Cheap and free things to do in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas can be an expensive place, but there are amazing things to do for free or for a very low price that will entertain all kind of people.

Cheap and free things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be an expensive place, but there are amazing things to do for free or for a very low price that will entertain all kind of people.

See below our list of free attractions in Las Vegas, cheap things to do in downtown Las Vegas, and things to do outside of Las Vegas.

See the welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

Have you really been to Vegas if you haven't taken a picture in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign?

Las Vegas: Find local activities

Probably not. The place offers a complimentary parking.

Make sure to go early in the morning or late at night to be able to take a picture without anybody else on it.

Walk down the Las Vegas Strip

Walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip is free, and full of street entertainment.

From young girls dressed in lingerie and feathers, to street performers, there are many ways to be entertained on the Strip.

Walking from the New York New York hotel on the South end to the Venetian on the North is about 3.5km walk, which takes an hour without any specific stop.

New York-New York Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas Strip Hotel
The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas | Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas

See the fire spitting praying mantis in container park

That is right, a majestic giant fire spitting praying mantis, which is right in front of the entrance of container park, a great area in downtown Vegas.

The container park in downtown Vegas is an amazing place to take your kids to enjoy some outdoor playing, while sipping a cocktail on a nearby terrace and keeping an eye on them.

Or simply enjoy a nice breakfast with friends. Or attend a free open air concert. Or have an haircut. Or do so many other things in that very interesting area, free to access.

Downtown Container Park - Boutique Shopping, Unique Dining, Live concerts

Ride the Big Apple roller coaster

For a ridiculous price of 15$, and a waiting time of about 15 minutes on a busy day, the Big Apple roller coaster is one of the craziest cheap experience in Vegas.

That roller coaster starts inside of the hotel, and goes all around the buildings, offering an amazing view on Vegas, and giving you some thrills.

A must do for roller coasters lovers!

New York-New York Hotel & Casino: Las Vegas Strip Hotel

Have a Fat Tuesday drink on The Strip

There are tons of Fat Tuesday locations on The Strip, and on each of them, you can buy a container with a frozen alcoholic beverage, from 10$ for the smallest one, up to 25$ for the larger one.

Sip your drink while walking on Vegas street under the heat (yes, that's allowed to drink in Vegas on The Strip), and refill the container at any Fat Tuesday location on the strip.

The refill costs less, allowing to drink whole day, outside, for cheap.

Drinks are made with crushed ice, syrup, and liquor.

Fat Tuesday Drink Mixes | Fat Tuesday Premium Mixes‎

Enjoy the Fremont street experience

Walking down the Fremont street experience, is definitely an experience.

While having a drink at one of the many bar terraces, or getting a refill for your Fat Tuesday container drink, appreciate the surrounding bar life, the street performers, the street fights, and many other wonders, all while walking right under a zip line that goes above the street.

Expect some amazing light and sound shows on the ceiling at regular intervals, and street concerts on the scenes that are installed along the street.

You can even try one of the new attractions, the Fear The Walking Dead escape room..

Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas
Official Site of the SlotZilla Zip Line in Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street
Official Site of Fear the Walking Dead Survival Thrill Attraction, Las Vegas - Fremont Street

Visit the amazing neon museum at night

Vegas is very famous for its colorful neon signs, and one museum has the ambition to show the history of Vegas through the donations of old neon signs.

They got the former largest neon sign in the world, and other wonders, all explained during a 45 minutes long guided tour, that costs 28$.

The Neon Museum Las Vegas | The history of Las Vegas through neon

Take the car to Valley of Fire state park

Visit the real desert in the nearby Fire Valley state park, where you won't believe how colorful the desert is.

Entrance costs 10$ per car, and the whole museum must be visited by car, as it is so big that it is not possible to walk everywhere, especially not under the heat.

Valley of Fire State Park | State Parks

Watch the Bellagio's water fountain show

Starting everyday at 7pm, and happening every half hour until night, the Bellagio's hotel offers free live performances of light and sound shows on its fountains, right in front of the hotel.

Right now, there is even a special show for the new and last season of Game Of Thrones, with a dragon appearing on the water fountain.

Bellagio - Las Vegas Luxury Resort & Casino - Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Watch the gondolas in front of Venetian hotel

The Venetian hotel has so many outdoor pools linked by channels outside, that they have gondolas taking tourists on them, just like in Venice.

The ride being extremely overpriced, watching them from the street is free however.

The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas | Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas

See live birds and fishes at the Flamingo

The flamingo hotel has an outdoor park, free to access, in the middle, that features a huge selection of free birds, fishes, and other animals.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino - Caesars Entertainment

Visit the most famous pawn shop from Pawn Stars

The pawn shop featured in the TV show Pawn Stars actually is in Vegas, and used to be a 24 hours pawn shop.

However, if you plan to visit it, be ready to wait in line to be able to enter this very famous shop.

Rick Harrison's Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Play slot machines

Yes that is right, playing slot machines isn't that expensive. Depending on the exact machines, it can be as low as 1$ the game, and the casinos usually offer free cheap, if not free, refreshments, to keep the players the whole day at their casino.

Play the system by gambling very slowly, and enjoy the drinks more than the slot machines to maximize your time without spending too much.

And, another advice, always have a defined budget in mind, and do spend more than what you intend to.

Visit the world's largest gift shop

The self-named world's largest gift shop has great prices on all the touristic things you might want to buy. And even on some that you don't want to buy, but will buy anyway because it's dirt cheap.

World's Largest Gift Shop | Las Vegas | Souvenirs

Get married in Las Vegas

That's not free, but it must be some of the cheapest and fastest wedding possible, at one of the many wedding chapels in downtown Vegas. Count about 60$ for a wedding service.

Dance salsa at a free venue

If you don't have anybody to get married with, you might just meet the right one at one of the salsa nights that are organized by bars.

With free entrance and complimentary water, you can dance most of the night and meet new people.

The Las Vegas Salsa & Bachata Meet Up Group - Home | Facebook
Las Vegas Salsa Dancing Calendar: Classes, Events, Clubs, Studios ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some budget-friendly activities and attractions in Las Vegas, and how can visitors make the most of these options?
Budget-friendly options include exploring the Bellagio Conservatory, watching the Fountains of Bellagio show, visiting the Fremont Street Experience, and exploring outdoor areas like Red Rock Canyon. Making the most of these options involves planning and taking advantage of the many free attractions the city offers.

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