Experience Of A Lifetime Travel Gift Card Review

Experience Of A Lifetime Travel Gift Card Review

As everyone approaches the beloved holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings in the thoughts of the guests invited to the celebration, only one question begins to spin more and more clearly - what to give?

Wanting to avoid triviality and present an original present, you should pay attention to such an attractive offer of the service market as a gift travel certificate.

The beauty of this truly pleasant gift lies in the fact that the giver of the gift travel certificate allows the recipient to choose the place and time of the joyful vacation, the type of vacation and accommodation option, as well as a number of other small nuances.

A delightful alternative to an ugly gift as a gift of an envelope with money, a gift travel certificate has several advantages over buying a tour as a gift, because in this case the guest will have to tell the hero of the occasion in advance about his plans, because to arrange a trip at the tour operator's office, you need to submit a lot of documents. confirming the identity.

Concealing the effect of surprise and causing a storm of positive emotions, a gift travel certificate is a universal present that can be presented to both a woman and a man, regardless of their age and social status.

The owner of a gift tourist certificate in case of a shortage of money deposited on the card for payment of the chosen voucher can himself pay part of the money and purchase the desired tour. However, if the cost of the preferred trip turns out to be lower than the amount declared on the certificate, the remaining funds will not be refunded.

A tourist gift certificate that does not provide for an exchange for the monetary equivalent of the document indicated in the document cannot be duplicated and restored in case of loss, so the recipients of the presentation need to take care of such a gift.

  • In the travel gift certificate, the giver may indicate the amount for which the tour should be chosen, or may not indicate it, leaving the person to whom the present is intended, the right to personally decide on the travel budget.
  • Some purchasers of a gift travel certificate want a specific country of travel to be listed in a certain column, then the recipient of the gift will not be able to change the travel route in any way, unlike the one who will be given the document without indicating the destination.
  • A travel gift certificate can be personalized, then only the person whose name is on the gift can use it, or it can be drawn up in such a way that the one who presents the document will be able to travel on it. This circumstance allows the holder of a travel gift certificate to simply transfer it to a third party or transfer it to another in case of illness or various unforeseen situations.

Get your guide

Get Your Guide is a gift card that you can give to anyone. Such a gift card can be bought in advance or at the moment, its advantage over other cards is that it is valid immediately after purchase. The card can be sent either by e-mail or presented personally.

Another benefit is that there are no restrictions on where this gift card can be spent. Choose from over 60,000 tours, activities and attractions in over 3,600 destinations around the world.

Once on the Get Your Guide website, a window will immediately appear where you can select the value of the gift card. Moreover, you can choose the required currency, there is a huge list of them. For example, it can be 2,500 rubles, 5,000 rubles, 10,000 rubles, 15,000 rubles, 20,000 rubles, or an arbitrary amount (it can be absolutely anything). You can enter a personal message that will appear on the card. For example, you can write congratulations and wishes. Preview is available.

Also, another plus over other tourist gift cards is that this one is valid for up to three years from the date of purchase, while others are only 365 days.

Get Your Guide is an online marketplace for booking tours, attractions, excursions, and a host of other things to do on your next vacation or weekend adventure. You can book a lesson online, and you will receive a voucher by email.

Search and book

How to book an event?

You can book your event online and receive a voucher by email. Here's how to do it:

  • On the site: find an event, select the number and type of participants, date and language. Then click Check availability. Select option and start time (if applicable). Click Add to cart. Then you can view the order and go to its registration - Checkout. Enter your details and choose a payment method. Click Proceed to Payment.
  • In the app: find a lesson and click Book Now. Select the date, number and type of participants, as well as the language. Select an option and click Select. Select the start time and click Next. Enter your details and click Next. Review your order and choose a convenient payment method, then click Book Now.


Both the website and the app show the current availability for all events.

The colors make it easy to identify which dates are available. All dates marked in green are available, so you can book an event for any of these dates. If the date is grayed out, it means that the event is fully booked, not running or not yet open for booking for that date.

It is worth noting that in order to get accurate information on availability, it is important to indicate the exact number of people for whom you need to make a reservation. Availability may vary based on the number of members selected.

Activity information

Restrictions and requirements for activities

You can check the following sections to learn about the requirements and limitations of the action:

  • What to take with you: items that are necessary or recommended for this activity;
  • Forbidden: items that are not allowed to have with you during the lesson, and / or any clothing or behavior that is not allowed;
  • Not suitable for: people who are unable to participate in the event: for reasons of accessibility or safety, the event may not be suitable for everyone;
  • About this activity: Is the activity accessible to wheelchair users? If so, there will be a Wheelchair Accessible icon, if not, then not available.

Confirmation of booking, voucher and tickets

Booking confirmation and voucher

Most events offer instant confirmation, which means that the paying recipient will receive a PDF voucher with Get Your Guide branding.

If the booking must first be confirmed by Get Your Guide partners, the voucher will be sent within 48 hours of purchase.

The voucher includes booking details and important information such as: meeting or pick-up point information, if a printed voucher is required, expiration date, what to bring to the event, and the cancellation policy for the event.


Cancel booking

You can cancel your reservation more than 24 hours before the start of the event. To do this, you need to enter your booking number and a special PIN on the Get Your Guide website. All this information is available in the voucher.

Cancellation confirmation

If the booking is canceled, this will be confirmed by email. You can check the Spam folder.

If the booking has been canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy, the refund will be automatically processed using the same payment method that was used to book the event. You can see it in your account within 3-5 business days.

★★★★★ GetYourGuide Travel gift card GetYourGuide gift card can be given to anyone. Such a gift card can be bought in advance or at the moment, its advantage over other cards is that it is valid immediately after purchase. The card can be sent either by e-mail or presented personally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give gift cards for travelers or certificate for birthday?
A travel gift certificate is a wonderful gift. For example, it entitles you to purchase a travel package with airfare, hotel accommodation, insurance, etc. For travel lovers, this is guaranteed to be the best gift.
What are the features and benefits of the Experience Of A Lifetime Travel Gift Card, and how can recipients utilize it effectively?
This gift card typically offers recipients the flexibility to choose from various travel experiences or services. Benefits include a wide range of options and the convenience of gifting. Recipients can utilize it by selecting experiences that align with their interests and travel plans.

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