What makes the Pub crawl Panama one of the best?

Being in Panama for about 2 weeks alone, and not knowing anything about the country, nor anyone there, I looked online what to do, including Couchsurfing events in the city.

Pubcrawl Panama

Being in Panama for about 2 weeks alone, and not knowing anything about the country, nor anyone there, I looked online what to do, including Couchsurfing events in the city.

Couchsurfing website

There, I found event for Panama barcrawl, which as I read is organized by two young entrepreneurs originally from Belgium.

Panama Bar crawl website

Knowing the concept of a bar crawl, which is usually a good opportunity to meet new people, I directly wanted to join the next one, which happened to be on Friday, in the old town, Casco Antiguo (or Casco Viejo).

Panama: Find local activities

For 25$US / 22€, it was said to include 4 bars with one drink in each, and entrance to a night club, which seems to be a pretty good deal, as an average drink in Panama is around 5$ for a beer and 10$ for a long drink - more or less.

So, I registered on their website, and contacted them on their Whatsapp, which made it much easier to find them, and went there after another amazing sunset on Panama canal, seen from my hotel room.

What is a pub crawl

A bar crawl, or pub crawl, is an organized meeting opened to everybody, with a cover fee including entrance to several bars, lounges or clubs, usually at walking distance of each other.

It is a great way to meet new people, locals and foreigners, and to explore a city nightlife.

First bar, Taberna de Morgan

As I was just coming back from my White water rafting adventure, I was pretty hungry, and arrived a bit before the planned start at 8pm, in order to have some dinner in the first bar.

The bar building is impossible to miss, as a Morgan pirate replica is welcoming us from it's first floor balcony.

I entered the door right beneath him, sat down, and ordered a local Balboa beer and food.

Right after my order, I get a message from the organizer.

Where are you?

Well I'm at the first bar.

Really? Can't see you, aren't you instead of the bar on first floor, at the Argentinian restaurant on ground floor?

Well... yes, that's right)))

After understand my mistake, I ate quickly, and joined them at the first bar. The entrance was not actually below Morgan's pirate, but on the side of the street.

The bar crawl was well indicated, with a big sign at the entrance, and the bar staff was clearly aware of the event and could lead me to the group.

Morgan was a pirate that raided Panama, and the bar has a great pirate like ambiance, including hats for everyone to wear while having a drink.

We are four that night, including myself: Julie, the organizer, Corey, an American, and Rose, a Panamanian native.

As I arrive close to the end of the time for the first bar due to my mistake, I quickly drink the mojito I'm given before it is already time to move to the next bar.

La Taberna de Morgan

Second bar, Zaza lounge

Heading to the second bar, we pass on plaza Herrera, with its statue of Tomas de Herrera, the man that was head of an early Panamanian state before it became independent.

Zaza lounge wasn't far behind, and about 50 people were queuing outside to get in - we did not wait at all to enter and get a VIP table, with a cocktail.

The lounge was pretty great, and music was slightly quieter than other bars, which allowed for good group discussions, but also for Julie, the organizer, to take out a game with papers and pens which we all enjoyed.

The game was very fun, answering some questions to the whole group, and made up for many laughs!

Having been in many bar crawls in several countries, it was the first time I saw something like that, which made us all talk to each other and getting to know a little bit about our personalities.

Wow, already 10pm? Okay, time to move to the third bar.

Zaza lounge Panama on Facebook

Third bar, Chupitos 507 shot bar

The small shot bar was very dark, and on the way we played a little game: the loser would have an assigned shot to drink in the cocktail shots bar.

Julie was the one to lose, and we were curious to see if she'd really take it as planned.

Arriving in the shot bar, I volunteer to get the first shot, which Julie chooses for me - she will order different ones for each of us.

I do not know what was in the shot, but it was great! Before drinking it, the bartender lit the bar up on fire, great introduction.

Rose, the Panamanian lady, takes up the next shot, which is a totally different serving, which she seems to enjoy as well, poured right in her throat.

Corey, the American, is assigned another shot, again served in a different manner, with a shot he drinks without using his hands.

And, finally, Julie's turn.

Having a look at the shot she got, she must not have cheated, as this shot is very funny to watch - I won't spoil the surprise though, you should go and check it!

After we all got some shots, Corey orders another one, and that is a spectacle. He gets an American football helmet and shoulder pads, and 3 shots are on the bar in front of him.

The bartenders are enjoying pounding a hammer on his head while he drinks, and he turns around between each shot, making it that much harder to achieve.

After this round of laugh, it is time to go next door to the next bar.

Chupitos 507 on Facebook

Fourth bar, Tantalo hotel roofbar

For the fourth bar, we go up on one of the rooftop bar Panama City in Casco Antiguo, Tantalo, which is also an hotel and a restaurant.

As usual, it is very well organized, we skip the queue and get priority to enter the lifts that takes us on the last floor, where we get direct access to the VIP area, and shortly after that a mojito in our hands.

We enjoy the amazing view on Panama City's skyline with this refreshing drink, outside temperature being around 30°C / 86°F, and the fresh ocean breeze we get from the top of this building feels great.

The music is pretty good, and we start dancing a bit, while still having a great time and some good discussions.

Everything is great in Tantalo rooftop bar, and the approximate hour we spend there is flying out fast.

Last stop, Casa Jaguar nightclub

It is now close to midnight, and time to reach the last stop of this awesome pubcrawl in Panama City nightlife, Casa Jaguar club.

There, we get a last shot included in the tour, and are told that the badges handed out earlier by Julie would allow us for a second drink for free on rum and vodka, making one Cuba Libre for 5$ instead of 10$ - or two of them for 10$ if we keep them for ourselves.

We have a good time dancing together for about half an hour or an hour, after what Julie leaves the group to party.

At some point I go to the bar the order a drink, and, meanwhile, Corey texts me that he and Rose are also leaving.

Well, no problem, I have no issue staying alone.

Casa jaguar on Facebook

Clubs in Panama City

I shortly meet a German, Jan, which is also alone there. He lives for 2 years in Panama, and before that has been spending years in South America, and speaks perfect Spanish.

We have a great time in the club, actually not meeting much Panama girls. A lot of girls there are Colombian, and some of them are the Panama hookers, proposing right away a money exchange.

The music is great, and the club actually has two rooms with different music and ambiances, but we stay in the main one, which plays mostly Latino music, perfect for dancing.

After having finished my two rum and coke cocktails, I switch to beers, as Jan offers me one, and they cost 4$ each for local beer, which is an acceptable price.

At around 3am, Jan also leaves. Having been whole day paddling on the river, and only having a small dinner as I tried to rush to join the club crawlers, I get hungry, and buy a burger in the street, which I eat while waiting for my Uber that arrives pretty fast despite the congested street.

In conclusion

The bar hopping Panama with Panama Bar Crawl was awesome, and definitely worth the price. Not only because the bar drinks themselves cost most than the barcrawl, and not only because the pup crawl is a great way to visit new places and get a good taste of the Panama nightlife.

No, it is actually an awesome activity, because the organizers, Julie that I met and her friend, did create something unique, that is not a pub crawl more, but a one of a kind activity, and one of the best things to do in Panama City Panama, among the classic touristic activities but also awesome for locals, with amazing drinking games that makes it entertaining from the beginning to the end, even for an introvert like me.

Their pub crawl is well prepared, and they do know very well the places we go to and the staff in all these places. Go to Panama even just for a bar crawl!

BeYOA entertainment company in Panama
Panama Bar crawl website
Panama Bar Crawl on Facebook
Panama Bar Crawl on Instagram

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What aspects of the Pub Crawl Panama experience make it stand out, and what can participants expect from this nightlife adventure?
The Pub Crawl Panama stands out for its vibrant nightlife experience, offering a guided tour through some of the city’s best bars and clubs. Participants can expect a lively atmosphere, opportunities to meet new people, and a taste of Panama City's diverse nightlife scene.

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