Most picturesque destination for March

What is the most picturesque destination where you can fly in March? We’ve asked experts for unique and original ideas, and here is where they recommend to fly in March, and why!
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Savannah, Georgia is known for its famous St. Patrick's Day celebration

March is easily the best time of year to visit Savannah, Georgia. The city is known for its famous St. Patrick's Day celebration, which is the second largest in the U.S. The event includes a family-friendly parade, parties and food vendors set up all along River Street, and mass at the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

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It's also the prettiest time of year in the city. Peak azalea season occurs in mid-March, and you'll find pink and white blossoms throughout the squares, Forsyth Park, and lining the streets of the Historic District.

The weather in March is comfortable, with highs usually in the upper 70s and lows in the 60s. It's perfect for exploring Bonaventure Cemetery, strolling down Jones Street, or going on a guided tour. Try one of Savannah's award-winning food tours, an architectural tour (I suggest the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters), or explore Savannah's spooky side through a ghost tour. The popular Annual Tour of Homes & Gardens is also typically held in March.

If you're looking for a place to stay, The Marshall House is one of the oldest hotels in Savannah and makes a great option. Kehoe House and Hamilton-Turner Inn are two excellent B&Bs within easy walking distance to everything in the Historic District.

Erin Clarkson authored the Savannah First-Timer's Guide and enjoys helping visitors plan their trips around the Lowcountry of S.C. and Georgia.

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh, We recommend Paragliding and a Jungle safari

*One of India’s most famous hill-stations. Khajjar with its dense forests, lush meadows, a pristine lake and sweeping views of snow-clad Himalayan mountains is our favored pick when it comes to traveling to the most picturesque destination in the month of March. Khajjar is just 26 Kilometres away from Dalhousie and is fondly christened Mini-Switzerland for everything this mountain town has to offer. We recommend Paragliding and a Jungle safari when you’re there.

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El Chalten, Argentina, immersing yourself in nature through the hikes

One of the most picturesque yet overlooked destination in March is El Chalten, Argentina. This is autumn in South America and near the end of tourism season in Patagonia.

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However, this is actually one of the best times to visit. The weather might not be more unpredictable but there is way less crowd and more importantly, you have opportunities to see both Autumn and Winter landscapes depending on the weather. The warm autumn colors are particularly amazing with the drastic Patagonian landscape.

The main thing to do is immersing yourself in nature through the hikes.

Even the usual popular routes (Laguna de Los Tres, Laguna Torre) will bring you through a series of picturesque scenery for postcard/Instagram shots.

Puerto Rico, a carefree beach vacation

I would definitely recommend going to Puerto Rico as your next most picturesque travel destination for March.

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Begin the season with a beach party on the coast of Puerto Rico to kick things off. This Caribbean island, which is just two hours away from Miami, has long been a popular weekend getaway for residents of the United States.

The cuisine will be uniquely Latin in flavor, with a side of home comforts thrown in - Puerto Rico is home to the largest retail mall in the Caribbean and the world's largest virgin tropical rainforest, among other things.

The month of March is the most incredible time to experience all aspects of island life. The beaches of Vieques are less crowded, and a gentle wind rustles the palm palms, lowering the humidity and allowing you to sleep on the sand.

If you're thinking of going on a carefree beach vacation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, you're not alone. Most people believe that your tourist money is much needed in the aftermath of the hurricane. So do your homework and make sure that the funds get up in the hands of the people in your town.

The Land of sun & wine: Mendoza

March is the perfect month for an epic adventure to the Land of sun & wine: Mendoza. Mendoza is one of the 23 provinces here in Argentina, where you can delight yourself with endless vineyards and wineries of the most high-level wine, especially the most famous one, Malbec. Best part? Enjoy a glass of wine while surrounded by stunning views of the Andes mountain range. Mendoza has plenty of epic adventures for all ages and tastes: lagoons and rives for kayaking, or rafting, hiking trails within the Aconcagua Provincial Park, and natural marvels around every corner.

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During March, in Mendoza, the most important event of the year takes place: Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (Harvest Festival). People from all over the country visit Mendoza to enjoy this festivity that is for sure one-of-a-kind: the whole province gathers together to bless and celebrate the year's harvest. All explorers and travelers who visit Mendoza want to return over and over again to this beautiful land.

Maldives, you might score better prices for accommodation

I find the Maldives islands to be a great destination to travel to in March. It is especially good for those that live in colder climates since they can also escape the low temperatures of their own country, on top of visiting a stunning destination. Also, because March is towards the end of the touristic high season of the islands, you might score better prices for accommodation.

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I visited the Maldives at the beginning of March myself, for my birthday, and found the weather to be perfect: it only rained once during the day for a few minutes. The islands have a lot to offer besides swimming and relaxing on the beach, but for me, snorkeling is a must-do activity there.

It's great because it allows you to get a glimpse of the magnificent and diverse underwater of the Maldives, even if you're not a perfect swimmer (like me) since you can wear a life vest. Most hotels organize snorkeling trips, where they take you to a known reef, but you can also snorkel by yourself, especially if you choose an accommodation that has a house reef.

I’m Andreea, a DIY travel enthusiast and I visited 30 countries to date. I am also the owner of the travel blog through which I try to help others plan their own vacations.

Venice, Italy is such a unique divine city

Most picturesque destination for March is definitely Venice, Italy! It is such a unique divine city that is different from any other city in the world!

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In March, the terraces by the water are all closed. I went in the winter over Christmas but will go back when it gets warmer again sure. The terrace of the Gritti Palace will be all laid out and you can have the most magical dining experience with beautiful views. This is not only picturesque, it is also has loads of historical significance where Ernest Hemingway and other legends frequented.

Also best time to ride on the gondola for the most picturesque experience!

You will pass by where Mozart once lived! I also visited Casanova’s prison!

Bermuda, you can enjoy much milder temperatures and smaller crowds

Most people think of Bermuda as a place to go in the summertime when the weather is hot and the beaches are crowded. However, if you wait until later in the year to visit Bermuda, you can enjoy much milder temperatures and smaller crowds. In March, the average high temperature is only 73 degrees Fahrenheit-perfect for a warm day at the beach! And best of all, flights and accommodations are often discounted during this time of year. So if you're looking for a great vacation spot that's still warm enough to enjoy some sunbathing, Bermuda should be at the top of your list. Here are 10 more reasons Bermuda is the perfect place to visit in March.

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One of Bermuda's best qualities-and worst, depending on who you ask-is that it still has an old-world feel because of its strict rules and regulations. The island is not part of Great Britain, even though Bermuda has a close relationship with the United Kingdom.

Bermuda is the perfect getaway for those of us who love sunshine and mild weather but can do without the crowds of tourists that come with it.

Oman, rarely visited by tourists

Imagine a country rarely visited by tourists that is a hidden treasure. A country with a unique culture, beautiful, mysterious cities, unspoiled beaches with turquoise water, impressive but harsh mountains, wild valleys carved by water, a majestic desert, delicious food, and wonderfully hospitable people.

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That’s Oman, in short. I’ve visited it in 2018 and plan to do it again in 2022, as I fell in love with this piece of the world. In December 2021 Omani government confirmed that tourism development is one of the essential elements of the country’s middle-term economical strategy (Oman 2040 Economic Vision).

The investments in the tourism sector will increase to attract more and more visitors. Now it’s the best time to travel to Oman before it becomes mainstream.

March is probably the best time to visit this wonderful country. The average temperature in the capital city of Muscat is 85.6°F. More importantly, March is the last call if you’d like to observe the hatching of giant green turtles in the Ras al-Jinz reserve. Apart from watching that magical spectacle of Nature, there are many activities you can do. Offroad and a night stay in the Wahiba Sands under the sky full of stars, watching the dolphins at Muscat Bay, hiking through green, miraculous wadi’s (green valleys), and haggling in local bazaars are some of them.

Positano to experience Italian cuisine, wines, landscape, culture and hospitality

Positano, on the Amalfi Coast in Italy makes an ideal March getaway. Having visited a few years ago whilst golfing, I wanted to go back there taking my wife with me as a surprise birthday trip for her. The mild weather in March means you avoid the heat of the summer. Especially as there are so many beautiful walks and hikes to do. Restaurants, beaches and local transport are not overly crowded this time of year either. You get to experience Italian cuisine, wines, landscape, culture and hospitality without the crowds.

Check March flights for Positano, on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Positano is unbelievably beautiful, with a stunning coastline. There are numerous small towns to visit along the coast using local buses, and one of the many highlights of this area is visiting the island of Capri, only about 40 minutes by boat.

What's better with each visit is the regular local transport at a low price, and the selection of good mid-priced 4-star hotels, including a great selection of small, intimate boutique-style hotels. It's just a great place to be. A gem in southern Italy.

Nobody wants to miss out on kissing beneath the Eiffel Tower

In Europe, Paris is one of the greatest destinations to visit in March. When compared to the summer season, travelling in March has the advantage of not having to wait in long queues. Besides, the flea market in Paris is a dream come true for vintage clothes lovers.

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Moreover, who wouldn’t want to visit Paris during the springtime. Nobody wants to miss out on kissing beneath the Eiffel Tower and sipping hot coffee along the streets. While the museums and monuments of Paris stand at the core of everyone’s heart. Eating numerous different cheese and exploring the beauty of Paris in the month of March is a great experience. The city is full of fashion, and a great place to shine through in the streets of Paris with your loved ones. Undoubtedly, once you visit this city, it will call you again and again.

This is the time for California's famous wildflowers bloom

I think the most picturesque travel in March is in the Western and Southern part of California including the Central Valley because this is the time for California's famous wildflowers bloom. You can see carpets of flowers stretching for miles, the gorgeous views that you can hardly find anywhere else. You will see different flowers in different places: from lupins to cacti to California poppies and everything in between. The famous California poppy preserve is called Antelope Valley and it attracts tens of thousands of visitors in peak years.

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The intensity of the wildflowers bloom depends on the amount of rain California gets in the preceding winter. The wettest winters create the phenomenon called “superbloom” which happens about once every 10 years. The amount of flowers that you will see during the superbloom season is mind boggling and it is like nothing you have ever seen before anywhere else. Travel in California in March and prepare to be really amazed. Other famous places to see wildflowers in California in March are: Carrizo Plain National Monument, Joshua Tree National Park, Anza Borego State Park and Carlsbad Ranch. Hiking is the best way to see the wildflowers but, please, stay on the trails to preserve the delicate ecosystems.

Trabzon area in Turkey, a fairytale place

My recommendation is the Trabzon area in Turkey. This area of the country, located next to the Black Sea, has been a melting pot of cultures for centuries and is full of fascinating corners that preserve the essence of a past in which it was a crossing point of the mythical Silk Road.

Check March flights for Trabzon area in Turkey

This province holds many treasures, and one of them is the village of Uzungöl, a fairytale place with charming wooden houses next to a beautiful lake of the same name. It is located at the bottom of a valley in the district of Caykara, where it rests, surrounded by dense forests and incredible mountains. Perfect for a visit in March!

Cozumel, Mexico is known for having the most aquatic activities and a beautiful coral reef

If you like the warm and want to squeeze in one final summer getaway, Cozumel, Mexico is a picturesque location for March getaways. Why Cozumel, Mexico? Because Cozumel is known for having the most aquatic activities and a beautiful coral reef. You can dive, snorkel, or swim with dolphins at Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park. Guests who prefer to stay dry can take a glass-bottom boat tour or lounge on the white sand beaches of the island.

Check March flights for Cozumel, Mexico

The weather will be warm and dry in March since the Atlantic hurricane season is not in March which.

Yosemite National Park truly feels like you’re living in a Winter Wonderland!

One of the most beautiful places year-round, but especially in the month of March, is Yosemite National Park. Winter is one of the most beautiful times to visit because it truly feels like you’re living in a Winter Wonderland! I remember being in awe as I watched thick snow blanket the giant sequoias and granite domes. I also found it to be the most peaceful time to visit - the lack of tourists and foot traffic created an atmosphere for reflection, solitude, and peace.

Check March flights for Yosemite National Park

If you’re visiting in March, my recommendation, in terms of activities and areas to visit, would be the park’s most famous landmarks - El Capitan and Half Dome. These hiking trails are typically littered with people year-round, but in March you’ll find barely any tourists so you can explore freely. Even if you’re an inexperienced hiker, like me, you can 100% enjoy and relish in these trails!

In terms of lodging, I suggest staying at the Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite. A beautiful haven coated in snow and comfort! This resort is an all-season resort nestled in the mountains. I remember feeling like we were in a Hallmark Christmas Movie when we stayed here!

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Exuma, Bahamas are also famous for the friendly swimming pigs

The Exuma Islands in the Bahamas are a fantastic venue for a picturesque and relaxing March vacation. The Exumas are a big island chain in the Bahamas that are very popular with sailors due to the dazzlingly beautiful turquoise sea. The depth tends to be quite shallow which makes for uncommonly vibrant water. There aren’t any big towns in the Exumas but there are many fantastic seafood restaurants ranging from fine dining to takeout from plywood huts in the Fish Fry Village. The beaches are plentiful but the crowds are always at an absolute minimum.

Check March flights for Exuma, Bahamas

Our company started visiting the Exumas in 2021 to guide island hopping kayaking trips. We went twice last year and are planning to return at least twice in 2022. Aside from kayaking, we also like to fish, hike, snorkel and even pet stingrays on Stocking Island. You might recall that Great Exuma was the location for the failed Fyre Festival. The Exumas are also famous for the friendly swimming pigs.

Santa Fe will take you to incredible landscapes and vast mountain overlooks

Santa Fe is a great destination any time of year thanks to clear skies and low precipitation. But in the winter, its extra special - the small city is cozy and charming. Enjoy nighttime strolls amongst the lantern lit adobe buildings and warm up with a kiva, a small indoor fireplace common in the region, when you return.

Check March flights for Santa Fe

The charm of the city grows with every visit and an hour drive in virtually any direction will take you to incredible landscapes and vast mountain overlooks. The can't miss activity is a visit to the mineral hot springs, which are extra enjoyable in the cool winter air. This under-the-radar destination is one I keep returning to. The landscape, food, and relaxing atmosphere gets better with each visit.

Jason Kraemer is the co-founder of Flashpacker Co where we write about travel gear, unique destinations, and the digital nomad lifestyle

Lago di Como in Italy - you can enjoy La Dolce Vita

Lake Como is the perfect place to spend a holiday in March. Around this time the beautiful landscape around the lake awakens from its winter break. The flowers start blooming and the Italians start going out more and more, chatting lakeside cafes.

Check March flights for Lago di Como in Italy

I've been to Lake Como many times and at any time throughout the year. Especially beautiful around March are the villas with their stunning parks next to the lake.

Lake Como is also where the Milanese escape the bustling city. Here you can enjoy La Dolce Vita, sipping a Spritz by the glittering water - what else do you need?

Besides, you can visit extremely beautiful Italian towns, take a boat trip from Varenna to Bellagio, go hiking, and have the best Italian food.

In March you'll find the lake awaiting you with pleasant spring temperatures and lots of sunshine. You will fall in love with it for sure.

San Antonio, Texas for the leisurely experience

I highly recommend San Antonio, Texas in March. My husband and I went last year the last week of March and first week of April and we would definitely go again (and not just because my sister moved there last year). Last year was our first time in San Antonio, so I can't speak to what has improved, but I can definitely share some good activities.

Check March flights for San Antonio, Texas

The most iconic area is the San Antonio Riverwalk which is downtown. There are lots of great shops and restaurants and it's fun to try different places each day. They have river boats that do tours up and down the Riverwalk area. I recommend this just for the leisurely experience and to learn more about the area.

Just up the street is The Alamo, which is another bucket list destination. Even if you just go and look at the front, you can get some great photos. But definitely go inside for a tour if you can. If you're looking for things to do outside of the downtown area, the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden is free and March is a wonderful time to visit.

In addition to activities, the food options are great in San Antonio.

Every visitor should have some Texas BBQ and some Tex-Mex before leaving.

Big Bend National Park is a hidden gem

One of the most beautiful places to visit is Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park. I have been to both parks twice and would absolutely go again.

Check March flights for Big Bend National Park

Summer months are brutally hot so March is a great time to visit while the temperatures are lower and the wildflowers are blooming. Activities that are worth the hype are Santa Elena Canyon and Mule Ears hiking trail along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Big Bend Ranch State Park is in the same area and is a hidden gem that is much more scenic than Big Bend National Park. In the state park I highly recommend the slot canyon called Closed Canyon.

My name is Delaney and I am a landscape, wildlife, and travel photographer based out of Texas

Vadammö - Equatorial Guinea, you can find different natural waterfalls

The Vadammö, or ¨Watchman” in English, is a natural monument located on the beach of Moaba in Equatorial Guinea. A two-hour walk along the natural beaches of Ureka and you will be there. The month of March represents the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season in this small paradise. With the passage of time, this magnificent natural symbol is gaining special importance by controlling the strength of the waves. It is a perfect place to surf during the month of March and of course a unique area to relax.

Check March flights for Vadammö - Equatorial Guinea

The last time we visited the Vadanmmö, we crossed a frozen river with the help of a boat that is moored on the shore! Fortunately, it is a very safe and fully recommended place for children and adults. Nearby, you can also find different natural waterfalls and the seven species of monkeys from Bioko Island. This place is a real gem in Central Africa.

Mexico: Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, jet skiing

March is an excellent month to visit Mexico. I would especially recommend the Riviera Maya in Mexico City, as it is one of my favorite places in America. I visited there in March of last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time there.

Check March flights for Mexico

Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, and floating through underwater limestone tunnels are just a few of the entertainment options. The ocean panorama framed by mangrove forests is a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Sedona, Arizona because nature has started to reach full bloom

Sedona, Arizona, is a beautiful March destination for a vacation. The red rocks are stunning and great for hiking in Sedona. It is not scorching but can still get warm in March. And hikers love it because nature has started to reach full bloom. In my experience of Sedona in March, I did some yoga and hiked the red rocks. I enjoyed observing nature and watching the sunset. I meditated as well with the powerfully positive scenery around.

Check March flights for Sedona, Arizona

And of course, it’s a great place for photos. Sedona is a great place for outdoorsy people to connect with nature and explore. I would definitely go again. Next time I would like to visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a modern architectural structure built directly into a hill not far from downtown Sedona. I also would like to rock climb since there are amazing opportunities for it. I would also like to try Slide Rock State Park for swimming. I suspect you’ll find more people at some of these attractions as they gain more attention, which would make a great way to meet people and even connect with locals for a contact. This makes for an even more fun trip.

Snowshoeing, snow-biking, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing in the Keweenaw’s vast backcountry

Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is a special place to visit during the winter months. On average, the Keweenaw reaches over 270 inches of snow each year, turning it into a winter wonderland. By March, the days start getting a little bit longer and we start to see more sunshine and some higher temperatures. There is still quite a bit of snow to play in and plenty to explore!

Check March flights for Keweenaw Peninsula

One of the coolest attractions during this time of year is the frozen Lake Superior shoreline. The ice formations are always unique and interesting during the month of March. Visitors can enjoy the scenery through a plethora of activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snow-biking, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing in the Keweenaw’s vast backcountry..

The snowy villages and towns throughout the Keweenaw are full of charm and character. It’s the perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of winter. I can tell you that my daily commute to work, is always full of incredible views. The Keweenaw Peninsula does not disappoint.

Tombstone, Arizona: sit down at the classic Crystal Palace Saloon

Most picturesque destination for March: My favorite place to visit in March is the old wild west town of Tombstone, Arizona. The temperature is perfect this time of year, it's not as cold as in winter time and not as hot and stifling as in the summer months. You can watch a reenactment of the shootout at OK Corral, take a stroll around the historic Tombstone main street or sit down at the classic Crystal Palace Saloon.

Check March flights for Tombstone, Arizona

Seeing as the Irish played a large part in settling this town in the 1800's, it's not a bad idea to time your visit with St. Patrick's Day.

Why not join the parade and maybe down a few beers like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp would have done?

Uruguay: beautiful ranches and farms, and amazing beaches

I spent ten days in Uruguay on a study abroad trip in March 2013. I loved everything about the trip and still reminisce about it regularly. I would definitely go back at the drop of a hat. As far as what has changed, the biggest thing may be the economy.

Check March flights for Tombstone, Arizona

Uruguay has grown over the past 8+ years and carries the distinction of being known as the Switzerland of South America. I always felt safe in every town and city we visited and genuinely felt welcomed by native Uruguayans. One thing I would recommend is touring the countryside. Uruguay is about the size of Washington state, and boasts fantastic green rolling hills, beautiful ranches and farms, and amazing beaches. If you are unable to tour around, make sure to visit Montevideo and take a historical tour of the city. You will not be disappointed. Uruguay is a fantastic March destination and surely has some of the best views and sights in South America.

Coron, Palawan, Philippines: visit lakes that are bordered by mountains

The weather in March is sunny, but not so much so that you will not enjoy your visit.

There are more restaurants and hotels compared to my last visit.

Check March flights for Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Island hopping is one of the highlights of this island as it is surrounded by smaller islands with pristine beaches. You can also visit lakes that are bordered by mountains. There is also a short trek up to a viewpoint that is just to die for.

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How do I choose the best travel destination in march if I like scuba diving, deep sea fishing and jet skiing?
Choose the Riviera Maya in Mexico City, as this is the place you will like. There you can find everything you like. You can experience different water activities and admire the ocean.

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