The Nomadic Tech Toolkit: My Year-Long Journey to a Seamless Remote Lifestyle

The Nomadic Tech Toolkit: My Year-Long Journey to a Seamless Remote Lifestyle

In the ever-evolving tapestry of modern work, the allure of the nomadic lifestyle captivates many. Picture this: swapping the monotony of a 9-to-5 office job for the thrill of typing away on a laptop, with the backdrop of a new city or perhaps a tranquil beach somewhere around the globe. This dream became my full-time reality in 2019 when I embarked on a year-long solo world tour, armed with nothing but a cabin-sized luggage and a heart full of wanderlust. The journey wasn't just a test of endurance; it was an exploration into the art of seamless travel and work, an experiment in living minimally while maximizing experiences and productivity.

Through this adventure, I discovered not just breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures, but also invaluable tools and tricks that made life on the road not just possible, but enjoyable. Imagine managing all your work from a single tablet, making international payments without exorbitant fees, and always staying connected without the hassle of juggling multiple SIM cards. Or consider the convenience of packing light yet having everything you need, thanks to versatile luggage and multi-use garments. These weren't just conveniences; they were game-changers.

In this blog post, I'm eager to share with you the collection of tech tools, financial hacks, and travel tips that transformed my nomadic life from a complex puzzle into a series of exciting and manageable adventures. From the simplicity of USB-C devices to the security of cloud backups and the indispensable support of nomad insurance, each element played a pivotal role in navigating the challenges and joys of my journey. Whether you're a seasoned digital nomad or just considering the leap into this dynamic lifestyle, join me as I unveil the essentials that kept my remote work and travels seamless, stress-free, and utterly unforgettable.

The All-in-One Charging Solution

One of the first challenges I encountered on my journey was managing the myriad of electronic devices that are essential for both work and personal use. In an era where every gadget seems to demand its own unique charger and cable, I found myself tangled in a web of cords and adapters, each vying for precious space in my already limited luggage. That was until I discovered the liberating convenience of an all-in-one charging solution.

Embracing USB-C

The game-changer was standardizing all my devices to USB-C. This seemingly simple decision had profound implications for my travel setup. My laptop (I am using an ASUS Zenbook - check my review), tablet, and phone could all be charged with the same cable and charger, drastically reducing the weight and clutter in my bag. The versatility of USB-C, with its ability to handle not just power but also data transfer and video output, made it an indispensable tool in my nomadic toolkit.

The Magic of a Single Charger

Carrying a single, powerful USB-C charger capable of delivering enough wattage to power my laptop meant that the same charger could easily handle my less demanding devices like my phone (I am using a XIAOMI POCO X3 PRO - check my review) and tablet. This not only saved space but also simplified the process of charging my devices each night. I no longer had to search for multiple outlets or decide which device to charge first; everything could be powered up simultaneously, ensuring I was always ready for the next day's adventures or work sessions.

An Extra Cable for Flexibility

Despite the streamlining, I quickly realized the wisdom in carrying an extra USB to USB-C cable. This backup not only served as a precaution against losing my primary cable but also proved invaluable in situations where USB-C was not universally adopted, such as on older airplanes or in accommodations with limited outlet types. The additional cable ensured that I could always charge my devices, regardless of the available infrastructure.

The Essential Duo: A Thin Wireless Mouse and Hard Mouse Pad

While the touchpad of a laptop can serve well in many situations, nothing matches the precision and comfort offered by a good mouse, especially when hours of work are ahead. On my travels, I discovered the perfect companion to my digital nomad setup: a thin wireless mouse, specifically the Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse. But the true unsung hero that completed this duo was something most travelers overlook—a hard mouse pad.

Why a Thin Wireless Mouse?

The Microsoft Modern Mobile Mouse became my go-to for several reasons. Its slim profile meant that it slipped easily into any pocket of my bag without adding bulk. Despite its lightness and portability, it didn't sacrifice performance or comfort. The wireless feature was a godsend, eliminating yet another cable from my setup and offering the freedom to work from anywhere, whether cramped in an airplane seat or sprawled out in a beachside café.

The Game-Changing Hard Mouse Pad

However, the wireless mouse alone wasn't the complete solution. Different work environments often meant dealing with a variety of surfaces—some far from ideal for a mouse. That's where the hard mouse pad came into play. Unlike its more common soft counterparts, a hard mouse pad offers a consistent and smooth surface for the mouse to glide over, regardless of the underlying material. Whether on a glass table, a fluffy bedspread, or a rugged outdoor setting, the hard mouse pad ensured my mouse's performance was never compromised.

Compact and Versatile

I opted for a hard mouse pad that was thin, lightweight, and roughly the size of a small notebook. This made it easy to slide into my laptop sleeve or any other tight space in my luggage. Its durability was a key feature, resisting bends, scratches, and spills—a common hazard in the unpredictable environments of a traveler.

The Ultimate Versatile Luggage

On my quest for the perfect travel companion, I stumbled upon a gem that became the cornerstone of my travel gear—a piece of luggage I acquired from a private auction site in Switzerland in 2013, the QoQa ZeBag. This wasn't just any luggage; it was a limited edition, embodying the epitome of versatility and adaptability that every nomad dreams of. While my specific model might be a rare find, the market is replete with duffel-like cabin size bags that echo the same principles of flexibility and convenience.

This ultimate versatile luggage is designed to meet the dynamic needs of the modern traveler. Its cabin size compliance ensures that it can effortlessly transition from an overhead compartment to being checked in, accommodating the ever-changing requirements of airlines. The beauty of such a bag lies not only in its size but also in its adaptability. With the option to be held by hand or transformed into a backpack, it caters to varying contexts and preferences—be it navigating the bustling streets of a city, boarding a plane, or embarking on a spontaneous adventure.

The design integrates thoughtful features such as compression straps to adjust its size based on contents, making it equally suited for short trips and longer excursions. The ability to compress when not fully packed (read also my guide How to pack a suitcase efficiently? 5 concrete tips), yet expand to accommodate souvenirs and essentials acquired along the journey, addresses a fundamental challenge of travel—balancing the need for minimalism with the reality of fluctuating travel needs.

Moreover, the option to carry it as cabin luggage saves time and fees associated with checked bags, while the versatility to transform it into checked luggage when necessary (like when carrying liquids or facing strict cabin rules) adds a layer of practicality. This flexibility ensures that, regardless of the journey's nature, the luggage adapts, rather than dictates the terms of travel.

Managing Finances on the Go with Revolut and WISE

Navigating financial transactions while hopping from one country to another used to be a daunting part of travel, with hefty fees and unfavorable exchange rates lurking around every corner. That was until I integrated Revolut and WISE into my nomadic life (read my article Benefits of Revolut Ultra for travel). These financial tools have revolutionized the way I access and manage money abroad, virtually eliminating the need to carry cash and the traditional hassles of currency exchange. With these cards, I can withdraw money on the spot at ATMs worldwide without incurring extra fees, and for my day-to-day expenses, they automatically use real-time conversion rates for payments, ensuring I always get the best deal without the need for physical currency exchange.

The secret sauce to maximizing the benefits of Revolut and WISE lies in an innovative app called ATM fee saver. This handy tool has been a game-changer, guiding me to fee-free ATMs or those with the lowest rates, regardless of where I find myself. It’s not just about avoiding unnecessary fees; it's about the freedom and confidence to know that I can access my money efficiently and affordably anywhere in the world.

This financial setup—combining the power of Revolut and WISE for transactions and withdrawals (read my article WISE International Money Transfer App), underpinned by the strategic use of ATM fee saver—has not only streamlined my finances but also allowed me to focus more on the joys of travel and less on its costs. It represents a new era of financial freedom for nomads, where the world truly feels borderless, and managing money on the go is as simple as a tap on a smartphone.

Staying Connected with DrimSIM

In the nomadic lifestyle, staying connected is not just a convenience—it's a necessity. Upon landing in a new country, before even getting access to WiFi, DrimSIM becomes my immediate bridge to connectivity (read my guide Drimsim prepaid international SIM card). This global SIM card offers the flexibility to put credit on it and use it right away, providing an essential lifeline in those first few hours in a new place. The decision to continue using DrimSIM or switch to a local SIM card hinges on a simple yet effective evaluation: the local data rates offered by DrimSIM versus those of local SIM cards, balanced against the length of my stay.

If DrimSIM's rates are competitive, or if my visit is brief, it often remains my primary means of staying online. This choice eliminates the hassle of finding and purchasing a local SIM card, especially in countries where this can be a complex process. For longer stays, or where local rates significantly undercut DrimSIM's, switching to a local SIM card becomes worthwhile. This flexible approach ensures I always have the most cost-effective and convenient connection, allowing me to focus on the journey rather than the logistics of staying connected.

Securing Digital Life with OneDrive and Google One

In the digital nomad lifestyle, safeguarding digital assets is as crucial as securing physical belongings. My travels have taught me the importance of a reliable digital safety net, which I've found through subscriptions to OneDrive and Google One. These platforms have become the bedrock of my digital life, ensuring that all my documents, pictures, and videos are securely backed up in the cloud. This setup not only provides peace of mind but also a seamless continuity of work and personal memories, accessible from any device, anywhere.

The choice to rely on both OneDrive and Google One stems from their complementary benefits. OneDrive, included with my Microsoft Office 365 subscription, is integral for documents and work files, offering seamless integration with Office apps. Google One, on the other hand, automatically backs up photos and videos from my phone, ensuring that every captured moment is saved without manual intervention. This dual approach covers all bases, safeguarding my digital footprint against device theft, loss, or failure.

Embracing these cloud services proved to be not just a convenience, but a lifeline during some of the most challenging episodes of my travels. For instance, during an unexpected and harrowing experience in Ukraine, which I detail in my article Unfortunate Trips Problems: Experiences And How To Properly Prepare For The Unexpected, the ability to access important documents and contacts from any device was invaluable in navigating the situation and ensuring my safety.

Similarly, when I fell victim to a drive-by phone theft in Bali and faced the sudden demise of my Android device in Poland, the loss was mitigated by the knowledge that all my critical data, photos, and videos were safely backed up. These incidents underscored the indispensable role of cloud backups in modern travel, turning potential disasters into manageable inconveniences and allowing me to continue my journey with minimal disruption.

The Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote

Capturing and sharing moments are essential parts of my story, and the selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote has become an irreplaceable tool in my travel arsenal. Beyond just a means to snap photos, it embodies the freedom and spontaneity of my travels. The Bluetooth remote, a feature that elevates this gadget from good to indispensable, allows me to take pictures and start recording videos remotely. This functionality is crucial, whether I'm framing the perfect shot against a stunning landscape or including myself in a group photo without leaving anyone out. Its compatibility with both my phone and GoPro ensures I'm always ready to capture the essence of my adventures, no matter the device.

Capturing Action with the GoPro

In the whirlwind of activities that define the nomadic lifestyle, some moments are too dynamic and immersive to be captured by anything less than an action camera. My GoPro has been an indispensable companion in this regard, allowing me to document the thrills of adventures like white water rafting on the Urubamba River in Cusco. Its robust build and superior waterproof capabilities mean that not a single exhilarating moment is missed, whether I'm navigating the tumultuous waters or simply soaking in the raw beauty of nature from a perspective only a raft can offer.

Multipurpose Swimsuit Trick

In all the travel hacks I've mastered, the multipurpose swimsuit stands out for its utility and space-saving prowess. Swimsuits crafted from quick-drying and robust fabrics not only serve their primary purpose but also effortlessly double as a breathable and comfortable substitute for traditional underwear. This trick has been a game-changer, notably during adventure-packed activities like white-water rafting on the Urubamba River in Cusco, where functionality meets necessity. The ability of these swimsuits to be easily hand-washed and dried, a skill I detail in my guide How To Hand Wash Clothes In Hotel? 4 Steps Guide, further cements their status as indispensable travel companions. Their inclusion in my travel gear ensures I'm prepared for both planned and spontaneous aquatic adventures, all while conserving valuable luggage space.

SafetyWing: The Non-Negotiable for Nomads

In the nomadic lifestyle, where home is wherever Wi-Fi connects and landscapes change with time zones, one constant remains: the need for reliable insurance. This is where SafetyWing emerges as the non-negotiable cornerstone of my travel planning. SafetyWing isn't just any travel insurance; it's tailored for the unique needs of digital nomads, offering a safety net that spans across borders and adapts to the unpredictable nature of our lifestyle.

What sets SafetyWing apart is its understanding of nomadic life's fluidity. It provides comprehensive coverage that includes medical emergencies, travel delays, and even lost luggage, ensuring that the common perils of travel don’t derail your adventures or work. But it's not merely about what it covers; it's how it covers. With the ability to sign up or cancel anytime, no matter where in the world you are, SafetyWing respects the nomadic ethos of freedom and flexibility. My own experiences — from needing emergency medical assistance to dealing with the unexpected in remote locales — have only solidified my trust in SafetyWing. It has offered me peace of mind, knowing that I’m covered anywhere my journey takes me.


Embarking on a nomadic lifestyle, where adventure meets work across the globe, requires more than just a passion for travel; it demands a carefully curated toolkit that addresses the unique challenges of life on the move. From the convenience of a single charger for all devices to the security of digital backups with OneDrive and Google One, each element plays a crucial role in smoothing the path for seamless exploration and productivity. The versatility of adaptable luggage, the financial savvy afforded by Revolut and Wise, and the constant connectivity provided by DrimSIM, combined with the indispensable peace of mind offered by SafetyWing insurance, create a foundation for thriving in the nomadic lifestyle. As I reflect on my journey, it's clear that these tools and strategies have not just facilitated my travels; they've transformed them into a sustainable, fulfilling way of life, proving that with the right preparation, the world truly is at our fingertips.

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