5 Top Staycation Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating your staycation anniversary with the people who love you is a great way to celebrate a milestone and get some of the special memories that you will have for the rest of your life. Here are some ideas to get you started on your staycation anniversary.

The Best Staycation Anniversary Ideas

Create a scrapbook

First, if you have children, get them to create  a scrapbook ‌  to commemorate your staycation. They will be thrilled to show you the fun and create memories that they created for the occasion and you can make them part of the fun by giving them a small percentage of the proceeds from their scrapbooks.

Get out your camera

Second, if you have not done so yet, you should take a trip to the beach and get out  your camera ‌  and take pictures of all the places you have been. You can even take a few pictures of special memories such as those you take with family and friends.

Create a short video

Third, you might want to think about getting a video camera. You can create a short video about your staycation anniversary or perhaps give a short presentation about what your staycation anniversary is all about.

Do something new

Fourth, do something that you have never done before. There are many activities to choose from including going to a dance studio, taking a walk along the river, renting a video camera, and recording a music video, cooking, or just doing a simple outdoor activity like fishing, golfing, or playing tennis.

Go to the movies

Fifth, there is no better way to celebrate your staycation anniversary than to go to the movies with the whole family. You might want to try a couple of the movies that your children were able to see with the other cast members so you can get them a taste of the same fun.

Additional Staycation Anniversary Ideas

Once you have decided on these five staycation anniversary ideas, you will be ready to start planning the party. You can find party supplies at almost any party store. You will also need decorations such as streamers and balloons, plates and napkins, cups, and even a party bag to help keep the food from going to waste.

You may want to consider getting a party bus or limo to help you transport the guests. You can even bring them to a movie so they can enjoy some of the local shows along the way.

Another way to plan a party for your staycation anniversary is to ask your spouse to cook dinner. You can make your appetizers or use a pre-packaged meal. The rest of the menu should include cheeses, homemade dips, and desserts.

Keep in mind that you can use party supply stores as a place to purchase all of the decorations that you will need for the party. As well, several sites provide great party supplies to buy in bulk.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that this is a great guideline and starting point for your next staycation anniversary. Specific details depend on your situation and what you want to do as a couple. Also, choose the right activities for each event. This will help make your whole trip a success that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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