Flying To Yerevan, Armenia: Tips And Tricks

The main airport in Armenia is Yerevan's Zvarnots airport, located very close to the city center. Situated in the Caucasus, Armenia is a beautiful country with a rich history, great people and amazing food.

Where Can I FLY To Armenia?

The main airport in Armenia is Yerevan's Zvarnots airport, located very close to the city center.

Situated in the Caucasus, Armenia is a beautiful country with a rich history, great people and amazing food.

It for sure is a great please to visit!

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Once you'll have found your ideal flight to Yerevan, follow our travel guide to avoid any unexpected trouble, and make the most of your stay in Armenia!

Armenia Travel Basics: Table of content

Spending money locally in Armenia in Armenian Dram

As in any country, having to change cash can be hassle, as you have to find a currency exchange that doesn't take too much commission, and you'll risk having then too much cash when leaving the country.

Therefore, the best solution whenever possible is of course to use an international travel debit card with no or very low commission, making it simple for you to pay anything locally without getting ripped off by bank exchange commissions.

Another great solution is to use a travel debit card that on top of that also offers the possibility to get  a travel insurance   included, such as the  REVOLUT   Metal travel card that also takes very low commission even with the free offer, and include extra benefits with some paid plans such as airport lounge access, travel insurance and more.

Getting an Armenian SIM card at the airport

The first thing to do when arriving in Yerevan airport, even before grabbing your luggage, might be to get a local SIM card at one of the booth, open 24/7, in the luggage reception hall.

While the tarrifs and offers might change depending on the season, you can for example get a local SIM card with Beeline, that will cost you 4900AMD (US$11 / 10€) for a month with unlimited mobile data, and most likely more phone call time that you will need during your stay.

Beeline Armenian telecom company

If you don't want to get a local SIM card, or to be able to get cheap local internet and phone calls without much trouble, we recommend you getting a travel SIM card such as DRIMSIM travel SIM card before starting your trip.

Using this SIM card, you will be able to check your Internet messages right when you land in Armenia, for 0.015€ per MB, which is quite an acceptable rate for a foreign SIM card in Armenia, and without the trouble of changing your card and registering a new one.

Leaving Yerevan Zvarnots airport : Use GG Taxi to avoid getting scammed

The locals will keep telling you on forums that the taxis outside the airport are safe, and while it might be true for them, some of them are trying to rip off tourists.

Therefore, instead of discussing with taxis asking you 15000AMD (30€ / $33) for a ride to the center without issuing a receipt, or 20000AMD (42€ / $45) for a ride that includes a receipt, ride payable in advance to the self-proclaimed taxi manager, do download an Uber-like local taxi hailing ride app such as GG (pronounce it GiGi), very easy to use!

The price will be displayed in advance, however it might change a tad during the ride depending on local traffic conditions and waiting time, but however it will be three to four times cheaper than getting ripped off by the airport taxi drivers that are asking a far higher price.

Make sure to download the application in advance, and order your taxi from inside the airport to avoid getting harassed outside during your wait.

In my experience the taxi arrived in less than 5 minutes, and could easily be ordered after passing customs.

GG taxi hailing app in Armenia

Choose the right hotel for your stay

With a nice and warm weather in summer, and a cold and snowy weather in winter, there are plenty of choices for your stay in Yerevan, to enjoy like the great holiday it should be.

Find below a selection of some of the best ones in the mid price range, in order to facilitate your selection. Of course, there are also budget offers and luxury options!

Best hotels - Where to stay in Yerevan, Armenia ?

Radisson Blu indoor pool and sky bar at any time

Although situated a bit outside of the city center, above the Yerevan Cascade, it is a great choice for affordable luxury, as it features a large indoor pool that is perfect to swim by any weather, and also a rooftop bar that will fit any business or personal meeting.

With a price average near the $80 mark, depending on hotel occupation, it can fit most average budgets for a great stay in the city.

Congress hotel to sunbath at the Caribbean pool

With an amazing large and exclusive Caribbean pool, the Congress hotel is the best choice for sunny days, to easily rest and sunbath on one of the deck chairs.

With an average price around $100 per night, this hotel is more exclusive, and keep its pool area that way.

Aquatek resort for summer fun and winter aquapark

While better enjoyed in summer with their large outdoor area, the Aquatek hotel includes an indoor aquapark that is great by any weather, however it might get crowded with kids, as the aquapark is easily accessible to non hotel residents.

At around $50 per night on average, it a good mid range solution.

Walk around by yourself and avoid taxi visit offers

Yerevan is a walkable city, as the size of its center isn’t so big and makes up for an amazing walk, that can even be physical if you decide to climb the more than 500 steps of the Cascade complex, or the nearly 1000 steps leading to victory square from the bottom of the Cascade.

Many taxis, especially from airport, will probably offer to take you around Yerevan for a small fee, but you are definitely better walking by yourself and enjoying the small streets and many hills that the city offers.

However, the recommandation for a guided tour is to join one of the free walking tours that are provided daily, in various languages, usually starting from the main square, in which a guide will tell you everything you need to know about the places you’ll visit.

Free walking tours in Yerevan

Enjoy a glass of Armenian wine at Canopée Yerevan

While walking around the city center, especially during warm days, stopping for a glass of Armenian wine in a cozy bar can be a great option to enjoy more of the Armenian culture.

As wine tradition in Armenia is one of the oldest in the world, this French bar will serve you a tasty glass of some of the best local wines, and will accompany it with French finger foods adapted with Armenian local products.

A whole experience, that might even get better if you join one of their bar events, such as bar games. Check their Facebook page to make sure that you’ll not miss one of their great evenings in fiendly atmosphere!

Join some of the many day tours from Yerevan

Even though Yerevan is a relatively small capital in a small country, the tourism is actually pretty developped, and it is simple and convenient to join various day tours, some of them even including hotel pickup when possible.

Most of them will leave the center around 9am, and will take you back on time for lunch.

All the day tours have a different purpose, and it could be worth actually joining all of them if you have the opportinity.

However, if you have to choose only one, we would recommend taking the day tour with Khorvirap monastery visit, from which you’ll get the closest view possible to mount Ararat, followed by an exploration of the Noravank monastery hidden in the mountains, and a lunch at the amazing Hin Areni Winery, where you will also be able to try their local wines, which are amazing: white, rosé, and red wines, all available both in standard version and in Reserve!

From Yerevan: Khorvirap, Noravank, & Areni Winery Day Trip

With plenty of tours, all we can do is to list some of the best ones, and let you make your own opinion. All of them are worth a visit to Yerevan!

In conclusion: Why go there in Yerevan, Armenia ?

With an amazing nature and plenty of things to do, Armenia is a great place to visit, either for nature, food, adventure, or luxury leisure at an affordable price.

By following the tips above, and trying the activities from below guide, you will surely have an incredible stay in Yerevan!

★★★★★ Armenia Yerevan An amazing city with plenty of activities easy to join for tourists, with great food, friendly people, and generally affordable prices, alongside a very rich history to discover.

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What are some useful tips and tricks for travelers flying to Yerevan, Armenia, to enhance their travel experience?
Tips include checking visa requirements, learning a few basic Armenian phrases, being aware of local customs, arranging airport transfers in advance, and considering a local SIM card for communication. Exploring local cuisine and historical sites can also enhance the experience.

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