Ukraine Support: How To Donate To Ukraine And Support Initiatives?

Ukraine Support: How To Donate To Ukraine And Support Initiatives?

If you are wondering how to properly donate to Ukraine in order to have a real impact on helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine, there are plenty of ways to do so.

If you are an Ukrainian fleeing the war in your home country, there are also many initiatives setup for you in order to help you reach safety and settle elsewhere, until the situation will allow you to go back home.

Support Our Local Actions In Warsaw, Poland For Ukrainians Fleeing The War

Living in  Warsaw, Poland   and being actively supporting Ukrainians in transit, we have set various actions to support Ukrainians fleeing the war:

Sharing sofas with Ukrainian fleeing the war

  • volunteering to prepare and distribute food in trainstations,
  • buying in bulk groceries for organizations distributing food in trainstations,
  • setting up extra beds with neighbors to accomodate people in transit,
  • hosting families in transit on their way to safety and provide them with everything necessary, from emotional support to food, beds, information, transportation,
  • help families staying in Warsaw to find an accomodation,
  • cook French pancakes at home to provide food for the associations in the train stations,
  • translating between families fleeing the war that only skeep Ukrainain / Russian,
  • helping in finding a temporary job to sustain a temporary life while in transit.

Since the beginning of the agression, we have reached out to all our friends in Ukraine, and tried to see if any of them need an accomodation on their way to safety.

Several friends have been hosted that way.

With other neighbors, we have converted our free space, such as offices and living rooms, into up to 10 beddings space available for families in transit in our city.

We are offering them in cooperation with Caritas association that is finding people in need of temporary housing in trainstations or refuges.

Caritas Polska

Then another association, Varsovie Accueil, is coordinating with Caritas to send them to us, that volunteered to host such families.

Warsaw Home | French-speaking welcome in Warsaw

Long term action to support Ukraine: provide jobs

Our actions are often local and short term, such as providing housing and covering related costs when someone in transit is staying with us, or preparing pancakes to distribute them to kids in trainstations, a more actionable goal to support them will be to provide with a temporary job. Meanwhile, we will keep helping as many people as possible in the possible ways, and your donation will help us!

Being a small business owner in Web publishing in Poland, you can support us providing a temporary job for an Ukrainian that fled the war to help cover the needs of their stay by staying active and productive, and help their integration in Poland.

With your support, we could offer another month of work, or provide a remote job to another resource.

Salary we will offer will be around average for Poland - 6020 PLN gross (about $1400 / 1275€) - which is twice the minimum salary in Warsaw, 3010 PLN gross in 2022.

Find Polish official organizations that are directly helping Ukrainians

The Polish government has setup a great website with all necessary sources to both participate in helping Ukrainians fleeing the war, or to seek assistance as an Ukrainian refugee.

With various initiatives, such as free public transports in Warsaw, free trains in the whole Poland for any Ukrainian showing a proof of leaving the country after the Russian agression started on 24th of February 2022, meaning either a passport stamp or a written document, you can travel in most of Europe for free.

If your business has ever made any money in Russia, a good option to support Ukraine would be to donate the money you've made on that market to charities supporting Ukrainian refugees.

For example, using Ezoic Big Data Analytics we've analyzed the exact amount of money we've made in Russia with website display ads, and we've donated them all to support Ukrainian efforts.

We then doubled this amount from our own money and donated it to another local organization in Poland that helps them at the border.

You can ask the organization you are working for to perform a similar action, give them the money they made in Russia to support Ukrainian refugees.

Buy needed stuff in bulk with your professional card

If you have your own business, you can buy in buld from professional wholesale shops, and donate the goods directly to local organizations.

Some local citizens initiative might even simply need your help to buy the goods in a more simple way, as they cannot access these shops.

Only open them the door, help them shopping, and let them pay - in most cases, they'll have already organized everything by themselves, but can only access standard shops where items are available in limited quantity.

Volunteer in trainstations

If your city has a trainstation or another kind of transportation point that is being used by people fleeing the war, you can go there and see by yourself what help is needed.

If all is organized, you can register to volunteer for a specific shift and a specific task. If not, you can probably create your own local support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective ways to donate and support Ukraine, and what initiatives are available for individuals wanting to contribute?
Effective ways to support include donating to reputable humanitarian organizations working in Ukraine, supporting refugee aid, contributing to medical supplies and relief efforts, and participating in fundraising events. Initiatives can be found through international aid organizations, government programs, and dedicated relief funds.

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