Staying at one of the best hotels near central station Brisbane, the Novotel Brisbane

Hotels near central station Brisbane

For my arrival in Brisbane, Australia, my 51st country every visited and the 8th stop of my world tour, I started by staying 2 nights at the Novotel Brisbane, which is a hotel near the central station Brisbane, directly accessible by train from Brisbane airport for a good price.

I chose this hotel because it is part of the Accor Hotels chain, which is great to get points and free hotel nights, for its nice location, and because it has a nice outdoor swimming pool on the third floor.

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Views on Brisbane city center

I got a room on a higher floor, from which the views on Brisbane city center were great!

Brisbane: Find local activities

For my first time in Brisbane, it was a nice way to have an overview of the city directly from my hotel room balcony.

For the second night I changed room, and had an even better view on Brisbane from the other side of the hotel, therefore getting all in all a panoramic view other the whole Brisbane.

Hotel room review

The room was very comfortable, with a large bed that has amazing bedding and soft pillows.

A desk was available in the room with quick access to some power plugs, and a small sofa stands between the desk and the small balcony, from where great views on the city can be experienced.

The second room I got on my second was pretty similar in terms of furnitures, only ordered a little bit differently due to the room being on a different corner of the building.

Food at the hotel

The offering at the Novotel Brisbane for food is pretty good, and prices are affordable for the area, with a dinner that could be as low as AU$20, which enough food to be actually worth eating there.

The quality is great, as it is generally the case with French owned hotels, that tend to emphasize the necessity to have a good kitchen in order to keep guests.

Drinks at the hotel

The hotel has a great selection of Australian wines, and the sparkling wine is especially good.

When booking the hotel, it was possible to add a sparkling wine bottle to the reservation, that would be waiting in the room, for only AU$22.

At this price, which looked like a bargain, I didn't dare to do it... only to end up actually ordering a bottle of sparkling wine at the bar for AU$36, the exact same one... and it was amazing!

Swimming pool check

The swimming pool was great, but nobody seemed to be using it during my stay in early May, which is the beginning of their winter, still sunny, but not so warm at night anymore.

However, the swimming pool did seem like a nice place to spend some time.

The water was cold even when the sun was at its height, and the sun was actually only enlightning the pool during a few hours over lunch time, as the swimming pool on a lower floor is surrounded by high rise buildings.

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Find accommodation in Brisbane, Australia
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