A walk through Warsaw World Travel Show 2017

From 20th to 22nd of October 2017, PTAK Warsaw expo hosted the World Travel Show 2017. With Mexico as this year edition’s partner, the event hosted many interesting guests and events : Professional travelers (bloggers, TV hosts, tourist industry), Countries tourist information, Yacht salon, Caravan show.

Our visit started by stopping at a live (and complimentary) Polish food cooking, with freshly made traditional poured noodle, lane kluski. Very tasty and a nice way to start the tour with some local insights.

However, what interested us the most was to learn about more exotic countries. Asian countries were highlighted, with bigger stands from Mexico, Indonesia, China, India, but a lot of places were present.

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After checking the countries stalls, we headed to one of the main show of the day, on the largest scene. TV host Martyna Wojciechowska from Polish show Woman at the Edge of the World (Kobieta na krańcu świata), in which she presents everyday life of women around the world, was present for a talk with Carmen Rojas, a Bolivian female wrestler that she met through her show. The guest went on for a Bolivian-Polish female wrestling performance, followed by other wrestling shows and a very crowded autograph signing session.

Going for hours from one exhibition to another, we finally got really hungry and stepped outside for some Polish street food : a warm grill which was most welcome by this temperature, below 10°C.

Next step was the exhibition hall, with some indoor surf show, a large yacht salon, and a caravan show.

A final hall was hosting an indoor scuba diving demonstration, and an indoor jungle attraction for kids.

We concluded by paying a visit to a Mexican stall, where kids could get a free make-up, and entertainers with Mexican make-up and costumes were available for pictures.

For a 40zl entry (~10€), it was definitely a nice Sunday experience, which makes you definitely want to travel more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What highlights and trends were showcased at the Warsaw World Travel Show 2017, and how did it reflect the evolving travel industry?
The Warsaw World Travel Show 2017 showcased diverse destinations, emerging travel technologies, and cultural exhibitions. Highlights included interactive booths, travel tech innovations, and a focus on sustainable and experiential travel, reflecting the industry's evolving dynamics.

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