Papeete's municipal market, a walk in Tahitian pearls paradise

Visiting the Tahitian pearl paradise

For one of my first days in Tahiti, we went to Papeete, to visit the municipal market, which is a Tahitian pearl paradise, a great location to buy local fresh food and fruits, and of the best place around to buy flower necklaces or floral crowns.

We then used the opportunity to hav a nice walk around Papeete, the capital of Tahiti French Polynesia, and ended up having a great lunch in of the best restaurants Papeete center, the Bora Bora lounge.

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Arriving in Papeete municipal market

After an half hour drive from our location in residence Carlton Plage, which is situated in Puna'Auia, an other city along the coast of Tahiti, we arrived at Papeete French Polynesia, the capital of the country, situated North of the island, with a beautiful view on the Pacific ocean from the road.

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After leaving the car in an underground parking area, we went to the municipal market of Papeete, French Polynesia.

We first had a walk inside the market, where there is mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, and already prepared meals, most of them I never heard about especially the ones with preparation based on coconut.

On Sunday morning, the municipal market hosts sellers from all other islands of the archipelago, and is the best time to visit the market.

Where to Shop in Tahiti | Le Marché | Centre Vaima - Tahiti Tourisme

A huge part of the market is also dedicated to all kind of goods, and it is the best place in town to find touristic souvenirs, most of them locally home made.

The souvenirs and goods area is huge, and will please any touristic visit needs.

The municipal market is also the best place to buy Tahitian flower traditional necklaces and crowns, and is probably also the cheapest place on the island to buy them, unless finding a good local producer.

Papeete Municipal Market | Papeete | French Polynesia | AFAR

Tahitian pearl paradise in municipal market

After having visited the foods, goods and flowers area, we headed to the Tahitian pearl paradise, as outside of the market, many local craftsmen were selling black Tahitian pearl jewelry, such as Tahitian black pearl necklace, pendant and other jewelry items with local Tahitian black pearls.

How to buy black pearls in Papeete, Tahiti - Culture Locker

The Tahitian pearl necklace price can start at 1000XPF. Bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry items, are sold starting at around 1000XPF (8€/9$) for the cheapest ones, and prices can quickly go up to 50000XPF and more for the ones holding lot of pearls.

This little Tahitian pearl paradise is the perfect place to get black Tahitian pearl jewelry to bring back home and gift your friends and family, or your loved one, as the black pearls are one of the specialties of French Polynesia.

Best Places for Tahitian Pearls | Shop for Black Pearls - Tahiti Tourisme

Great lady of Papeete, Tahitian cathedral

After our walking around the Tahitian pearl paradise, we continued our tour of Papeete by visiting the Great Lady of Papeete cathedral, the main church and only cathedral of the country.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Papeete - Wikipedia

A sign in front of the cathedral, which full name is Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, took two decades to build, ending in 1875.

After visiting inside, we went to the nearby Morrison's Cafe rooftop bar to have a better look at Papeete's city from the only rooftop around. The view on the cathedral was even better.

Morrison's Café - Tahiti, French Polynesia - Facebook

Best restaurants Papeete for lunch

After having enjoyed this beautiful view, we were slowly getting hungry. It was lunchtime, and the sun was hitting us pretty strong, therefore leading us to search for the best restaurant in Papeete for a cool lunch, hidden from the very strong sun.

Bora Bora Lounge Tahiti - Home | Facebook

Entering the Bora Bora lounge restaurant, we directly felt like this was the perfect place to eat, with shades and many water atomizers to keep the atmosphere fresh.

We sat at a table, and ordered the lunch of the day, which was on that day a chicken tagine.

The lunch was amazing, with a portion much larger than what we expected, and filled our bellies.

Plus, the offer at that time was the second lunch offered for a lunch bought, making it by far not only the best restaurant in Papeete for the food quality, but also for the price!

Situated right next to Papeete's harbour, we ended up having the cheapest lunch in Papeete, for less than 3000XPF for two persons lunch with a drink each (25€ / 28$).

We then went back home to our residence Carlton Plage longest swimming pool in French Polynesia for a refreshing swim!

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