How to go with the Airtrain Brisbane from airport to city center?

Airport train Brisbane to city center

Arriving in Brisbane for the 8th stop of my world tour, I found out that the easiest way to go from Brisbane airport to the city center for a reasonable price is to use the Brisbane Airport train for a reasonable price.

The train from Brisbane airport to Gold Coast is the one that will take you to Brisbane city center as well, also called CBD for Central Business District.

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Train from Brisbane airport to Gold Coast

The train from Brisbane airport to Gold Coast in Australia is punctual and very comfortable. Leaving from Brisbane airport, there is more than enough seating spots for everybody.

Brisbane: Find local activitiesBrisbane: Find local activities  

From the booking process to the arrival, and through the boarding and the easiness of finding the stop, the whole experience is very pleasant.

However, as the stop at the airport is only one of the stops on the train course, it won't stop long - therefore even if trains are pretty frequent, at worst every 3O minutes during the night, do not wait too long to board the train once it arrives in station.

How much costs the Brisbane Airtrain

The Airtrain Brisbane costs AU$19 at most for a one way trip from Brisbane airport to Brisbane central station, and costs at most AU$36 for a trip from Brisbane airport to Gold Coast, with an Aitrain change at Helensvale station.

Did you know? The earlier you book your Airtrain Brisbane ticket, the cheaper it will be, as the website will automatically apply a discount based on how early you are booking, allowing you to save a few bucks off your final ticket price by planning a bit in advance.

How to book the airtrain Brisbane

Booking the airtain Brisbane is very simple, starting from the airtrain website. Start by selecting a popular route if applicable, such as Brisbane airport to Brisbane central station.

If the route you are using is not available, select the right station by using the online form.

Once the route has been chosen, give all the details necessary for the ticket, as the tickets are personal and non transmissible.

The passenger information are necessary, and it won't be possible to resell the ticket as it is attached to the customer's name.

If you are booking early enough in advance, an extra discoutn might be applied automatically, as it is offered by Airtrain Brisbane for passengers bookign their transfer online in advance.

The payment selection offers to use VISA, MasterCard, and AMerican Express credit and debit cards, on top of virtual payment methods such as PayPal.

Once the ticket has been successfuly bought, it will be sent by email, as the electronic version is all that is necessary to use to be able to board the train.

All details will be sent out by email, and there is actually no need to print anything!

Simply take a screenshot of the electronic ticket that has been attached to the mail, or print it if really necessary, and simply go to take the Airtrain Brisbane at your arrival in Brisbane airport.

Airport Airtrain Brisbane | Book Online & Save Up To 15%‎
Accommodation in Brisbane, Australia on
Find accommodation in Brisbane, Australia

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