I'm on a relaxing vacation.

Kathryn Anderson, Freelance Writer, Coffee and Mascara
Kathryn Anderson, Freelance Writer, Coffee and Mascara
Kathryn is a freelance health, wellness and travel writer and blogger whose mission is to inspire people to live their best life through travel and self-care. Based in Vancouver, BC she frequently travels the globe and has visited 21 countries on 5 continents.
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Stacy Caprio, Deals Scoop: one per day, up to three

I try to buy and back all swimsuits I am bringing on holiday before I hop on the plane to go. It can be fun to buy  a swimsuit   at your destination, but sometimes you don't know if you are going to have time to shop before you swim, so I never plan on buying  a swimsuit   on location to use there.

I decide how many to pack by thinking of the itinerary in advance and how many days I'll be swimming. Then I pick a suit for each day, and if I think I'll be swimming more than 3 days, I simply bring my three favorite suits and plan on rewearing one or two a few times.

Stacy Caprio, Deals Scoop
Stacy Caprio, Deals Scoop

Sumitra Senapaty, WOW Club: two for style and a modest third one

When traveling to a warm destination or a hotel property that will offer a pool or even a wet area, it's important to bring at least three swimsuits.

You'll need two suits in your typical taste and style, so that you always have one available while the other might be drying. For the third suit, you will want to consider bringing a modest one-piece option, as it may be more suitable for group activities or in a number of other situations.

It is always best to purchase your swimsuits prior to travel, as that they may not be available in your size or particular style at your final destination. Plus, swimsuits are always overpriced in hotel gift shops or in tropical destinations.

Sumitra Senapaty, WOW Club
Sumitra Senapaty, WOW Club
Sumitra Senapaty, known as a women’s travel expert, has logged thousands of miles around the world as a wanderer, culminating 12 years ago with the creation of the WOW Club travel and social platform for women. This has developed into an active community for women.

Snezhina Piskova, Independent Fashion Bloggers: two sets to use in alternance

When I travel, I am not one of those people who pack a different swimsuit for each day of their vacation. Usually, I pack two sets, so I can wear one while the other dries, or in case some sort of emergency happens - losing your swimsuit from the hotel balcony is a very real thing! I always get my swimsuits beforehand and have never bought one from the resort I am staying at - it’s so expensive there and definitely not worth it.

When I go to the seaside, or to a place where I expect to soak in a lot of sun, I go with a two-piece, since I want to get tanned as much as possible. I often remove my top part when I am laying on my chest, so my back can get evenly brown. My current two-piece is a plain white one without any prints or sparkly details. I am fond of plain clothes in general, plus I think that once you get tanned, the white contrasts very well with your skin.

For when I go to the spa, or a mountain resort, or a place where there’s a swimming pool, I pack one piece. This is a more practical choice, since I plan on swimming a lot and don’t need to be showing too much skin, as there will probably be no sun. One-pieces are very versatile and I enjoy the freedom of movement they allow for, without having to worry that something might slip out of them.

Snezhina Piskova, Copywriter, Independent Fashion Bloggers
Snezhina Piskova, Copywriter, Independent Fashion Bloggers
Snezhina is an aspiring marketing protegee and passionate storyteller. She is a Media and Entertainment Management graduate, with a background in content creation, film production, esports event management, Japanese studies, volunteer work and creative writing. In her free time she enjoys learning new languages, reading and playing the ukulele.

Kate Sullivan, two swimsuits minimum, depends on activities

When traveling to a waterfront destination, I recommend taking a minimum of 2 swimsuits, but you may want more depending on what you plan to do while there!

If you pack 2 suits, you'll always be able to wear one while the other is being washed and dried. This will keep you more comfortable no matter what kind of water you're around - whether it's a chlorinated pool or the salty ocean, you'll want to take care of your suits and wash them with a gentle soap and dry in between uses. With 2 suits, you can swap out and keep both looking and feeling great.

If you plan to be very active on your trip, consider packing 2 active one-piece suits that you can really move well in without fear of wardrobe malfunctions - if you're planning to do a lot of kayaking or snorkeling, for example, or expect to be swimming with dolphins, boogie boarding, etc.

In contrast, if you're mostly going to be in a cabana or lounging by the pool or beach, pack 2 suits that make you feel fabulous - a great bikini and a monokini or other fun suit, for example.

If you may be doing both, pack 2 suits of your preferred kind and 1 that you can switch up with - for instance, I'm usually more active on my vacations, so I'll pack 2 tank-style or athletic one-piece suits and a single bikini or tankini for when I'm lounging. That gives me multiple options and still doesn't take up too much room in the suitcase!

Kate Sullivan, Head of Experience,
Kate Sullivan, Head of Experience,

Tara, Hostel Jumper: 2-3 bikinis and a whole piece swimsuit plus a rash guard

When preparing for a holiday packed with time in the water, I pack 3 to 4 swimsuits. I regularly wear bikinis so 2-3 of my swimsuits are bikinis and I’ve began adding in a long-sleeve, rashguard-style whole piece swimsuit.. In addition, I make sure to bring a rash guard that I can put over my bikini top for added sun protection. I always plan which swimsuits I’ll bring beforehand as it’s unlikely I’ll easily find  a swimsuit   that fits during my travels.

Bringing more the one  bathing suit   ensures you always have a dry  bathing suit   to wear and you’re not putting on the wet one from the day before. Plus, you can pick different bikinis for different things. I bring one skimpy bikini for tanning or romantic beach outings with my boyfriend and a sportier swimsuit with full coverage bottoms for water sports like surfing and kiteboarding.

Tara Caguiat, Hostel Jumper, Writer & Editor
Tara Caguiat, Hostel Jumper, Writer & Editor
Tara is a writer and yoga teacher with a passion for travel and minimalism. She shares her minimalist musings on her blog and sells travel products for the minimalist traveler on

Anda, Travel for a while: always two bathings suits with me, no matter what

I love beach holidays and preparing for them. Trying on a new swimsuit makes me think of the next holiday and brightens my day, even the gloomiest winter one.

I prefer bikinis as I want to get a good tan. Also, the  bathing suit   has to be functional because I like to spend time in the water, swimming or on an SUP. I don't want to lose part of that swimsuit with the first wave.

I always bring two bathing suits with me, no matter how short the trip is. The worst things for me is to have to wear the same  bathing suit   when it's not dry yet, so I avoid that feeling. More than that, we all like to take a lot of photos on a holiday, so I don't want them all to look the same. Especially with that gorgeous water behind my tanned self. And then, there are so many colors and styles for a bathing suit, it would be terrible if I had to choose only one for my time at the beach.

Anda, founder, Travel for a while
Anda, founder, Travel for a while
My name is Anda and I have a passion for travel. I live in Romania and I travel extensively, mostly through Europe. I started a blog where I share ideas and travel tips that I hope will inspire people to explore this amazing planet of ours.
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Kaya, ComfyGirlCurls: one per day - double up for shorter vacation

I'll preface this with saying that I have a mild swimsuit obsession. So when it comes to swimsuits, I always arrive to my destination prepared with a suitcase packed-full of them. I currently have 18 different bikinis and counting. One of my biggest motivations for even going on vacation is to be able to get some wear out of my collection.

When I pack for a trip to a sunny destination, I bring at minimum, one for every day. If I'm embarking on a shorter vacation (3-4 days), I double up, because that way, I'm prepared for a morning swim and an afternoon one. When it comes to choosing which ones get to go on an adventure withme, I do try to be strategic. I separate them into categories and make sure I have a few of each.

My lounging/tanning ones are probably the cutest, but don't offer much in terms of practicality. My swimming ones must have straps on them; we can't have any accidents. And my family-friendly ones offer the most coverage.

Kaya, Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger, ComfyGirlCurls
Kaya, Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger, ComfyGirlCurls
Kaya is a Canadian content creator who runs, a lifestyle and beauty platform dedicated to inspiring others to be comfortable in their own skin.

Mollie Krengel, Wild Bum: no such thing as too many swimsuits!

I am providing the perspective that for me, there is no such thing as too many swimsuits! Oftentimes, I am made fun of for the number of swimsuits I bring on a vacay. I also plan and guide women's adventures via my company Wildhive, I admire the women who bring one swimsuit on our adventures! There's nothing I love more than getting ready for a trip by purchasing a few new suits...even a new top or a bottom to mix and match to spruce things up! Some might call it an addiction ;-)

I have a few stores I love visiting in my hometown of Minneapolis, but I also order on sites such as Shopbop with easy shipping & returns, before I head out of town.

I might not LOVE putting  a swimsuit   on, but I absolutely LOVE buying them! There are so many options these days - it's fun to shake things up with a fun one-piece as well as a few mix and match bikinis, so many different styles to choose from! I usually select them by how comfortable they are.

And, what my activities might be. For example, if I am surfing, I will look for more sporty styles or suits with more coverage.

Mollie Krengel, founder, Wild Bum
Mollie Krengel, founder, Wild Bum

Corné Lamprecht, freelancer: a one piece and seven bikinis

There is a major difference for me in the following two questions: How many swimsuits do you need on a holiday? How many swimsuits do you pack for the holiday?

If I had to answer how many do you need? I would say you don’t need more than three swimsuits. Two bikinis, with different designs, and a one-piece.

If I had to answer how many do you pack? Then it starts to get more complicated. For me, it depends on the duration and location of the holiday. I am not a model, so I will only pack my sexiest swimwear when I know we are going somewhere that no one knows me. I was curious and counted my swimwear before answering this. Completely unnecessary, if I have to say it myself.

I have twenty bikinis, four one-pieces, and six board shorts. I prefer to travel light, but not always getting the chance to wear my sexy swimwear. So, for the last holiday, which was a beach holiday, where no one knew me. I packed a one-piece and seven bikinis, one for each day of the week. I chose different colors and different designs. I love the variety and hate it to have a definite tan. I did take into consideration that I must be able to face some big waves with them. So, I went prepared and I did wear them all.

Corné Lamprecht, freelancer
Corné Lamprecht, freelancer
I have a very Adventurous, Creative, Positive & Passionate spirit. I Strive to Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever I Go!

Kerianne Vianden, Hotels4Teams: one bikini, one one-piece, one two-piece

My favorite thing in the entire world is traveling, and I try to do it as much as I can. I usually buy cheaper swimsuits from department stores such as Target, but I buy a few every year as they get worn out. I'm definitely not  a swimsuit   hoarder, I probably have around six and only wear the same 3 religiously. I usually go to a laundromat if the hotel or Airbnb doesn't have a washer and dryer.

Even though I only bring a couple on vacation, I've never run into an issue. I don't like to depend on buying swimsuits once I get there because it's rare that I find a  bathing suit   that fits how I want it to. I bring one bikini, a two-piece, and a one-piece because you never know the situation you'll be in. A bikini is great if you want to tan, while a one-piece is better if you're planning on being active and diving in waves.

Kerianne Vianden,
Kerianne Vianden,
Kerianne Vianden is a website content writer at Hotels4Teams. A travel buff and self-proclaimed foodie, her bucket list includes visiting a bunch of countries and trying cuisine from all over the world. Kerianne graduated with a degree in journalism from Montclair State University.

Briana and Kyle, Married with Maps: a swimsuit and a one-piece to adapt to all situations

It is good to try to evaluate in advance how warm and how conservative a place is and who you will be around. Generally I try to bring a couple in case I realize that things are different when there. I think it can be nice to have both a one piece and a bikini when possible, though. Generally I would only buy on the spot if I see something I love for a great deal. One time my husband couldn’t find his  bathing suit   he packed (later he did find it packed — don’t ask me) and so we had to buy another because we were on a cruise.

Anyway, if a place is really hot I’ll avoid bringing suits with metal on them. If it’s chillier, I’ll stick to something covering more. If people are less conservative with clothing or we’ll be more isolated, maybe something a little more revealing.

Briana and Kyle, Budget Travelers, Married with Maps
Briana and Kyle, Budget Travelers, Married with Maps
Main picture credit: Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

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What factors should determine the number of swimsuits to pack for a holiday, and how can travelers optimize their swimwear choices?
Factors include the length of the trip, planned water-related activities, and personal preference for variety. Travelers can optimize choices by selecting versatile swimwear suitable for different occasions and ensuring quick-drying materials.

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