What are the best beaches in Tahiti?

Best beaches in Tahiti

The best beaches in Tahiti are in Puna'Auia, as the only white sand beaches on the island can be found there - plus, it is a public and free beach, perfect for snorkeling as well.

The beach is known locally as PK18, because it is located near the marker of the 18th kilometer from Papeete, but also has a more official name of Vaiava.

The other beaches around Tahiti are black sand beaches, and are not as comfortable as the white sand beach of Vaiava can be.

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PK18 Vaiava, best Tahiti beach

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The best beach in Tahiti is for sure the PK18 beach, the local name for the Vaiava beach in Tahiti. That beach features beautiful clean white sand, is a public area with no sellers or shops to bother your rest, and has beautiful clear blue water in Tahiti's lagoon, in which you can snorkel anytime you want for free.

From Vaiava beach, there is a beautiful view on Moorea island nearly all year long, as it is rarely foggy, cloudy or rainy enough not to be able to see the island, even at night, as the stars are bright enough to enlight the island.

There are some parkings on several sides on the beach, as it is a public beach.

Do not hesitate to bring what you need for the day, as it is not forbidden to drink or eat on the beach - but don't forget to keep it clean and not the leave any trash laying after your visit.

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Puna'Auia beach Vaiava in Carlton Plage

The best way to enjoy the PK18 Vaiava beach in Tahiti is to stay nearby, and be able to access it as walking distance, for example by staying at the nearby Carlton Plage residence.

The residence has two private gates to access PunaAuia PK18 Vaiava beach, and it is only a few meters away walk from the longest swimming pool in Polynesia to one of the best beach in the world, and the best beach in Tahiti.

Plus, by staying nearby, it is easier to keep things cold, and to bring drinks and snacks from home, and to enjoy for example a great picnic on the beach with local drink such as brut d'ananas, pineapple sparkling wine, a delicious local specialty!

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Vaiava beach in Ia Ora Sofitel resort

Another great way to enjoy the best beach in Tahiti, is to stay at, or to visit the Ia Ora beach resort managed by Sofitel, which has a direct access to the public beach.

From there, it is also easy to enjoy a delicious lunch, or have a drink, by visiting the hotel's restaurant.

As the beach is a public beach, it is free to visit the Vaiava PK18 beach even next to the resort, but going to the resort and sitting or laying down there means that it is necessary to get a cunsomption from the hotel, and to respect its rules.

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Sunset on Vaiava Tahiti beach

When visiting the public beach of Vaiava, do not forget that on top of resting, taking the sun, having a drink, or snorkeling, it is also the best beach in Tahiti to enjoy beautiful sunsets over Moorea's island, Tahiti's lagoon, and the Pacific ocean.

The sunsets are beautiful everyday, and by all weather, which generally is always beautiful in Tahiti, the paradise on Earth!

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