Brunch at container park Las Vegas and its praying mantis

For my second day in Vegas, I wanted to explore one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas near Fremont street, see the praying mantis at what is called container park, an area made out of old containers, and access free.

Brunch at container park and praying mantis

For my second day in Vegas, I wanted to explore one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas near Fremont street, see the praying mantis at what is called container park, an area made out of old containers, and access free.

Heading to downtown Las Vegas

We started as usual by taking the car to go from my friend's place to the container park in downtown Vegas, and, like very day, I would be appreciative in front of the beautiful view.

Where else is it possible to be in desert, barely standing under the sun, and at the same time witnessing some snowy mountain peaks at a very reasonable driving distance?

Las Vegas: Find local activities

Well, the view is amazing, as I won't get tired of it. My friend tells me that it is the same for her, she still enjoys it even 4 years after having moved there.

I totally get that.

We then pass close to the strip, as we drive all along it, going from her place South of Vegas, to reach downtown Vegas actually north of The Strip.

Downtown Las Vegas wedding chapels and pawn store

Entering downtown Vegas, we see things that are common for locals, but totally unseen for most visitors.

There are tons of wedding chapels, one after the other, all along downtown Vegas.

Some of them include a hotel or other possibility to spend the night before or after getting married, and all of them of course offer a very essential service for Vegas: the possibility to get married instantaneously, without much prior administrative troubles.

The wedding chapels comes in all kind of shapes, from the recent building without much character, to the wedding chapels actually shaped like small churches.

We then pass another place that is incredibly famous: the pawn shop from the very famous pawn starts TV show, which is actually a real pawn shop in downtown Vegas.

My friend tells me that there is always a waiting line in front of the famous place, and that reveals to be true on that day, several people are waiting outside for their turn to get in the shop.

World famous Rick Harrison's Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Container park Las Vegas pictures of our tour

We then arrive near the container park, and park the car on the nearby parking, which requires a few dollars payment in advance to leave the car there.

Downtown Container Park - Boutique Shopping, Unique Dining, Live performances

We proceed to the entrance of the park, and see the majestic praying mantis made in metal and other recovered parts.

We take a few pictures, and go inside the park, which is free of access.

Having only heard about the praying mantis, which is a must see in Vegas, we had no idea what to expect once in the container park, one of the best free things to do in Vegas.

It actually contains several bars, restaurants, shops, and other services, and ends up being a great place to go for a walk or spend a relaxing day.

In the middle of the park, surrounded by shops in containers, there is a playing area for kids, and in the back, a scene that must host some shows.

Most of the restaurants and bars have a terrace in the park, and it makes it very easy to watch the kids while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying a beautiful day.

An amazing place that is worth a visit and spending a few hours, plus it is free.

Without having had the time to get a coffee before, I ask my friend to sit at a restaurant to have a cup of coffee.

Drink at bin702 under the sun

We find a nice one called bin702, which has a sign rosé is beautiful on its door... well, any place saying that my favorite kind of wine under the sun is beautiful, must be the right place to stay at.

Bin 702

I end up having a local beer from Nevada, and my friend takes a juice as she is working later.

The place has a very funny sign saying wish you were beer, and I must take a picture in front of it to send it to my loved ones.

We also order some small sandwiches which are pretty cheap, only a few dollars.

One of them is with French brie cheese, and the other one is a Cuban style one. The sandwiches are pretty good, but very small.

Container park praying mantis

After a while, we realize that my friend has to get to work in a few hours, and we head to the exit of the park, taking the opportunity before leaving to make a few more pictures in front of the mantis.

Some sign on the side says that the mantis should actually be able to spit fire, but there is no indication on when that would happen. We don't have much time to ask around or wait to see it, so we'll have to leave without having seen that spectacle.

Tarte flambée and old fashioned cocktails night

On the way back home, we have beautiful peaks at the nearby mountains bordering the Nevada's desert around Vegas, and quickly reach home where I would spend the day working at home and writing articles about my stay in Orlando, while my friend is going to work.

In the evening, her flatmate comes back to work, and had enjoyed so much the home made tarte flambées, traditional food from our region, that he offers to make some special cocktails we talked about, called old fashioned, based on bourbon.

Tarte flambée - Wikipedia
Bourbon Old Fashioned Recipe -

We go to the liquor store, and he gets a good bottle to be able to prepare the cocktails.

Back home, we will spend the evening having some of these cocktails, and once my friend is back from work, we would prepare another special kind of tarte flambée, a dessert one with apples and cinnamon on top. Very tasty!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Container Park in Las Vegas a unique brunch spot, and what is the significance of its praying mantis installation?
Container Park offers a quirky and eclectic dining experience with its repurposed shipping containers and variety of food options. The praying mantis installation is a notable landmark, known for its impressive size and flame effects.

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