What are the best bars in Brisbane?

Best bars in Brisbane

Depending on what you are looking for, the best bars in Brisbane can mean something different to you. However, there plenty of amazing places where to drink in Brisbane for all taste, and you will surely find one of them in our guide!

Brisbane bars with a view and other best bars in Brisbane:

  • SouthbankBeerGarden bar with a view on the SouthBank free outdoor swimming pool,
  • Jimmy'sOnTheMall bar view a view on the busy Queen shopping street,
  • DownUnderBar&Grill entertainement bar with daily entertainement,
  • Hotel bar Novotel Brisbane CBD with amazing wine selection,
  • SUMMIT bar with city view on the whole Brisbane skyline from the top of Brisbane lookout Mount Coot-Tha.
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SouthbankBeerGarden bar with a view

Offering at the same time a view on SouthBank outdoor public free swimming pool, the Brisbane river, and the Brisbane CBD skyline, it is probably the best place in town to have a drink at a bar with a nice view!

Brisbane: Find local activities

To top it, it is as close as it gets to the SouthBank public swimming pool, on which it is not allowed to drink any alcohol, as this is forbidden in all public areas within the city.

After a dip in the amazing SouthBank outdoor swimming pool, which is public and free, SouthBankBeerGarden is be best bar in Brisbane to enjoy a drink with a view!

South Bank | Inner City - Visit Brisbane
SouthBankBeerGarden on Google Maps

Jimmy'sOnTheMall bar view a view

Going shopping in Brisbane CBD? In that case, the best place to have a Saturday afternoon drink in Brisbane might just be Jimmy'sOnTheMall.

Situated right in the middle of the Queen walking street, it has two floors which both offer nice views on the busiest street in town.

Jimmy's On The Mall on Google maps

DownUnderBar&Grill entertainement bar

The best bar around to party, with entertainement, cheap drinks, locals coming from hours away to enjoy the best party in town, and lot of foreigners and girls coming from the above Nomads hostel..

With drinks as low as AU$5 for a jug of cocktail for example, this bar has it all!

It hosts different events everyday, some of them self organized, and some of them organized by the above Nomads hostel.

The events featured at the bar are quite different: bingo, beer pong, karaoke, and other entertainement organized by the bar.

By participating in some of these games, it is even possible to win vouchers for free drinks or other consumptions at the bar and restaurant grill.

When in town, looking for the best bar in Brisbane and ready to party, meet new people, and eventually play fun games, do not hesitate and head straight to DownUnderBar&Grill!

DownUnderBar&Grill on Google Maps
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Hotel bar Novotel Brisbane CBD

For a fancier drink in a calm environment, with quick access to a comfortable private swimming pool, and with a great choice of wine...

One of the best choice might be to go to a hotel such as Novotel's in Brisbane center.

As any respectable French hotel, it has an amazing choice of wine, and with prices as low as AU$36 for a bottle of Australian sparkling wine, it is even possible to enjoy amazing drinks without spending too much money.

Novotel Brisbane on Google Maps
Novotel Brisbane CBD
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SUMMIT bar with city view

For a romantic drink with a view in Brisbane, the best choice is to go to the top of the Mount Coot-Tha, the best lookout over Brisbane, and a local popular wedding location.

Great place for a coffee as well as for a drink at the bar, the outdoor terrace offers some of the best view on Brisbane possible, day and night.

Summit Restaurant & Bar on Google Maps

In summary - best bars Brisbane

Brisbane has a lot to offer, even in terms of bars! With a lot of choice all around and outside the city, you will easily find a bar that fits your needs, even if you are looking for Saturday afternoon drinks in Brisbane!

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