Nomads Brisbane hostel review - the best hostel in Brisbane

Nomads hostel Brisbane review

For the remaining 5 days I had in Brisbane, during the new football national championship that was being held in Brisbane for the first time, there wasn't much choice for a private room under 100$ in Brisbane.

However, the Nomads hostel, situated right night to Brisbane Central trainstation, was offering a single room for as low as $25, the cheapest single room in the city, especially at this period where everything was fully booked.

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Arriving at the Nomads hostel

The hostel being right next to Brisbane Central, it was very easy to find the building, which also has a particular design, much different from must buildings around in CBD.

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After a quick and easy check-in with friendly reception, I got in my room, on 4th floor - an old style lift with manual door was there, but I preferred to take the stairs everytime.

Getting to the room, it looked actually better in reality than it did on pictures when booking online, clean and organized.

With both a window that could be open without any problem, and a fan available in the room, the whole stay was comfortable at any time of the day or night.

Nomads hostel rooftop terrace

Despite being only a hostel, the Nomads backpacker hostel has a huge advantage on nearly all buildings in Brisbane, its amazing rooftop that offers great views on the city.

After having checked in my room, I directly headed to the rooftop to check the view and make a few pictures from there, enjoying the pleasant view all over Brisbane CBD.

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Nomads hostel shared bathrooms

As it is a hostel, however, even if it has private rooms, it doesn't have any ensuite bathroom, and there is one of each per floor and per gender.

The ones on my floor were always clean, and there was never any issue to access either a toilet or a shower at any time of the day.

Only during cleaning when they were closed for the process, it has been necessary to find another bathroom on another other floor - but this only happened to me once in a 5 nights stay.

Nomads hostel activities

However, the best part of staying at a Nomads hostel isn't the price, the proximity to the Central station, or the amazing rooftop terrace... but the great activities that are organized in the hostel!

With bar crawls, walking tours, laser tags, beer pong, and more activities organized daily, it is difficult to get bored while staying at the Nomads hostel, or not to meet anybody.

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Down Under Bar&Grill

Down under the Nomads hostel is a bar and grill restaurant called... DownUnderBar&Grill, that's right!

With some special discounts and menus for the hostel guests, it is also the place where some of the activities are organized, such as the beer pong.

The special menu items are for example what they call a jar, which is an already prepared cocktail with an alcohol base... however, it is not worth the AU$5 price, and it is better to get a beer.

Should you stay at the Nomads hostel

The place is great, and is definitely the cheapest room available in town.

If you do not mind having to use shared bathrooms, want to save some bucks, and join great activities where you will most likely meet new people, then Nomads hostel Brisbane is the best accommodation in town for you!

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