World tour day one: Luxembourg City

That's it, the big depart to start a world tour is coming. First destination, leaving from France, and staying at my sister for the night, is Luxembourg, from where a flight to Lisbon will be waiting for me. As my sister works there, she gave me a lift to Luxembourg on her way to work, and we had all the pleasure to enjoy the morning traffic jams.

Luxembourg, first world tour stop

That's it, the big depart to start a  World Tour   is coming. First destination, leaving from France, and staying at my sister for the night, is Luxembourg, from where a flight to Lisbon will be waiting for me. As my sister works there, she gave me a lift to Luxembourg on her way to work, and we had all the pleasure to enjoy the morning traffic jams.

Leaving France

Starting by a train ride from my parents place to join my sister, the feeling of leaving for a while cannot be felt yet. My plan, leaving in March, is to go for a world tour, and be back by Christmas, 9 months later.

The first country will be Luxembourg, the next one Portugal, the one after United States, then French Polynesia in April, and then... no idea yet.

Luxembourg: Find local activities

A world of possibilities.

The train ride to my sister is peaceful, and I use the free time to call up some friends while I am still around.

Luxembourg traffic jams

After a night at my sister, we wake up early, to be in the car at 6am, as we have a 2 hours drive ahead of us.

She does this commute every day for 6 years now, and it is the first time ever that I do it with her and get to see where she works.

Of course, we get what we were kind of expecting, some traffic jams when getting close to Luxembourg, as a hundred thousand people are crossing the border every day between France and Luxembourg to go to their work location in Luxembourg City.

This, of course, leads to traffic jams during peak hours.

Arriving in Luxembourg

Getting to Luxembourg, I haven't been there for more than 15 years. The second and last time I went there was for a job interview when I was 18, and the first actually was for my first flight, to Mallorca, departing from Luxembourg airport.

Now, more than 600 flights later, we are entering Luxembourg, and this time it is again for a first experience, starting a nearly year long world tour.

Am I prepared? Well, I guess I did pack what is really necessary, but can anybody actually be prepared for an experience like that, in which we have no idea about what will happen, and most of the trip hasn't even been planned yet?

Luxembourg City visit

We eventually get to my sister's work place, where I meet her boss, and we have some coffees which are more than welcome, as we left home at 6am, arrived there at 8am, and have a few coffees until 9.30am.

We do spend some great time. And once again, time to say good bye. They have to work, and I want to use the opportunity of the few hours that I have before my flight to go visit a little bit the small city.

We kiss goodbye, I put my backpack on my back, and go... a bit sad to go away from the people I love, my sister being the last one that I will see for a while.

I walk down their street, and arrive right at the center of the city.

Luxembourg fortifications

Crossing the city center, I arrive at the border of the fortifications, near the cathedral, from where a breathtaking view is a great enjoyment.

Had no idea the city was so beautiful! Right in the center of Luxembourg, the city actually is on top of a hill, surrounded by fortifications ruins, and is connected to hills around through bridges.

A marvelous view, especially when you had no idea that the small European capital could actually hide so much beauty.

I take some time to walk around, admire the view, take a nice selfie, and stumble across a beautiful and huge statue - other tourists apparently from Asia had the same impression and were trying to take pictures, which wasn't easy due to the fact that we could only be close to the statue, and it was too big to fit in the picture.

However, I get closer and start reading what is written at the bottom of the statue.

It is a monument to the voluntary Luxembourguish people that went to wars: World war 1, World war 2, and Korean war.

I try to take a better picture of the statue that is at the bottom of the pillar, but the sun is very strong, and there are no good position from which I could take a good picture.

The temperature is around 2°C, which is quite cold, and the wind is very strong, making it difficult to take a picture at all.

I continue the tour by going around the cathedral Notre-Dame, and enter what seems to be the old town.

Luxembourg senate and old town

Walking around, with no map or specific goal, I arrive at the senate, in front of which two guards are relaying themselves to circle the building, while one of them stands in the small wooden cabin that protects him from the elements.

I have never seen them in United-Kingdom, but it does remind me of the similar guard there.

The building is actually quite beautiful. I keep walking in the old town, until what I suddenly have to turn around. Some street constructions are blocking the roads.

Bus from Luxembourg City to airport

Finally finding my way back to the other side of the old town, I look for the bus stop, which is exactly where my sister has indicated it to me.

The airport bus pass four times per hour, and I just missed the last one. No problem, I'll wait for the next one, which arrives about 10 minutes later.

The bus here, I enter, get to the driver, and buy the 2€ ticket that is worth 2 hours of public transports in the whole country.

Interesting fact, Luxembourg will be the first country in the world to make the public transports country wide available for free, an awesome and remarkable idea.

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

The bus ride from city center to Luxembourg airport takes about 30 minutes in total, and I quickly get to the check in, which is very fast at that small airport.

Luxembourg airport business lounge

The security check as well is fast and efficient, and I quickly get to the business lounge, which offers a large selection of cold dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Time to board for the next flight now: going to Lisbon, Portugal for one night, second country of my world tour!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can travelers experience on their first day in Luxembourg City, and how can they best explore its unique attractions?
On their first day in Luxembourg City, travelers can experience the city's blend of historical and modern architecture, visit landmarks like the Grand Ducal Palace, and stroll through its charming old town. The best way to explore is by walking or using the city's efficient public transport.

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