Coronavirus symptoms of COVID-19 virus

Coronavirus COVID-19 symptoms

The world-renowned COVID-19, the coronavirus‌ as generally known, is part of a large family of viruses, the discovery of which dates back to the 1960s. The way it manifests itself in humans is very diverse, and can present itself as a simple cold, a flu, or in the worst cases as a severe respiratory syndrome that could end up causing the death of the patient.

Although, all coronavirus symptoms will be subject to the patient's health, age and clinical history, with especially vulnerable being those exceeding 60 years and have previous or congenital pathologies unknown so far.

The best way to avoid getting or spreading it is to follow basic coronavirus tips‌ that are based on general travel hygiene‌ simple tips, such as getting yourself a hygiene kit‌ with all necessary products to keep yourself from ever feeling the COVID-19 symptoms: hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, surgical mask, body soap, digital thermometer, PVC gloves, alcohol pad‌ and more, to perform necessary hygiene basics such as disinfect phone‌ for example.

  Coronavirus symptoms - World Health Organization
Virus personal protective equipment
Virus personal protective equipment 


World Health Organization WHO explains that the main signs of the virus are:

  Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

Dry, unproductive and frequent cough

May seems like a mild symptom, as people usually cough for multiple reasons and give it importance, however it is the main symptom and why we should pay more attention.

The best way to differentiate a harmless cough from that of the virus is the discomfort that accompanies it, that is, when you cough you notice a deep pain, a respiratory inflammation that you usually do not feel.

Fever and General body discomfort

As for fever it is important to emphasize that it should be accompanied by one of the other coronavirus symptoms, in addition to not showing any usual signs of a common cold, such as nasal discharge.

Many experts doubt what temperature should be considered fever, ranging from 37 to 37.5 degrees, must always be taken between mid-afternoon and night which is when viruses develop, with a digital thermometer‌ that is the most accurate.

In any case, it will always depend on the usual temperature of each person, their age and the complementary coronavirus symptoms that they present.

Difficulty breathing

This is the clearest of symptoms, since no other common disease causes tightness on the chest so severe, nor does it prevent us from breathing normally.

COVID-19 causes a clear obstruction of our airways, even without a cough or fever we can begin to feel that shortness of breath. The onset of coronavirus symptoms can be gradual or occur at a stroke, being important for the distinction of the disease the severity of each of them.

However, any of these signs at any of its degrees will require a medical examination that dismisses the onset of the virus, as it has been shown that the main sources of infection are patients with mild symptoms that have not been isolated.

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When to see the doctor

Anyone who suspects having the coronavirus‌ should make a professional consultation, preferably telephone to prevent contagion, to know what the next step is to take. In people who have travelled to different countries or who take public transport daily, temporary isolation is recommended to wait for any coronavirus symptoms to prevent their spread.

As far as the elderly are concerned, they should be kept completely isolated, even from their loved ones. This is because more than 60% of the fatalities of this virus exceed 60 years, being the most vulnerable to the virus and those who in the shortest time develop their COVID-19 symptoms with a higher rate of lethality.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Symptoms and causes
Virus personal protective equipment
Virus personal protective equipment 
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