What to eat in Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific ocean?

As Tahiti is one of the most remote island in the world, it might seem normal to ask what to eat there, as the food options must be different on a place so far from everything.

What to eat in Tahiti

As Tahiti is one of the most remote island in the world, it might seem normal to ask what to eat there, as the food options must be different on a place so far from everything.

However, as it is a French island, and it is relatively well connected to New Zealand, the food choice is actually pretty similar to what could be found in either France or New Zealand... except that all is far more expensive, around double price!

There are still some good local and cheap food options, which are highly recommended when staying on the island.

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Fresh fruit and vegetable stands in the streets

Tahiti: Find local activities

With a perfect tropical weather whole year round, one of the best food to try in Tahiti are of course the many fruits that are grown locally on the island: watermelon, melon, banana, mango, ragon fruit, coconut, pineapple, passion fruit, and many more.

And on the vegetables side, there is no need to get any from the continent! Local tomatoe, eggplant, radish, huge avocados, and much more vegetables are grown locally, either on Tahiti island or one of the islands around, and are generally very tasty!

Fruits and vegetables - The Tahiti Traveler

Coconut and coconut products

Being a Pacific island, the coconut is one of the most basic product there is... and they have many different local preparations based on coconut, coconut water, and other local cooking.

Coconuts are widely available, and you can pick them up most likely in your garden, as it is actually very difficult to find an accomodation without a garden. Beware when opening it, and enjoy some tasty coconut meat and coconut water!

Food in French Polynesia - Yes Tahiti

Visiting any place where they take down the coconuts to avoid any hazard, they might even open them for you for free, as it is a good way for them to entertain the customers.

However, the most amazing local specialty based on coconut that we could try, again and again, is the coconut bread.

Our favorite one, especially for breakfast, is the coconut bread with chocolate chips inside... toasted and eaten with a freshly opened passion fruit, it is a pure delight!

Keto Coconut Bread - Nut Free, Gluten Free and Low Carb Recipe

Local municipal market in Papeete

In Papeete, French Polynesia's capital, find the municipal market in the center, and visit it on Sunday morning if possible, when producers from all other islands in French Polynesia are actually coming to sell their fresh harvest and preparations of local food and specialties.

On any other day it is also fine, but only products from the island of Tahiti will be available.

A Shopping Guide to Tahiti's Municipal Market in Papeete | TravelAge West

French supermarkets on the island

Even if far away from everything... Tahiti manages to have French supermakets, full of French products, the same ones as in France.

For meat products, they are mostly coming from nearby New Zealand, which is a big meat producer.

However, most of the imported products are about double price compared to the continent, not mentionning the terrible impact they have on environment.

Carrefour Tahiti

Best cheap lunch in Tahiti

For the best cheap lunch in Tahiti, there are several ways to get served amazing local products.

The first one, is to go to a local restaurant, such as the Bora Bora lounge, which offers great menu of the day, sometimes with an amazing offer such as buy one get one free, for only 1300XPF (10€/12$). In any case, good location, and great food.

Bora Bora Lounge Tahiti - Home | Facebook

Another way to get affordable food in Tahiti is to visit an international chain... such as McDonald's. That's right, they are even in Tahiti, and you can get there a full meal menu plus an extra sandwich for about 1500XPF (12.5€/14$).

McDonald's Tahiti - Home | Facebook

Best fancy lunch in Tahiti

For a fancy lunch, in a great location, with an amazing view on Tahiti overwater bungalow, lagoon and Moorea island, is to visit an hotel restaurant such as the Tahiti Ia Ora beach resort managed by Sofitel.

With their great location, and amazing food choice, for prices that aren't so high, you will be able to have a very fancy lunch.

Plus, even if not staying at the hotel, it is a great place to bring a date.

Do book in advance to be sure to get the best table, and request the one closest to Moorea island as possible, from where you'll have the best view on Moorea island, Tahiti's lagoon, and the hotel's Tahiti overwater bungalows.

It also isn't so expensive, count about 10000XPF for 2 persons meal with a bottle of local wine (90€/100$).

Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort - Managed by Sofitel on booking.com
Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort - Managed by Sofitel

What to bring from Tahiti

As the local products like fruits are hardly able to sustain a trip, while visiting Tahiti island, buy great local products such as Tamanu or Monoi oil.

These products, prepared in Tahiti from local products, will solve all of your problems, or at least most of them, from skin issues to hair problems, and even be used as massage oil.

The Mono'i & the Tamanu Oil - Tahiti Nui Travel
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-try local dishes in Tahiti, and how do they reflect the island's culinary culture?
Must-try dishes include Poisson cru (raw fish in coconut milk), Fafa (chicken with taro leaves), and local seafood. These dishes reflect the island's blend of Polynesian and French culinary influences, showcasing fresh, tropical flavors.

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