Southbank Brisbane free public beach, swimming pool and other entertainement

SouthBank leisure area

SouthBank area in Brisbane is a great leisure place, consisting in one free public swimming pool and beach, a cheap eat area, a more fancy bar and restaurants areas, plenty of nice walks, a market on weekends, The Wheel Of Brisbane, and the Brisbane sign, all in one very small area!

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Free public swimming pool Brisbane

Starting with the main attraction of the area, the free public swimming pools, which are bordered by white sand artificatial beaches... and all of that for free!

Yes, that is only possible in a city like Brisbane, and makes SouthBank a great area to spend some time on a sunny day.

South Bank Streets Beach on Google Maps

The Wheel Of Brisbane

Brisbane: Find local activities

The only ferris wheel in Brisbane, conveniently called The Wheel Of Brisbane, is only a hundred meters away from South Bank Streets Beach, and will help you getting a better look at the city from above!

Prices starts at AU$22 for an adult ticket.

The Wheel of Brisbane on Google Maps

Brisbane sign

Right next to The Wheel Of Brisbane, it is impossible to taking a picture in front of Brisbane sign, on which its decorations are visible during the day, and at night changing colors are illuminating the Brisbane sign.

BRISBANE Sign - Attraction - Queensland -

SouthBank Collective Markets

On weekends, Brisbane South Bank area becomes even more lively and attracts not only tourists but also locals with its collectivate markets, in which you can find everything you need to buy at a market.

South Bank Collective Markets - Visit Brisbane

Cheap fast food in Park Avenue

On the way from The Wheel Of Brisbane to the SouthBank Streets Beach, you will pass through one of the cheapest place in town to get food, in Park Avenue.

With plenty of fast food stalls competing against each other, it is pretty easy to find a meal for AU$10, which will mostly be fish and chips, kebab, sandwich, or burger with fries.

Where to find cheap food in Brisbane
Park Avenue at SouthBank on Google Maps

Great bars with view

Going back to the free public beach swimming pool, there are many bars bordering it.

All of them offer good food, and drinks for affordable prices.

Some of them have a great view on the outdoor beach and swimming pool, and some steakhouses are preparing great options for steak lovers.

Best bars in Brisbane
South Bank | Inner City - Visit Brisbane
SouthBankBeerGarden on Google Maps

How to spend a day off in Brisbane

If you end up with a day off to spend in the city, going to SouthBank will most likely keep you entertained whole day, with everything you need, from entertainment, to leisure, through food and drinks... some of them for free, other for cheap prices, and some more fancy ones for a little higher price, but still affordable.

Let us know in the comments what you like most about SouthBank Brisbane, and book your ticket now!

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Find accommodation in Brisbane, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What facilities and entertainment options are available at Southbank Brisbane, and how do they enhance the city's recreational offerings?
Southbank offers facilities like a man-made beach, public swimming pool, and picnic areas. Entertainment options include cultural institutions, markets, and regular events. These enhance the city's recreational appeal by providing a diverse range of activities in a scenic riverside setting.

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