Where to find cheap food in Brisbane? A guide to the best places to eat in Brisbane

Cheap food Brisbane under 20$AU

It is actually possible to find a lot of cheap food in Brisbane for under $20: sushis, street food, fast food are some of the simplest and most effective solutions around.

Follow the tasty guide for amazing and cheap food in Brisbane, Australia - most of them for under $20!

See below our selection of cheap food Brisbane under 20$:

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Sushis at My sushi on George

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With sushi rolls at around AU$3 to AU$3.5, with a special offer for lunch time with all rolls at AU$2.5, the MySushiOnGeorge is a great place to get some sushis to take away to eat in the nearby City Botanic Garden!

For example, getting 4 rolls with a soft drink will take you all the way up to... AU$15 at most, which is about US$10.5 or 9.20€... and will feel like a full meal.

Prices like that are impossible to beat, and it makes therefore an awesome take away lunch for a tasty picnic in the park.

Another example at the same shop, for an actual sushis picnic in the park for AU$17, which is only 10.5€/12$US: getting 5 sushis rolls, plus 2 sushis... and yes, that sounds like a huge, cheap and tasty meal, and that is actually exactly what it is!

Street food at Brisbane City Markets

Brisbane city market opens every Wednesday from 8am to 6pm, and is one of the best place in town on that date to get any kind of food.

With local farmers, growers and artisans coming to sell their production or their preparations, the taste simply cannot be compared to anything else around.

All kind of food, from Asian to Brasilian, can be found there, with prices that may vary widely according to the type of food and the size of the serving...

However, it is more than possible to get a full satisfying meal for under $20!

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Fast food in Park Avenue at SouthBank

At Park Avenue at Southbank, there are plenty of restaurants offering AU$10 meals!

The $10 meals are mostly the classic preparations, such as burgers, sandwiches, or fish and chips.

However, all of these meals are great, and there is actually a lot of choice, each restaurant offering different $10 meals.

The choice of food is very large, including kebabs, sandwiches, and Asian food.

Kebab at Queen Street Mall

For as low as AU$16, it is possible to get a whole kebab, with French fries, and accompanied with a soft drink!

The very tasty food is freshly prepared, and respond to good quality level. A nice cheap choice while shopping around the area.

24hours burger at Hungry Jack's

The Hungry Jack's burger place is open 24 hours in CBD, and is one of the best place around to end up after some heavy drinking in one of the nearby bars, with a full meal for under $20.

They claim that their burgers are better... and, well, at 4am, when this is the only place open around, nobody will try to argue with them.

Fancy dinner at Southbank Beer garden

A little above $20, but yet very tasty and fancier with a view on the South bank open air swimming pool and the Brisbane river, the SouthBank beer garden is a great place to have both a drink and a nice dinner in good atmosphere.

Pizza at a hotel restaurant in CBD

An amazing, tasty and fulfilling pizza in CBD for only a little more than $20, at $22, is possible in the Novotel hotel's restaurant.

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Steakhouse around Brisbane

The steakhouses in and around Brisbane won't serve you any meal for under $20, or only a salad - but no steak will go for that price.

However, the steakhouses around have amazing meals for only a little more, with steaks starting at around $25 in most steakhouses in and around Brisbane.

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