How to Enrich Your Travel Writing

How to Enrich Your Travel Writing

Traveling is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Investing time and money into travel is never a bad idea and you can achieve significant personal growth by doing it.

By also journaling and writing about your experiences, you’ll solidify your journey and gain a new perspective on what you’ve been through. Let’s talk about some tips you can pick up to enrich your travel writing and enjoy your experience even more.

Pick Up a Sturdy Journal

The first task on your travel writing agenda should be to pick up a journal you can rely on. There are plenty of quality journals out there for you to buy but the choices will come down to some important factors:

  • How many pages does it have?
  • What size/format does it have?
  • How thick is the paper (for collaging)?
  • Is it spiral-bound or glue-bound?

As a traveler, you want to ensure that your journal won’t fall apart if you make it damp or if it falls down a steep incline. Assume that you’ll take a trip through a forest or a mountain region – can the journal you chose survive that?

Write Down your Travel To-Do List

When you start planning your journey, you can use your travel journal to create unique to-do lists and then follow through with them. For example, you can write down each item on your to-do list as a subheading, and then write comments and thoughts under the experience as it happens.

A hand-written to-do list will always be more fun and exciting to follow instead of using a smartphone app to create one. You can go crazy with how you write it, break grammar rules, use different colored pencils, and even doodle what you want to do on your trip. Make sure that your travel journal is always on hand so that you can fill it out and check things off as you go.

Enrich your Writing with Memorabilia

Travel “writing” can be more than just writing. While you should get a few different colored pens and markers, you should also consider collaging your travel journal. You can stick all sorts of things into the journal to customize it and make it your own.

Different plants, stamps, polaroid photos, and other flat items can easily be inserted into your journal. These will make your journal more appealing to the eye and give you more creative freedom as a travel writer. Keep in mind that anything you collage into your journal should be dry so that it doesn’t damage the integrity of the journal over time.

Interview the Locals as you Travel

Interviewing the people that you meet along the way is a great way to fill out your journal with interesting tidbits and information. When you meet someone that you click with on your travels, you can ask them a question or two about the local culture, cuisine, or themselves depending on how appropriate it is.

You can also ask locals to explain certain terms or language quirks to you or write down personal messages, notes, or signatures in your travel journal. This is a great way to diversify your travel writing even further and combine other people’s ideas and contributions with your own. It will make your journaling more unique and it will help you meet new people as you travel.

Put your Feelings into Words

Traveling to new and exciting places is a life-changing experience, no matter how often or rarely you travel. By travel writing, you’ll be able to contextualize what you’re going through by describing your feelings in the journal.

How did these particular experiences make you feel? Are you excited to be traveling around the world? Are you melancholic about a past travel experience you’ve had? Are you nostalgic about your friends and home?

Journaling is an amazing mental exercise that will help you understand yourself better. Moreover, you can then self-reflect and read through older journal entries to see how you’ve grown over time. Self-reflection is never a bad thing, so try to put your emotions into words as you journal while traveling.

Turn your Journal into a Blog

As you come back home from your trips, you can summarize your travel experience in the form of a travel blog.

Blogging is very easy to pick up and you can share your experiences with people who love to travel just like you do.

All you need to do is open a free blog through a platform like WordPress or Tumblr to get started. You can also think about how to choose essay writing services that will help you write, edit, and format your journal entries into articles and short essays. Your blog will attract attention over time and you’ll gain new friends online or even open the doors for you to become an influencer or brand ambassador for travel-related brands.

Improving your Travel Writing

More than anything, travel writing will help you develop your creativity and writing skills in general. You’ll have a more vivid imagination and a more positive outlook on everything around you by adopting travel writing as a hobby.

Whenever you head abroad, pack your travel journal and start jotting down notes the moment you start your journey. Looking back, you’ll be grateful that you wrote down what you’ve experienced and you’ll be able to share your memories with others easily over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write travel articles?
To write good travel articles, it is enough to use the tips from this article. But the most important advice is to be sincere with readers. Write in such a way that you yourself would be interested in reading it.

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