How to Compare Flight and Hotel prices - Find the best deals

When looking for flight and / or hotel bookings, it is usually a good idea to use several price comparison website to make sure to find the agency that offers the best price, for the exact same product.

Flight and hotel comparison websites

When looking for flight and / or hotel bookings, it is usually a good idea to use several price comparison website to make sure to find the agency that offers the best price, for the exact same product.

In short : book 4 weeks in advance, look for alternative airports / dates, use different comparison engines like Expedia, Skyscanner, Where Can I FLY ?

Know when to book

Best prices are usually available around 6 to 4 weeks before departure. Several studies online are backing up this claim, which of course depends on so many factors, like location, type of travel, airlines, and period of the year, that there is no clear rule. However, this thumb rule should give some of the best prices.

Where to start looking

Starting at a travel agency office can be a good start, at least to get a good idea on maximum price to spend, or sometimes get awesome deals. Except for last minute packages, you will usually find cheaper deals online, especially if you have a bit of patience, are flexible on dates, and eventually on exact locations.

For example, consider leaving on weekdays, when flights are typically less busy (except Monday morning / Thursday evening), and departing from another airport if you have the possibility.

How to look

Always compare a few websites, for both flights and hotels.

For example, with a random package for 2 persons, 3 nights in Las Vegas from London, 6 weeks before departure, the full package price for 2 persons / 1 room costs 2437.56$ on

When looking for the separate flights and hotel on another website, we found the exact same option for 2154$ flight + 268$ hotel, total 2422$ on skyscanner.

Looking even further, the same package can be found for 2098$ flight + 218$ hotel, total 2316$ on

Other websites gave us higher prices than all these ones. This is already a 5% discount, only with a few clicks !

Discount on orders

Once you have found a package, and are ready to book, a few weeks before departure date, with a total order for flights and/or hotels above 1000$US (750£, 860€), you can get help finding a better price, or even get a discount up to 30%, simply by sending a screenshot with dates, flights, hotel, number of persons / rooms to [email protected] for a free quote, and then decide what to do – book right now with public price, or wait a bit for discounted price.


Nowadays, there are plenty of options to book your flights and hotels. What we recommend, is to always double check prices on different websites. Our favorite are the following :

Expedia - for their package deals.

 Skyscanner   – especially for the possibility to look for destinations from a given departure.

 Kayak   – especially for the +/- 3 days comparison to find the best departure date.

Where Can I FLY ? - for the booking deals.

It is also possible to get help finding the best deals, comparison engine will generally offer you the best prices on internet and can provide free quotes for big orders.

Now, you exactly know how to find the best prices for flights and hotels, and won’t lose much time looking for them!

How to compare flights

After having found the best place to search for flights, such as Where Can I FLY?, you still have to compare flights between each other, and find the best one.

Always take in consideration when comparing flights the time you will need to get to airport, as you must be at least 2hours before an international flight at the airport, 3 hours being recommended.

Also, remember that delays might occur, and they are not all the fault of the airline. Crew can be late, but also airport can have an alert, weather can be bad at another location, thus delaying the aircraft arrival, and many more possible issues must be taken in consideration to compare flights between them.

How to compare hotels

Comparing hotels between each other is no simply task either.

To compare hotels, consider things such as hotel location, and amenities included in the booking.

For example, if a hotel offers the breakfast, it might take the lead compared to an hotel that doesn’t even offer the possibility to have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What effective strategies can be used to compare flight and hotel prices, and how can travelers ensure they are getting the best deals?
Strategies include using comparison websites, setting up price alerts, booking in advance, and being flexible with travel dates. Travelers can ensure the best deals by checking multiple platforms, considering alternative airports or neighborhoods, and looking for package deals.

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