Walking on the best parts of Las Vegas strip up to the neon museum

Third day in Vegas, and time to walk down the whole famous Strip street! The street with all famous casinos and hotels in Vegas, is also the opportunity to enjoy drinks while walking outside, a thing forbidden in most of the United States, enjoy fun street shows, access roller coasters or malls, and have a great time under the sun!

Walk from Vegas Strip to the neon museum

Third day in Vegas, and time to walk down the whole famous Strip street! The street with all famous casinos and hotels in Vegas, is also the opportunity to enjoy drinks while walking outside, a thing forbidden in most of the United States, enjoy fun street shows, access roller coasters or malls, and have a great time under the sun!

The Venetian Vegas gondola rides

My friend dropped me by car at the north part of the strip, near Trump tower, which was at a walking distance from a restaurant area, where I did not stop.

I instead quickly noticed the famous Venetian hotel, which is known for its swimming pools and Venice like channels.

Las Vegas: Find local activities

I first had to cross the street using a sky bridge, and passed next to an amazing water area, with fountains that looks like they are from the jungle.

I then entered the Venetian hotel from the side, where I could see a beautiful huge sign LOVE on which people were standing to take pictures.

The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas | Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas

I did also take many pictures, and coming straight from the outside heat at around 3pm, it was a great opportunity to cool down a little bit with the air conditioned in the gallery.

After having passed in the casino area, which wasn't as full as I expected, I reached the front of the restaurant, where the gondola rides starts.

What a nice view, with these beautiful blue water pools, and the gondolas riding them very slowly.

The price was unfortunately similar to the ones in Italy, and I didn't take one, but instead kept walking along the strip.

Flamingo Las Vegas hotel

Reaching the flamingos hotel, I found my way to what they call a natural area, where I expected to actually see some flamingos roaming around.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino - Caesars Entertainment

Passing near beautiful ponds with ton of magnificent fishes, I kept walking around until I'd reach the end of the park and the outdoor pool area, in which a happy hour party was ongoing.

Going back to the entrance of the park, the only flamingos I could see were actually... fake ones around a fountain. A bit disappointing.

However, I went back to the strip, and took the next sky bridge, which surprisingly also offered escalators... are Americans so lazy that they need escalators on every walking bridge?

Paris Las Vegas Eiffel tower

On that sky bridge, I could start to see the Paris hotel, and its Eiffel tower replica.

Things To Do At Paris Las Vegas | Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Being French, it is always funny to see such replicas in other countries, and I'm always wondering why somebody would do that.

Well, it does work, as I take myself a selfie with the Eiffel tower in the background.

Walking along the hotel, there is also a triumph arch replica next to the hotel.

Well, let's keep walking, as I cannot wait to go to the roller coaster.

The Eiffel tower replica can actually be seen from far away, and is probably a good way to advertise for that hotel.

I finally get in sight of what I was looking for, the New York New York hotel, which hosts the roller coaster that I want to ride.

New York New York The big apple roller coaster

Entering the New York New York hotel, it has a gallery on ground floor with a New York style small streets and shops.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas Strip Hotel
The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade - New York-New York Hotel & Casino

I find my way to some stairs, and finally find what I am really looking for on the floor... stickers showing the way to the roller coaster.

Before even arriving at the ride, it is possible to see part of the tracks right before the loading area, that are inside the building of the hotel, just on top of the shopping area. Incredible.

The first step is to store all my belongings, bag and pocket contents, into a locker that costs two quarter dollars. Then, go to the ticket booth, buy a 15$ ticket, and wait in line for my turn on the roller coaster!

It is actually pretty good, and offers an amazing view on Vegas, as it goes all around the New York New York buildings.

The price is definitely worth the ride, and at time of my visit the wait was no more than 15 minutes, which is more than acceptable for such a ride in the middle of a highly touristic area.

Much better value than a ride at DisneyWorld =)

I then leave the building, which is nearly at the south end of the street, and start to walk up north, as I want to head to the neon museum, nearly outside of the boundaries of the city.

Walking around the building, I try to find the best spot to take selfies with the statue of liberty's replica, which was built in my native region in France and offered to the USA, and admire the beautiful view on the hotel and roller coaster ride.

Vegas fat Tuesday street drinks

After the ride, which is the main thing I wanted to do in Vegas, it is time to coll down a bit by getting a drink at one of the many fat Tuesday booth.

Home of Fat Tuesday & New Orleans Original Daiquiris

All along the strip and in Fremont street, it is allowed to drink some cocktails, which are served in specific cups of 4 different sizes.

After having bought one of the containers, it is possible to buy a refill at any of the stations offering them, which would get directly into the same container.

Every station of fat Tuesday street drinks offer different flavors.

At the one where I bought my own fat Tuesday drink, the flavors offers are sex on the beach, watermelon, dole whip, pina colada, margarita, energy boost, green high, wipeout, call me a driver, or strawberry.

Each of them consists of crushed ice, syrup, and liquor. I settle for pina colada, and won't regret it. Very tasty, and so refreshing under the setting sun, having walked already more than 5km in the heat, and beginning to walk 10km more.

I keep going on the street sipping on my nice drink.

Bellagio fountains show

Next stop at around 7pm, is the Bellagio, and it's famous water light and sound show on the fountains which are in the pond in front of the famous hotel and casino.

Bellagio - Las Vegas Luxury Resort & Casino - Bellagio Hotel & Casino

I spend there more than an hour watching the shows, some of them being themed after Game Of Thrones show, to advertise for the upcoming last season.

Some other shows are not about a specific topic, but shows beautiful water fountain plays, with some Celine Dion music.

Between the shows, there are some smaller plays, during which the staff actually seems to be preparing some stuff for the next ones.

Most of the shows are using video projections over the water fountain jets to display some messages or animation, like a dragon flying for the GOT part.

Fremont street experience

Well, night is falling, and it is time for a drink refill, and continue walking towards the Neon museum.

I take a mango and passion drink, which I will not enjoy as much as the previous one, but it will keep me going for the next 7km that I still have to walk.

Walking again near the Venetian hotel, it is much more beautiful at night with some lights.

The next stop would be at what they call themselves the world's largest gift shop, which surely is big... but the largest, I highly doubt that. Unless the world is only Las Vegas or the USA.

Nothing interesting in the shop, so I keep walking.

I pass in front of some wedding chapels, the most famous pawn shop from the pawn stars show, and arrive at the Fremont street experience.

It is time to take a little break, and I go a bit inside the street to have a look at what's happening there.

Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas

Street show performances on designated areas, beggars, lights, music, occasional light and sound shows on the ceiling, zip line above the street, street drinking, a fight between a drunk man and some street performers... It is definitely not boring, and deserves its name of street experience.

However, having a look at the time, it is time to go to my final destination for the day, the Neon museum, as it might close up soon.

Neon museum in Vegas

I get in the neon museum at around 10pm, and it is supposed to close at 11pm.

However, I am on time to join the last group at 10.40pm, and the night show costs 28$.

The Neon Museum Las Vegas | The history of Las Vegas through neon

Well after that walk, no choice but to take it!

It is not possible to visit the museum by yourself, and it is mandatory to join a group, which I would understand only later, makes a lot of sense.

Waiting for the tour to start with some water and a snack, when it does, I am not disappointed.

We go through small streets that are surrounded by old neons, most of them broken, as neons actually work with a gas inside of a transparent tube, and the tubes are very easy to crush... They usually don't last for long.

Our guide, which is native from the city, tells us all about the history of Las Vegas and of the neons, some of them being very famous for different reasons.

Of course, the peak of the show is the working Hard Rock café guitar neon, which was the biggest in the world, for more than a decade in the 60s.


The whole area is highly picturesque, and the 45 minutes tour is amazing and full of information.

At the end of the tour, I walk back to the Fremont street experience, hoping to find some open WiFi to be able to call a  Uber   back home, which I eventually manage to do.

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